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So, tomorrow there is a wedding I believe you have all been invited to.
Thought it might be fun to tell stories of courtship and marriage.

I will start it off, by telling you a lovely story, or at least I think it is.

I met Ron on Carnivale. He was my boss. I thought he was kinda fabulous, but he was my boss.
Well, it was an absolutely horrible show to work on. Insanely beautiful and wildly creative, but so absolutely out of control that I went blind in one eye, one day from the stress. After a van of costumes suspiciously burned up, and I had a crew from hell that I was trying to manage, Ron and I had more and more meetings to try and do damage control.
I was smitten by this time, while trying to talk myself out of having a crush on my boss.

It was pretty late one evening, and we had been having a disaster control meeting in my office. We’d been talking about all the horrid details, and drinking scotch at the same time.

We were just about done, when he said, “I have something else I need to talk to you about”

I was flooded with terror. “Here it comes, this is where I get fired.”

Ron says. “you know when we are in meetings, and you are sitting over on the side and I am up in front?”

(WHAT the hell ????????? I am thinking.)

“Well”, he says, “Everytime you lean forward to say something, it is as if the lights get brighter in the room, and then when you lean back, they go dim again”

I will tell you the rest of the story after the wedding episode.

116 thoughts on “Weddings!!!!!

    1. Terry Dresbach Post author

      Okay, the answer was on last night. When Jamie tells Claire about the sun coming out when he first saw her, that is a reference to what he said to me that first night. I knew immediately when I heard sam speak the line, what it was.
      My wonderful man.

      1. mandywhelan96

        I wondered about that Terry! Sounded very much like what you started telling us your story. πŸ™‚
        Sweet of him to do that! Looking forward to hearing the podcast for this episode!

      2. Debbie Dake

        And your heart must have melted. Many others did too.

        There are few men in this world who can express those feelings, and in that way, and with that effect. You are a fortunate woman. And Ron is a fortunate man.

        ~ Debbie (with a big sigh)

  1. EllenSpins

    Can’t wait to hear the rest.
    My now DH and I met when someone who liked him and knew me introduced us. He kissed my hand and said, “Bring her back. I like her. ” That was in 1987 and we’ve never looked back.
    We got married at a grass airstrip airshow in 2008, just because. Love is a strange and wonderful thing, isn’t it?

  2. Edie Elerick

    LOL…Terry, you’re just as bad a tease as when that magical hour of Outlander ends for us and we have to wait another week. Now we have to wait for two things. I’m sure both will be worth it though. Carry on. πŸ™‚

  3. Jennifer S Berven

    sweet story. You guys make a great team! my husband did sound and tended bar at a music venue i went to quite a lot.. always thought he was adorable.. but he’d serve my beer (sometimes even a free one). but then go back to a seat in the corner and read behind the bar (found out later he was shy). Finally i got a part time job there.. (the only way I could get to be around him enough to get to know him. 3 mos later at a party after work we had our first kiss huddling out of the rain.. 3 mos after that moved in together.. 3 mos after that we got married.. 9 years later here we still are..

  4. caitmcq

    Lovely, makes me smile. My sweetheart and I met through our work, though not with the same employer. We soon arranged a couple meetings where our respective colleagues could get to know each other, share ideas. Now seems such a transparent projection!

  5. Cindy Thornton Slafka

    Love that! What a romantic beginning! Mine isn’t nearly so exciting. Met my husband at the wedding of mutual friends. His Navy roommate was marrying my best friend’s sister. I was invited at the last minute because the bride’s mother wanted to introduce me to my (now) husband. At the cocktail hour I spotted a cute Navy officer across the room but kept talking to the bride’s grandfather. A few minutes later the bride’s mother tapped me on the shoulder, and I looked up to see the cute Navy officer. He was the man she hoped to set me up with. We’ve been together since and will have been together 15 years this fall.

  6. jschurr

    He is such a romantic – and his understanding/appreciation of relationships shines through in his work!
    I kid my husband about how I gave up my “dream job”, offered to me after we had only gone out once, because it would mean moving 8 hours away and I already knew he was “the one”.

