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58 thoughts on “Welcome and getting started

  1. ringadal

    Sorry to hear people are not always thrilled with your costuming. As a fan of the books, I had been primed to be disappointed in the show, but I really love it. Not having starz until this month, I missed the first few episodes, but have been engrossed in the show despite having read the books twice.

    I found your site looking for the costumes online. I LOVED your wedding dress and thought it was stunning. I also love the knitted shawls. I think the costumes are fantastic and I am also taken with the coat in the RENTS segment.

    Thanks again for your lovely work and your husband’s great job of adapting the books for screen, it has been great so far!

    1. djensen

      Hi Terry-I’m just getting acquainted with your blog-and forums-Like it very much-Question-Recently on twitter posts/comments about the coat Jamie (Sam) wore in Prague I was filming I was one-Should we only be discussing costumes in S2 on this blog Want to just be clear Thanks so much Terry for all the time you give to us

    1. Mandy Tidwell Post author

      You can only do a photo if you have a picture on a WordPress.com account and link it to your account here. We’re looking into adding capability but not sure when that will be.


  2. sandyknc

    Hi Mandy. I have a minor concern/question. I notice I can no longer “like” a thread. I like that option for times that I appreciate what I’ve read, but don’t have anything to add to the conversation. It is minor detail that I certainly can do without it, but just wanted to mention it. Thanks.

    1. Mandy Tidwell Post author


      Are you saying that option was here on this forum and now it’s gone or that you’ve seen that option other on other pages and would like it here? Or are you talking about comments?

      I’m still learning my way around this forum software and I’m trying to determine if I have accidentally changed something or if I need to go look for a plugin to do it.

      Thanks for bringing it up! There are differences between a WordPress.com hosted blog and hosting one on your own and I haven’t resolved all of them.



        1. Mandy Tidwell Post author

          Thanks, Sandy. I figured out what you were talking about eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have that option turned on, I just can’t figure out why it’s not showing up. Rest assured I’m working on it!

        2. icandyapple

          Turns out the LIKE is only available when the site is hosted on WordPress. I can add Share options to posts so that they can be shared on FB, Twitter etc. Would that be useful Mandy? Sandy? Basically all the *andys? – Candy

          1. sandyknc

            Too bad about the like button. I don’t need a share button, but I don’t speak for everyone… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for checking.

  3. Pamela

    HI Mandy! I am learning my way through this interface and am not very verse w/the computer–just your basics. However, I am determined to understand the way this new interface works. I am reading through all of the “how to links” and am also trying to figure out how to add a profile picture; however, you did shed some light into how. I will add a photo to act and then try to upload the photo.

  4. Pamela

    Hi Mandy! Trying to upload photos. I that one way is to go through the dashboard and then click on media. My dashboard does not have a “media” anywhere…am I missing something?

    1. Mandy Tidwell Post author

      Are you trying to upload a photo for your Profile or in the forums? For your profile, you have to be logged in at WordPress.com and edit your Public Profile. If you are trying to post a picture in the forums, click the Attachments button. Keep in mind those pics need to be smaller than 512k to upload.

  5. Pamela

    Thank you! I was able to figure out what I did. I created a wordpress.”ORG” acct vs a wordpress.”Com” act. From there I just created a gravitar which was way easier!

  6. kathy smyth

    I’m going to faint dead away if I can’t find out how much fabric yardage THAT fabulous dress took to make. This whole deal speaks volumes to the talent involved in its creation. I’d do a deep curtsy to you all, but don’t think my knees would allow it. Thanks so much for the richness its brings

  7. Linda Gipson

    I just read the article where you and Ron explain the working of the wedding night. I loved the way it was handled….absolutely brilliant to break it up with flashbacks and thank you for sticking to nothing but the wedding. I have to admit the last part about “suddenly the sun had come out” line had me tearing up. Almost 30 years ago I was waiting at my husband’s (H) guard unit for his return from a short deployment. I was in good condition then and wore my spaghetti strap sundress – shirred bodice, snug torso and flared skirt. Many of the men were in a bus and I didn’t know that H. was driving, so I wondered what was happening when the bus swerved and stopped suddenly. The guys had to convince H. to finish getting them into the compound because he was coming out of the driver’s seat. Best compliment ever.

