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Outlander Costume Designer




11 thoughts on “Tonight!

  1. LynnLouise

    Looking forward to viewing this live… had to tape last weeks episode and had a house full of people for the weekend, which was lovely and fun, but having to wait to watch Episode 109 was tormenting. Can’t wait to see the incredible costumes, which help the actors do such a fantastic job.. Kudos, Terry.

  2. Jo Ann Platt

    How demented is it that my entire week revolves around Saturday nights at 9:00 PM? Episode 109 was positively brilliant and I expect 110 will be the same. Kudos to the entire Outlander team who bring this book so exquisitely to life every week. The only downer is knowing it’s going to be over soon. I guess then my life will revolve around anticipation for Dragonfly in Amber. Love the costumes, Terry. They are like another character in the show.

  3. sanshaw2

    Viewed Ep. 10, this morning, on Starz On Demand. Loved, loved, loved it! May be my favorite so far. I have enjoyed the past two Saturdays rehashing each detail as the anticipation grows all day long, for the 9:00 showing. Excellent costuming, setting, and adaptation. Thank you.

  4. Ragbag

    This brooch picture…was it the one worn by Geillie at the swearing in ceremony? I thought at the time, with not getting a closed look, to seemed to be the image of an eye design.
    Glad to see it clearly now and fascinated by the miniature artwork. Something I do myself. Painted portraits in jewellery. Who painted this amazing one? It is so intricate and incorporates quite a lot of detail. Just another small item of detail that Terry should be applauded for I think.

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