  7. Constance Person

    I hate cliffhangers!!
    My husband and I were set up on a blind date. It was a beautiful fall day in NY, the trees were at the height of their colors. I was an 18 yr old nursing student, he was a senior cadet at West Point. Fall, granite buildings on the Hudson, handsome cadet in uniform. Engaged at spring break, married the day after he graduated. I never did finish nursing school. πŸ˜‰

  8. Tracey Checkley (@RoseDragon9)

    Awww such a lovely start! Met my husband at school – we were 7. Played kiss chase for a while – but then drifted apart. Didn’t have a lot to do with him during my teen years, then met back up at a friends 18th party, he bought me a gin and lime (or 2) and chatted a lot. Before you know it I had decided not to join the RAF and got work locally πŸ™‚

  9. Lynn A. (@fnceyrpool)

    My Hubby and i were High school sweethearts. He was my first ‘everything’!! We dated for 1 1/2 years through High School until he broke up with me right before Senior year started. ( I have gotten a BIG apology for that one!!! ) We moved on with our lives, married others and had children. In 1996, while pregnant with my 2nd child, my son, Nicholas wandered away from daycare and drowned in an un-fenced swimming pool. As you can imagine, a big part of me died that day. My DH was living in Texas, many miles from San Diego, woke up a few nights later from a horrible dream in which I had been killed. He began looking for me to see if I was okay. Three years later, he found me. We talked and agreed to stay in touch. Five years later, we were married.

  10. pearlsperspective

    how lovely and romantic!! I cannot wait to read the rest of the story! πŸ™‚

    My husband and I met at a Bible class. We basically got to know each other from there by hanging out with a huge group of other single friends. He never let on that he was interested in me or vice versa, although after about 7 months of getting to know him, I knew I was in love with him. After we’d known each other about a year, our group had gone out to dinner, and when I got home there was a msg on my answering machine from him. I called him back, and we talked all night long. In that 6-7 hour conversation he told me he was in love with me and asked me to marry him. I said yes. We were married 4 1/2 months later, and we’re about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in October! <3

  11. M&M (@M_another_M)

    I met this boy when I was 14, he was 15, he was Jeopardy smart, funny, tall and blonde and I thought… this is the man I’m going to marry. We dated for eight years and got married the month after he graduated college, my best girlfriend (since age 4) got married 6 days later, we stood up in each others weddings. In a couple of weeks will be 29 years for us all.

    A couple of weekends ago my best friend and her husband came out to spend the night, we sat around the breakfast table laughing and talking and I said, “It still feels like we’re teenagers, nothing has changed.”

    We laughed for two days and I still don’t know how we ever got the topic of artificial vaginas! *g*

  12. lorirenfro1

    Your’s is the beginning of a love story we’d all love to live! I am such a romantic at heart. I dearly love my husband, but a romantic he is not. Ha But, he truly has a sweet side.

    We began riding bikes together when we discovered we had that in common. We casually knew each other through church for about 4 years, but I had never really talked to him much. After 3 months of riding together, we both had grown to know there was something happening. We officially began dating on July 4th – the day of the first organized cycling event I had ever done. He proposed 22 days later. We will celebrate our 23rd anniversary in December. πŸ™‚

  13. Katy Green (@katy_b_green)

    AWWW!!! That is adorable and utterly romantic story. My husband was (and still is) my tattoo artist. We hit it off really well and chatted amiably through my first several tattoos, then dated for a bit, got engaged and hastily married in the loft of our barn so that he we could add him to my health insurance.

  14. corlaw969

    John and I met online. I was very wary. Internet is a bottomless pit and I was a single mother to my 3 year old. Finally gave in and took our children to the circus together. Love at first sight for him… Much more complicated for me. Loved me in a way that NO ONE ever has before or since. Married him 11 weeks later. Best decision of my life. Been my partner in every way possible. Walked through hell and back to rescue me from myself and then helped me rescue myself. Been 16+ years. There will never be another for me.

  15. Valorie Nassar

    You and Ron are so lucky to have each other. My husband and I meet when we were 13, started “going out” when we were 15, were married when we were 21 and were married for 29 years before he passed away. I have many happy memories. I love the relationship between Jamie and Claire because it shows how married couples can have a wonderful loving relationship for many years.