  8. eeebailey

    Hi, I have posted a few reply’s on the favorite wedding dress thread, I did not see them right away (figured they needed moderating), then they showed up, and now I’m not seeing them again. Also, I keep getting error messages when I try to post a description and picture of my dress. The fils is smaller than the max listed…help.

    1. Mandy Tidwell Post author

      I see your replies in the system. We are using a caching software to speed up the site which may take a few minutes to catch up with your posts.

      What is the error you are getting when you try to upload a picture?


  9. llerickson86

    I’m having a skin made for my iPhone and was wondering if you could post or tell me where I can get the Fraser tartan used in the wedding. I was given a link to a register of the tartans but wasn’t sure which was the correct one. I don’t need the actual material jus a photo that I can upload and send to the site that does the skins. Thanks so much…

  10. sabrinawall

    Terry, thank you for sharing your story as well as the details of your adventure in Scotland and with Outlander. You are passionate and smart and that shows in your work as well as your writing.

  11. seddi

    Terry, your love letter to Scotland was wonderful. Even thought I do not live there, I have been many times at all times of the year and understand what you will be missing. Whenever I fly in and see the meadow muffins before Glasgow airport, I feel like I am at home. ‘Tis a wonderful place. I hope your trip home is safe and not stressful, and thank you and Ron for taking us along this trip of yours!

  12. Minnie03

    Terry, your love letter was just beautiful. I had the chance MANY years ago to visit Glasgow and Edinburgh, and I just loved it. It is truly a magnificent place to visit. Thank you for everything you and your hubby have done for giving us Outlander. I am officially obsessed, cannot wait to read all the books, and see the rest of Season1 starting in April.

  13. ladyneat

    I am sorry to hear of the need for moderating people. I love you blog and the insights you provide on here and in the podcast with Ron have me watching everything differently. Thank you for all you do to fill out our experience of this world and all the efforts that go into it.

  14. 310moore

    Thank you for sharing your love and thoughts about Scotland…..it is a beautiful love letter. Scotland is now on my wish list, and thanks to you, I will make sure I visit in the summer for sure. California summer is just starting to release it’s blistering grasp, however drought is a problem. We could use some rainy weather. Bring some home and have a safe trip !!

  15. Tracy

    As a amateur costume maker, Outlander addict, & lover of Scotland, I am in heaven! Thank you so much for your insights & thoughts. It truly is the details that make the difference. So much hard work behind the scenes!! I look forward to the rest of season 1 to see what other treasures you have created. Again, thank you.

  16. Selkie

    Your blog is simply wonderful, Terry and I so very much hope that we in Scotland will be able to view the series soon. It is so frustrating for us! I am blown away by your amazing costuming (and never mind the critics viz. ‘historical accuracy’ – I’m a tellin’ you, in Scotland over the many years and our wonderful ability to improvise, any variation may very well have been possible)!

    Hope you return to us here soon!

  17. laplane

    terry, this is the first time, after the one comment that i posted, that i was able to get to your site and find a way to reply [although this is not a reply to any of the postson this page.] is there a link to your IP people at which help can be requested? i enjoy the posts to your page a great deal and would love to get into conversations with some of the posters. thanks for any counse!

    best, inge oppenheimer

  18. Gail

    Terry read you love letter to Scotland anad wanted to share a similar reaction I had when I visited Ireland. Around every turn and corner another lovely view or quaint site. Just a remarkable country with wonderfully generous people.

