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My wonderful team has been photographing costumes that were not particularly seen very well, so you could view them here. Any requests?? Which one should we look at next?

**** UPDATE : Okay, hearing everyone about the number one request, it seems, being to see how the different characters wear their kilts. Hard to put that on a mannequin, because that is something determined by the actor. Obviously, I can’t call them back from their vacations to take photos of them in their kilts.

I also have no way to do a step by step photo session of how to put on a kilt. It has been filmed a few times, but never released. When I get back in January, I will see if I can just take a video myself and post it. I know so many of you have been asking how it works.

Some of you have asked to see costumes that have already been photographed and posted here. I have a feeling that many are just looking at the first page and not scrolling through older posts. There is a wealth of information there, so many pages! Might be a fun thing to look through the blog from the beginning. There is a LOT more to come once the second half of Season One airs, nice to do a little refresher on all that has gone on so far.

I will post Laogherie, Murtagh and our other Highlanders next week ****



39 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Avatarkukrae

    Oh my, yes! The coat of Brigadier General Lord Thomas. It was truly scrumptious in its details!! The cravat lace was beautiful!

    Thank you, Terry! I love learning about this. And I promise, I won’t ask about ‘scarlet’ fabrics! 🙂


  2. catalunacataluna

    Hi Terry,
    First of all, congratulations! What an amazing job you and everyone on the show have done. I’m a huge fan.
    I loved, loved, loved all of Geillis’ fashion forward outfits. She has an incredible sense of style, by far like no other character on the show.
    My 2 faves are: what she wore in the Gathering {when she was speaking with Claire in her “infirmary” with the long grey-ish coat pinned at the waste with a beautiful broach {she is holding a red fan} and sorry I can’t remember where or when she wore it, it’s got what looks like a sleeveless vest made of feathers with a beige blouse underneath and a flowered skirt. To die.
    Can’t wait to see more Geillis fashion in the second half of Season One.
    Thanks again, Cat

  3. Line ChampagneLine Champagne

    May be the layering of the mens costumes, with belts, dirk and sword belts and how they wear their kilts – may be too a screen by screen on how it is put on 😉


  4. mikanemikane

    Much comment by the actors on how difficult & time consuming it is to put on their kilts (40 yds of material?) it would be interesting to see one all spread out prior to it being put on, as well as maybe showing how exactly they ARE put on.
    Also, are breeks (sp?) buttoned up like modern day pants or are they different?
    One more ? What happens to all of the costumes after an actors part is completed, or a scene is done w/it i.e. Clair’s wedding dress

    Thank you!
    Michele Kane

    1. Avatarlynnescottritchie

      I’m really sticking my nose in here, sorry Terry! Please just say if my replying offends you. I’m just pretty sure there’s not 40 yards in the kilts. There are lots of sites available showing you how to put on a great kilt / belted plaid. My husband wears one a couple of times a year and I’ve cheated by running a line of stitching across the pleats. It’s still time consuming to put on though and does involve laying the whole thing out on the floor and him lying on it before folding it round and belting it. Then getting the plaid ends in place to his satisfaction takes a whole lot more time.

      Here are a couple of links to putting one on.



      Terry, you’ll notice that everyone is asking questions here again yet there’s very little new activity on the blog. I guess it’s just that everyone wants input from you. I can’t imagine where you find time to post on here with everything else you’ve got going on, you must be superhuman! All I can say is the work is fantastic.

      Once again, apologies for sticking my nose in.

      1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

        There are not 40 yards!!! There are between 9- 12 yards.

        We put the Great Kilts on our cast everyday. I am not offended at all, but I am not sure where the confusion lies about how to put a kilt on, or how much fabric is used.

        Yes, there is little activity right now, I am just exhausted.

        1. Avatarlynnescottritchie

          I just thought you might think I was cheeky answering a question that was aimed at you. I’m not surprised you’re exhausted and hope you try to have a break over Christmas.

  5. Avatargrahamlass

    Perhaps a lesson in distressing and aging the costumes? For example, the clothing for the family groups out of doors during the gathering or the ‘hoors’ dresses. Were photos taken of garments before & after they were aged?
    Someone mentioned Claire’s quilted wedding underskirt, could we learn more? The simple chevron quilting seemed to have just the right amount of texture and definition for that scene. Linda Baumgarten at Colonial Williamsburg has researched, diagrammed and published extensively on more elaborate 18th century petticoats and clothing.
    Something for later . . . the suit, with wee Roger in it.

  6. AvatarDawn17

    I’m obsessed, I mean obsessed with the wedding episode corset! Can you post some close ups of it. And where you found the fabric, what kind of fabric and those wonderful rings for the lacings.

  7. AvatarChristinePincince

    in the book when ever bathroom or other disrobing was mentioned it was ‘he fixed his flies’. how does that work? and was the talent required to be authentic in the number (?) of flies and however they or it works? I thought when I saw that in the books it was a typo. but now realize it wasn’t.

  8. Avatartraceymfs

    I am intrigued as to exactly how the kilts are put on, what differences the actors make to make it their own. And how all the rest of their costume goes together. Also in the Episode 6 I notice Dougal was wearing some woollen arm warmers or a jumper? under his coat.

  9. tiggerostiggeros

    Would it be possible to do a post focusing on all the accesories – or maybe individual accesories; would be great to see the sporrans/bags/mufflers et al in detail?
    Would also love to see the highlanders’ everyday clothes (loving the waistcoats) and maybe some detail on how they get the fit/materials so they don’t pop under the strain!

  10. Appalachia GalAppalachia Gal

    I would like to see Dougal’s Gathering costume in detail and his costumeand boots from Garrison Commander.
    And I agree, please show how the men dress step by step for these costumes.
    Plus the strumpets various dresses would be fun too. I cannot wait to see the costumes in the French Court & Prince “Charlie”.

      1. Appalachia GalAppalachia Gal

        OK, guess I need to look more thoroughly on your pages.Thank you very much.Terry you have opened an exceptional intimate display of your costume artistry.
        Please rest and care for your self.

  11. AvatarPogonip

    I am enamored of Claire’s lined cloak or cape — the one that’s camel colored on the outside but has a tartan lining. It looks so warm and cosy, but I wonder what it weighs. I suspect it’s quite heavy.

  12. Avatarmaureenanne

    I would like to see the shoes and boots if possible. Can we see anything from second half of season 1 or even what you are working on for season 2? I cannot wait to see the costumes for the French court including the shoes.

  13. AvatarSara.L

    Hi, I’m an Italian girl. I really admire your work and I love Outlander. I would love to see the Claire’s accessories: the cape knit pink, the gloves… Also her corset and jackets / bodice with stomacher. And the dark plaid dress. Thanks!

  14. Avatarnatashajb

    Jamie’s Gathering costume please. Also I’d like to see details of his wedding clothing with natural lighting since the original studio shot you posted makes the jacket color seem “off”. Plus I’d love to see the back of it too with the way the kilt is draped. Thank you!!!

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