  16. Claire Elizabeth Hornsey

    My husband and I met at a wedding! He was the bestman I was the maid of honor! Id being living overseas when I meet the bride and groom so had only heard the stories of the grooms best friend! We danced the night away were the last to leave and were pretty much inseparable from there! 11 years 3 kids later xx

  17. Angela Sasso

    I met my husband while we were both on a 15 day travel and adventure trip camping through Morocco. It was a great group of mostly single travellers – he was living in London and I was living in Chicago – and something just clicked for us. After two weeks, I just knew there was something there and we made plans to meet up again with me travelling to London for a week to see him.
    That week was amazing. He totally wooed me. He had every night planned out. He bought theatre tickets, he made restaurant reservations, he had London walks all planned out – he had the whole week planned out – and at the end of the week, not only had I fallen in love with London, but him too.
    I didn’t want to fly back to London that day I had to leave. I had the whole back row of the plane completely to myself. I cried the whole 8 1/2 hr flight home and told the airline attendants my story – they brought me tissues and alcohol for the entire flight.
    We were married 8 months later and I moved to London 4 days after the wedding. Oct 4th we will have been married 17 yrs. πŸ™‚
    And he “gets” my Outlander obsession. πŸ™‚

  18. Zan Marie

    I met my husband in a political science class at the local college. I’d been told that I would/could meet the man of my dreams there. LOL! And I did–by the map of Africa. It’s been 38 1/2 years since then. We’ve been married for 37. I like to say that he has Jamie’s build, John Grey’s coloring, and Roger’s sensibilities. In other words, perfection. πŸ˜‰

  19. barbc24

    Love your story – can’t wait to hear the rest of it. I met my husband the first day of college (for me – he was a Junior). He came over to where I was sitting on my dorm steps with a few other girls one of them a sophomore that he knew. He left after talking to all of us for a bit and that was that or so I thought. But a little later I was still there, talking to another freshmen guy I had met at orientation, and he returned and sat down on my other side. He then proceeded to sit and stare at the freshman without saying a word until the poor guy got uncomfortable and left. My husband later told me that he knew I was the one the minute he saw me but he thought he should take it slow so as not to scare me away. That lasted until he came by later and saw me with the other guy and decided he wan’t going to let anyone else have a chance!! And 41 years later no one else ever has.

  20. Kathe Sadler-Wright

    Terry—That’s a beautiful story!
    Mine is less prosaic…I met my husband at a college fraternity ‘casino’ night–the one with the most play money at the end of the night won a huge bottle of Wild Turkey. Other girls were selling kisses, but I decided to pick pockets. I had been pretty successful until I slipped my hand into Tall Dark and Handsome’s pocket at the exact moment he decided to turn–so my hand went WAY too far in….next thing I knew I felt his iron grip on my wrist…and our eyes met. He likes to end the story with “…and she’s had her hand in my pockets ever since!”. we were engaged 5 months later and married over 30 years.

  21. April Steele

    That’s a beautiful story, Terry! I can’t wait to hear the rest of it! You must have just swooned at that point! Such a lovely thing to hear, especially given your feelings about him. You two seem like a really amazing couple. It’s nice to see people that have a strong marriage and genuinely seem to enjoy one other’s company.

    The first time I saw Joe was my senior year of college. I crossed the street to say hello to my recently ex-boyfriend, Peter. We weren’t introduced, but I learned later that Joe had asked him “Why didn’t you introduce me to the cute blonde?” Pete explained it was because I was his former girlfriend. I remember thinking he was cute.

    I saw him a few more times around campus–not really knowing his name, but knowing he was Pete’s friend. I ran into him at a sorority mixer and we chatted for a while, but as I was dating someone new, it was just friendly.

    The boy I was dating and I broke up, and I graduated. I took a job at the local fraternity apparel store. One day Joe walked in and started to chat me up in a friendly manner. I remembered he was Pete’s friend, but not his name. He talked on and on for a while, before abruptly walking away. I thought that was odd. About ten minutes later he came back again and started another conversation…and then disappeared again. Definitely odd, I though! One minute he seemed friendly and outgoing, the next minute aloof and strange!