  19. eeyore1968

    MS. Dresbach, I am looking forward to the next season’s costume’s with great anticipation. I can’t wait to see the beautiful Ms. Balfe in the blood red mantua gown and Mr. . Heughan in a powdered wig complete with beauty marks. Should be quite the visual in Versailles….your costumes are just amazing and the research you must do is a credit to your craft and expertise. How can anyone not be in awe of you and your amazing staff? Cheers, M. Halbert —Canada

  20. andrea.kappes

    I love the books and adore the the series and the costumes are amazing and finding your blog has been a thrill. I am rapturusly reading and drooling over the wonderful pictures! More please. I have been so inspired I took on my own costume project for our local historical society… a reenactment of a wedding from 1864…I outfitted the entire bridal party. I am not sure if I hadn’t been watching Outlander and seen and been so inspired by all your lovely work I would have taken it on at all. So thank you and keep up the amazing work.

  21. Hi Terry, love the Gathering dress although I can see that things were not quite as perfect as later costumes, It’s all a learning process as you go sometimes isn’t it. I would still love to see a technical sketch of the pattern pieces that make up the back of the costumes. It is literally killing me not knowing how that back pleating is done. There is no bulk in the bodice but a full pleat at the back without a waist seam to be seen. have pity on me please. As always, superb work by you and your team. Can’t wait to see more when it’s possible. Are you going to be showing any of the 1940’s costumes?

    Cheers Rhonnie

  22. Donna Rose Falk

    When I first saw this dress it was like love at first sight- that feeling you get when the world stops spinning and you are thunder struck. This is a work of heart- so pretty on Cait and very feminine and has a formalness with the embroidery but a country highlander element- the tartan- Terry it is wonderful and I am so glad you have us the background on it. Well done!

  23. Nancy E

    I love the series on Starz. I sorry to hear that some fans don’t like your customs. I love the actors but they would be no where without the word you put into the designing and making of the customs. I love all the work that you and your team has done. Keep up the great work.

  24. Jeannie

    I just watched a number of Outlander episodes with one of my sewing friends. We were amazed at the work put into the costumes. All of the plaids match perfectly including all of the pleats. And the wedding dress is a work of art. These costumes are almost characters themselves although all of the actors wear them well, rather than the “costumes wearing” the actor. There is really a seamless tableau between Scotland, characters and costumes. Truly lovely. Can’t wait until April!

  25. mkbdancer

    Created a Druid dance for Outlander Odysseys fan gathering. Made the costumes myself. Tried to keep it simple and easy and inexpensive too. Even tried it out in a showing. Yet at the performance the fabric had gotten staticky and stuck to legs and the tulle shawl. And I thought I had it down!
    How do u keep static out?
    Awesome costumes Terry awesome!

    1. Jeannie

      Spray “Static Guard” is one solution that usually works. In a pinch I have heard of using water misted from a spray bottle but I can’t vouch for that. I have also seen people spray carpets with a mixture of fabric softener and water but I would not trust that sprayed onto a costume.

  26. eeyore1968

    RE: Claire essay

    Well, let’s give it a go Ms. Dresbach. To put it quite plainly, Claire is a strong-willed woman, who admittedly human, is prone to making mistakes. Albeit many mistakes. However, she is passionate and will fight for those she loves. She readily uses every tool she has at her disposal and is able to do without any luxuries., and considering the time she ends up in, ’tis a good thing. She has a transferable skill, her nursing, and her army training to help her survive. She considers herself on relatively equal ground with men, and finds herself better suited to dealing with them, than women. The dilemmas she faces are not ordinary ones, for a woman of her time, but she faces them head on and can often results in her misfortunes. Claire, for me, is a person who deserves respect and earns it. She doesn’t expect it. Claire’s determination is the hallmark of her ability to survive, and aided by her quick wit, can often lighten a situation when needed. She is determined to be prepared to face whatever is going to be thrown at her. She is willing to learn from those around her, and I think this brings her to the other character’s admiration of her spirit and readiness. She takes what comes and goes with it, albeit stubbornly. For me, Claire’s ability to adapt to any situation makes her a character to be reckoned and respected.