    He came back to the register with a shot glass as his purchase. As I rang it up, he asked me if I knew about his fraternities installation—they were getting chartered by their national office and were having a big formal event at the JFK Museum. Several of the guys I was friends with were going. He said “Did you want to go?” And not understanding that he was asking me out, I said “Oh yeah, it would be fun, I’m sure!” And he had to clarify, “No. Did you want to go WITH ME?” I was a bit taken by surprise, given his odd behavior of initiating conversation and then disappearing without warning. “Um, sure! I said. What was your name again?”

    He explained to me later that he wanted to bring a date that could hold her own. If he had to leave me unattended for a while to talk to someone or pose for a picture, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be uncomfortable or clingy. He knew I was friends with many of the guys and Peter had told me that he thought the two of us would probably get along really well.

    Peter was right. We were together from that day on. We got married 4 years later and we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in a few weeks. Peter and his wife are still good friend–they are godparents to our twelve-year-old daughter. His wife will be in the area tomorrow (they live in another state) and I’m trying to see if we can manage to meet up with her.

    A funny store about that first date. I had graduated and was living with my parents outside of Boston. I had arranged to spend the night at my former roommate Mary’s apartment–so my mom was driving me into the city to drop me and my overnight bag off there. Joe’s dorm was in the Engineering House at the opposite end of Mary’s street, and when we drove by, he was standing on the sidewalk in a tuxedo with 2 of his fraternity brothers and a limo. I waved as we passed by, continuing on to Mary’s apartment. Joe thought I was blowing him off and told the brothers they were going to have to find him another date. He was pretty happy to see me when I returned after dropping off my things.

    When we got to the JFK Museum we went to sit with some of his brothers that had brought dates that I was friendly with–one was my former roommate, Mary, with whom I had arranged to spend the night. Apparently her date had told Joe that Mary and I didn’t get along at all, and that if we saw one another there would be a scene. So when Joe saw me headed for her table, he got a bit anxious and was worried that things were about to go awry. Instead he saw Mary and I embrace and realized that his friend was a complete idiot.

    One of the older men from the national chapter sat down at our table with his wife. Our friend Bob’s girlfriend, sitting across from us, was wearing a strapless dress that showed off her deep cleavage. Marry and I were a bit horrified when girl hoisted up her ample bosom and rested it on the table. You should have seen the older couples’ faces!

    Mary ended up being my maid of honor when we got married. She is still one of our favorite people.

  22. Chrissy Potter Shah

    We were 15, going with our friends that weren’t allowed to date alone…they had to bring an entourage. He offered to carry my backpack, sat with me at dinner and in the movie…and to this day can’t tell me why, it just felt like the thing to do. He told me he would marry me after just two months of dating (15 years old, mind you…) and 23 years later, 15 years of marriage, we have three sons and are ridiculously, over the top, breathlessly in love. He says I saved him and I say he is my gift. His dad tried to prevent us from getting married and he stood up (people standing around shocked and silent at the huge scene his dad was making) and told his dad that there was nothing he could do to stop this, he had waited 8 years to be lucky enough to marry me and it was happening and he didn’t have to show up. Whoa. He is somethin’ else.

  23. archaeomommy

    I’m still waiting for my real story. While, I’m in the second year of my divorce proceedings, I did meet my soon-to-be ex-husband at Old Fort Niagara. We were both reenacting for a revolutionary war event and then went on three years later to have an 18th century wedding. My father is a minister and did a period service and everything. That was definitely memorable!

  24. quiltyrennie

    I first saw my DH while waiting in the lobby for a job interview. He worked there & when he turned to look at me his eyes made me melt! I got the job & we started dating after flirting for 4 months! We were engaged 8 months later…love him so! <3

  25. ArcticArchaeology (@cmdarwent)

    Colleague in my department looked at my Celtic knot & thistle tattoo in April and said “you’ve read Outlander, right?” Puzzled look of academic buried in only “work-related” literature for past 20 yrs. Sends me Diana Gabaldon’s webpage link, downloaded first book and finished all 8 by end of July. Best part, it reminded me that I needed to not take my precious 6’3″ red-head for granted after 24 years. I started stalking my ginger as a fellow UG in university, literally fell on him at a social event (just like Claire in the hall), and we have been together ever since. We were married at 22, and he later gave up the job he loved so I could take a university professor position. Outlander reminded me that I need to stop and pay attention to my ginger rock who every day looks at me like he has never seen anyone more beautiful (love is truly blind!). He keeps thanking Diana Gabaldon’s book series and the new TV show for reawakening his wife. We are kicking the kids out of the TV room tomorrow night . . .

  26. Belvane

    Ron keeps turning out a much more poetic person than his interviews show. I think that’s what makes me smile when you mention him, now.

    Al and I met in World of Warcraft. It’s a video game where you kill dragons. You don’t see the faces of the people you play with, and I was in love with my man long before I knew whether he was male of female, young or old. Luckily, it turns out that the only gaps between us were a few years, 3000 miles and a mountain of cultural differences, but we overcame all. He moved from Britain to Israel, and we’ve been married for five years. Before we met I told him, worriedly, ‘So many things could go wrong’, which he countered with ‘So many things could go right”. They went right alright.

  27. Nicole (@nsrhoads)

    Can’t wait to hear the rest!

    My husband and I went to the same middle school and different high schools. Never dated. I went to college, he joined the Navy, he would send post cards from wherever he was stationed. We were both engaged to other people, both of those relationships ended badly. This is a very long story, so I will sum it up with this: a few calls to the Navy, an early discharge, engagement, a VA loan that might not work unless we were married. A really old magistrate on a lunch break and a year later, the big white dress. We’ve had three ceremonies and will celebrate 15 years next June.

  28. Kimm Biagi

    My parents met at the movies. Mom was an “Usherette” and my dad was the kid that was rough housing and had to be kicked out by Mom. Mom’s friend had a crush on one of my dad’s friends and could only go out with him if she double dated with Mom and Dad. Dad was driving the car and my mom told him he was driving too fast. So, he slowed down to 5 mph and ticked her off even more. My grandfather had epilepsy and in those days they locked you away. Shortly after my grandfather was locked up, my grandmother was put in the hospital with T.B. Dad bought 3 airline tickets and took my mom, her 13 year old sister and of course himself, to Reno Nevada and married my mom. He helped raise my aunt until my grandmother was released from the hospital 10 months later. Just in time to see her new granddaughter. Dad was always my night in shining armor and I never found anyone like him, although I tried twice. Mom and dad were married for 59 years. He died two months before their 60th.

  29. Leslie Saari

    I love everyone’s stories! Terry and Ron… I can see why you both love the romantic side of Outlander!

    As for DH and I: We were introduced shortly after classes started at a very small Northern Michigan college in 1971; by a gal who lived across the dorm from me. She had dated (once) DH back in High School.

    A day later DH and I were on an outing with a few other college friends; but both of us had eyes only for the other. DH claims he heard wedding bells. He proposed 3 days later and I said “yes”! We married 6 months later – barely legal at 18 and 21.

    Now, the weird thing is, that the previous fall, after I had applied to ONLY that college; a large 1/2 page spread came out in one of the large Detroit newspapers (we lived in the Detroit area) and my Mom pointed out the photo – teasing me and said: “Look! _THIS_ is the man that you are going to marry!” and she pointed to this very muddy back prominently in the center of the photo! I replied “Maaa-ther REALLY!” and rolled my eyes!
    (The photo occasioned Freshmen Orientation week and involved a lot of mud; and a greased flagpole…thank goodness they don’t do that sort of stuff anymore!)

    A YEAR after I married DH; I was going through some old photo albums with my new Mother in Law who showed me that same front page from the Detroit paper and said: “Did you ever see the photo of your DH in the paper??” Well, needless to say my jaw dropped! YES, I _had_ indeed seen it and my MOTHER told me I was going to marry him the fall of 1970!

    Wow! 42 years later! Still soul mates! A trip to Scotland was on the top of our bucket list back then; and I think it is one of the last (big) things on our bucket list…maybe for our 45TH!