  27. gigi

    Reading your blog is almost like sharing a cup of coffee in your kitchen with you. I smiled when I read about your daughter going barefoot and remembered her fascination with your wedding shoes.
    Outlander is magnificent and the costumes are breathtaking. No wonder Ron pushed for you to be a huge part of this. I can’t imagine anyone else giving the attention to detail. You haven’t given up one bit of your genius when it comes to creating period costumes.
    I can picture another Emmy joining your first.
    You are missed by all your friends here in California but we delight in your busy, happy life.

  28. cabbwww

    Ahh, my favorites: Outlander outerwear … and your puppy! Claire riding coat was my favorite from the first time it arrived on screen. As an equestrian, I found it looked perfect for riding. The cut and sweep of the “skirt” makes it drape perfectly over the voluminous skirts when Cait is in saddle, yet it would look just as good over a pair of modern jeans. There is a sense of the regal in the way it is trimmed, which fits her. I wish you could get a garment like this out to the market. I’d be first in line for it. (The etched stag head gloves are an inspiration. I’m going to try to mimic that on a darker pair of gloves myself.) Now for Geillis’s pointed, woodsy coat. Criminey! It is so, so perfect for her. I found myself straining to see what the fabric and mossy edging was made of. Because of the misty night and color, I thought it was a textured suede, but I see in the photos, it is a woolen-looking material. The fabrics/trims you and your team come up with her are so organic. One can’t help but believe that trim is lichen picked off the forest floor, instead of from the cutting floor. Sounds like it was a harried evening, trying to come up with the right Geillis fabrics, but you all hit it perfectly. And the gnome-like/faerie point looked fantastic in the twilight against the lush greenery. (Did I mention I also love Murtagh’s textured vest?) Everyone hit it out of the park with these <—baseball reference for Ron Thx, CarolynB

  29. Nancy Penczner

    What is the story on the woven neck piece Claire wears in 111 -is that suede???

    I love all the costuming and the “specials” that turn up on Claire are fun to watch for… I could care less if it is typical of the time. I admire that you are creating interesting pieces with possible materials of the time… What a fabulous job you have indeed! Keep it coming – we are watching and admiring!!!!

  30. BethWolfe

    Just watching the Q & A Terry has going on Twitter. It’s going great and it has been going an hour or so. For Terry’s benefit, the only changes if you want to open it up to more people are to use a hashtag like #OutlanderCostumes….. if you could hit Retweet instead of Reply it will show the question that you are answering and put a period in front of person you are responding to so anyone that follows you can see it. Once you establish the hashtag – leave it up to us to use it. I have a feeling you could trend this at times – without really TRYING to do that. The plus to the hashtag (other than possible trending) is so that if someone does a search using that they will see all this great information you are putting out there!

    There is a core group of fans that sort of coordinates stuff like this if you want to promote it for a specific day and time…but you absolutely do not NEED to do that. If you want them to be spontaneous, just say ‘hey I’m available to answer some questions and you can use this hashtag” and go.

    Hope this helps. No pressure at all. I for one (and I know many others) just so appreciate all you do and bring to the show and the fandom. I commented during the live tweet of Ep112 that I just wanted you to redo my closet for me and that got about 20 favorites! LOL

  31. bobbiewichita

    Dear Terry and all–thank you for the Claire paper doll. I, also, used to love the Betsy McCall paper dolls. Every month when the magazine arrived I was on pins and needles until my mom finished reading all the articles so I could have the paper doll page. Not only did I have Betsy, but I remember getting a book of Betty Hutton dolls for Christmas when I was around 7 or 8, and quite a bit later I had Katy Keene paper dolls. Now that I’m a senior citizen I get to have a new doll. Hooray. By the way, I am loving the costumes in Outlander. Thank you for all the hard work you go through to bring the past to life for us. While I love seeing those clothes, my mind goes “Thank goodness, we don’t have to dress like that today.” It’s so much easier just putting on a shirt and jeans. Having to have someone help you get dressed must have been a real chore with all the layers. Thank ;you, again and again.

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