  30. eeebailey

    Ok, here’s my story. My husband and I met in high school. We started dating when I was not quite 16 and he was 16. He was a football player and a captain. I was NOT a cheerleader or anything like that. I was a painfully shy girl who was a dancer in orchesis. We were both going on a ski trip with friends and our friends arranged things so that he and I sat next to each other on the bus and then they all partnered up and left us to spend the day skiing together. We are now 51 and 52. We have twins who are 19 and sophomores in college and a 15 year old who is a sophomore in high school. We have had a lot of ups and downs, we almost didn’t make it last year…we found a great couples therapist and we are learning how to talk to each other without pushing each other’s buttons.

  31. daumayo2014

    What a great story, Terry! His words were so poetic. I’d have been smitten too!

    Tom and I met at my little furniture store in a mall. He was waiting for the fog to lift so he could go sailing, and he and his friend came to the mall. Divorced 9 days, some friends told him he could replace the furniture he’d given up at my store. I had a routine whereby I asked customers to estimate the space from a door or window frame to the next object all the way around the room so i could guesstimate how the furniture would fit in the room. By the end of our meeting, I knew every nook and cranny of his condo. He was a quiet, laid back guy with a Beach Boys tour hat (can’t remember the year but early 80s), beard and mustache. As we chatted and he shared why he was in the mall I commented that I had just learned to sail on the Charles River in Boston. I said, ” You have sailboat?” He said, “You sail?” The next day, I came to work to find a bouquet of flowers and an invitation to go sailing.

    We got caught on a lobster trap, and we were not successful using a line to get us off, so he stripped to his blue and white striped “skivvy’s” with a Swiss army knife tied to his wrist ready to dive and unhook it. I had visions of me trying to save him in the cold September ocean, when I said, “Let’s try the line again.” Success and phew, he didn’t have to dive…

    What really won me over, was Halloween about a month later when he said we should cut a pumpkin and make a pie. He called before he came over and said he was bringing his guitar. I am a musician, so I was psyched. However, I called my best friend and told her this guy was coming over and bringing his guitar, but I was reeling from the guy I’d been dating standing me up on my birthday a couple of weeks before and wasn’t sure I was ready. She said, Oh, for god’s sake, Dau, it’s not like you’re going to marry him! Just have fun!”

    He arrived wearing a lip sync guitar around his neck, plywood cut out in the shape of a guitar with strings drawn on it with a marker and his signature on the guitar. I was playing Dan Fogelberg on my stereo, and as he took a wire hanger shaped to his head out of a paper bag, hung in over the brim of his hat. He hooked a piece of paper on the hanger so he could read the words and said he thought he’d sing me a song. “Could you maybe, turn down the background music?” he said. “Ha, ha, sure, why not?” I said as I turned Fogelberg off.

    He “strummed” his guitar and sang an ode to our meeting to the tune of Doo Wa Diddy, “There I was just a walking through the mall, Singin’ doo wah diddy diddy…..” As he sang, he got more and more off key. (He is not a musician.) But I was completely won over. The rest is history.

  32. motowndeltalady

    It was a dark and very rainy Friday night. It was March 1st but there was absolutely no hint of spring. Just the damp chill of winter. My mood was as wet as the weather, I was trying very hard, without much success, to get over a broken heart. I gave myself a stern talking to and proceeded to get dolled up to go out to a favorite bar hang out. It was a fun bar where I was pretty confident I would run into friends. I wasn’t looking to meet anyone new, I just wanted to stop being heartbroken for a couple of hours. To this day I have no idea why, but the bar I planned on going to had a line that wrapped around the block. It was raining, it was cold, there was no way I was waiting in line. Now what? I couldn’t face myself if I had went home to be more broken hearted. So I decided to go to a different bar, one no so friendly but with decent drinks. Once there I was pretty proud of myself, I had accomplished my goal I was out of the house and not in tears. I was sitting there nursing my drink thinking deep thoughts about so many years doing this same thing and nothing in my life had changed when this very tall, big guy with a big smile like a pirate from central casting asked me what I was thinking about that made me look so serious. After a drink and a reluctant exchange of numbers (I almost didn’t give him my number) he promised to call me. I went home thinking no way. Men never lived up to their promises. Well, this guy did. He called me the very next day. As they say the rest is history. While there have been ups and downs over the last 12 years (6 married) he has mostly lived up to his promises. We were married at a small beautiful church on a tropical island after I walked down the aisle to the Someday my Prince Will Come by Miles Davis…because he had.

  33. mousepotato1975

    I thought I had my “ever after” 7 yes ago when I finally met (face to face) my best friend turned boyfriend. 7 months later we were engaged and I had moved to NY to be with him and his 3 kids.
    Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be – his choice (his loss too!)

    So I’m still waiting and hoping!!

  34. Maria Marino Gordon

    A beautiful beginning, I love the way each of you express yourselves. πŸ™‚

    I met my husband on a blind date in 1982 in the basement of a friend of his, who was hosting a birthday party for a girl he liked. The girl never did date my husband’s friend, but we dated, moved in together, and married in 1987. Two kids, a decent life, and a lot of ups and downs later, we’re still together, like a comfortable pair of perfectly broken in slippers.

    (I know, not all that romantic, but….. “Luff, you know.”)

  35. Sarah Knudsen (@sayrahk)

    Sweet story Terry, I can’t wait to hear the rest. I met my hubby while on a sailing cruise in the Bahamas. I had a weeks vacation that I had to use or lose and couldn’t find anybody to go with me so I just went on the cruise by myself. I got there a day early and went to the docks to check everything out and saw a really cute guy but didn’t get a chance to talk. Next day after boarding the sailboat I discover that the really cute guy is the Captain! We hit it off from the first minute and were both madly in love by the end of the week! I flew back home to quit my job and store all of my stuff then sailed off into the sunset with the handsome Captain! That was 29 years ago and it’s still smooth sailing with my honey. I always tell people to go on vacation by themselves – you never know what might happen!

  36. Seriously, leave a girl hanging. Like 100% of the replies, I too am looking forward to the rest of the story. From the little I have read of you & Ron, you seem so very well suited for each other. It’s the best having a partner in life that is not only your lover but your very best friend. My DH is still my best friend after nearly 43 yrs. I do keep telling him how lucky he is though & he’s wise enough to mind what I say. πŸ™‚

  37. laney1120

    I met my (now ex) husband at the laundromat! I was doing my laundry, and he was trying to call his girlfriend on the pay phone – long before the days of cells. She wasn’t home, so he started talking to me, helped me carry my laundry home and asked me out on a date for the following night. We were married on my birthday a year later, by a judge who had been to a roast and was so drunk he could barely stand up. So maybe I was never legally married after all! πŸ™‚

  38. Theresa

    You have it. I have it, too. “It” being that magical connection that some relationships have. It’s like the living flame spoken about in Outlander; that description sealed me to the story forever.

  39. wordsmith92

    Terry – OK, now I want to hear the end of your story just as much as I want to see Claire and Jamie’s wedding! Between Outlander and hearing about your and Ron’s relationship, I am almost starting to believe in the possibility of love (and decent men) again. Really, it gives me hope to read about men who really do want to marry an intellectual and creative equal, whether it be fictional or in real life. Especially, when those marriages come about when people are a little older, as you mentioned yours did. The upside of meeting someone when you are in your forties is that you know yourself really well. The downside is that all that time gives you plenty of opportunities to turn into a stone cold cynic about love and men. I’m starting to turn a corner on that front and I have your show and Diana’s books to thank for that. Love your blog, love the podcasts you do with Ron and, of course love the show! Real men not only wear kilts, they also choose partners that are just as smart, capable, and creative as they are!

  40. @jeanniefec

    I’m glad I’m just seeing this now so I don’t need to wait too long! What a romantic story. It just goes to show when timing is right the stars align, magic can happen.

  41. maggiejmasen

    OMG….okay Terry, the wedding has aired and I’m dying to get the rest of this romantical story! I can’t stop thinking about it and anticipating how it’s gonna proceed……

  42. idared

    OMG! I loved and copied your birthday poem and now this story, although unfinished, finish please. I now understand that this Sam’s Jamie, Outlander Jamie is really Ron. Sigh, lucky you, lucky you. Loved the wedding dress and underwear except at one point I thought that Claire’s/Cait’s boobs must really hurt. Such a relief to have that corset off.

  43. mque

    After reading the article by Vulture with you & Ron, I now understand why you shared this story. Thank you! I love that you have a piece of your love story melded with Jamie & Claire in Outlander. A real tribute to you both. So personal & lovely.

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