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THIS Costume Gets a Dedicated Post


Because it is one of the best costumes on the show! Wedding dresses and dashing heroes get all the fan fare, but this kind of costume is what it is all about. No People Magazine or Vanity Fair pieces, no hours of debate over necklines, fabric or bum rolls. And that is a good thing, because then we can really have fun.

Just a glorious, glorious costume. One that we are INCREDIBLY proud of in our department. One of my favorite characters in the book, I couldn’t wait to do his costume. This is the kind of costume you can be totally free with, because no one is looking, no one cares about the beggar. It was and is a source of design joy.

Hugh Munro. DAMN, I love this costume. Look at those Beggars Badges, the textures, the layers, the pure craft of it all!

Ladies and Gentleman – Hugh Munro.






photo 3

52 thoughts on “THIS Costume Gets a Dedicated Post

  1. AvatarNymerias

    He was a very memorable character for me. The special way he and Jamie communicated with each other, the respect Jamie had for him and vice versa! This was pretty damn close to how I pictured him. The costume design is perfect for him. Thank you for sharing!

  2. AvatarMarybeth

    I absolutely loved everything about Hugh Munro. In the book, he was important but not nearly as endearing as he was portrayed in the show. The costume was outstanding. The dirty beggar, but still using the plaid from his former life (I think I can see a hint of it under all of the other stuff…and dirt). I especially LOVED that hat!! How do you make a hat look like it’s been worn for 20 years in all kinds of weather, yet still stands up to the elements. Loved it all.

  3. Avatarsanshaw

    Wow….can’t wait to see this episode. We are 2 weeks behind in Canada. Hugh is one of my favourites from the books.
    ALL the costuming has been spectacular. I absolutely love that they feel real to me. We should all trust your vision. After all this is a labour of love.
    When people ask why you would watch an episode multiple times….the first time is for the story….you are so anxious to see what happens next. The next time you pay more attention to the details…costumes, scenery and music. Each time you see something different….much like reading a book multiple times.

  4. TnLassTnLass

    Just love the dirt and grime of the costume that blends with Hugh’s rough character. Then the twinkle in his eye as Claire gives him a kiss. The costume set the scene, Outstanding!!

  5. AvatarPauluna

    Wow, I am so glad you featured Hugh on your blog! I just loved loved loved him because of his outfit; it is as if he stepped out of the book onto the set. Thanks for everything, always.

  6. AvatarPatg

    I absolutely love this character! The costuming was amazing! He was so endearing and sweet…which made me a little teary eyed thinking about….well, no spoilers here. Kudos Terry! He was magnificent!

  7. Donna ToroDonna Toro

    When I watched the show I thought there was fur on the costume. Was surprised to see that it was wool (I think). Excellent job, was totally Hugh. Also looked like a typically misty Scottish day that can chill you to the bone.

  8. Avatartheempathyqueen

    I really appreciate that you show closeups with each of your posts. The fine details don’t come across on the small screen. The effort, accuracy and fabrications are so special that I enjoy getting to see so many fine points. Right down to the gaberlunzies!

  9. BrookeBrooke

    Soooo happy you did Hugh. I actually paused a few times on him so I could check it all out. Glorious costume! Fabulous layers of textures. I am fascinated with his hat especially. How on earth did you get that amazing texture? It looks like baked earth! And he’s got metal buttons, so you know he’s somebody!

  10. RedwoodmommaRedwoodmomma

    Terry should be writing her Emmy speech now because no one comes even close. Hugh is just icing on the cake of a fabulous buffet of rich and delectable costume delights. Terry and her master chefs have cooked up a feast for our eyes that will have to feed us in replays over the hiatus so we don’t starve. I love the tie in to the earth tones of the scenery and the tiny, but noticeable details like the embroidery on Jamie’s wedding sleeves. It’s obvious to we book fans that the creators of our beloved show are as passionate about the characters as we are. Love every moment and will watch each episode again and again until my family decides it’s time for an intervention. 🙂

  11. rhonnie.b@xtra.co.nzrhonnie.b@xtra.co.nz

    YESSSS. I only saw it this morning but couldn’t take my eyes of the textures , layers & distressing. What a marvelouss costume to be free on, reiminds me of when I distressed my jeans. More was totally better. Very evocative of the character & I just loved it.

  12. Avatarcatherine.fautley

    My job involves designing and producing a lot of die struck metal. I’m so glad you shared close ups of the medals. I really wanted to see them up close. Love the variety of the badges. And I love that one is dated 1880. Does that make Hugh a time traveler too? hehe. The textures and wear in his coat is wonderful! It takes a lot of work to get all that wear in a short time. Great work!

      1. Avatar@gracesmom48

        I don’t mean to be forward, but if you are going to be looking for random/miscellaneous/hard to find/ stuff for next year, please let me know. Our company gets the oddest assortment of items in our estate sales and for my favorite mini-series of all time, you would definitely get the family discount 🙂 (Thought of this because of the swim medals) We’ve had many of those little metals before, lots for skating and skiing. Had two very old velvet capes earlier this year, one with a hood. So cool.

  13. Avatarbluewindows

    The colors you used were quite good. I like the way they blended with his hair and beard. I like the way he looked “worn,” but not filthy. He completely retained his dignity despite his circumstances. I liked the layers, but it made me worry about him. Was he warm enough sleeping in the rough in just what he had on? Did he ever get indoors to sleep especially when it got snowy & cold? Good if a costume can get you thinking about the character beyond the surface presentation.

  14. Avatarmanotherm

    I never thought of it that way, a characters costume you know won’t get criticized…….. kinda sad……but oh so fun! Surprised how Hugh had such an impact on so many of us, thought it was just me…. he didn’t disappoint last night either. Terry he looked absolutely wonderful, which sounds strange for a beggar.

  15. Avatar@punkiBrenda

    I to love Hugh this design was perfect on him the layers frayed from use and that hat loved it! I was touched and drawn in with the book description of the relationship he and Jamie share but this just brought it! And that kiss Claire gave him…so well played and another terrific moment in our Outlander actors and clothing great job!

  16. AvatarEm Marlas

    All your hard work didn’t go unnoticed, especially by me. I re~watched the scene several times because I kept getting distracted by this character and his clothes. I kept wondering how you weathered everything ; how you got the textures in the fabric and the color of the coins. I especially loved the beggars’ badges and the look of his buttons. I liked him and his costume very much ~I hope we’ll see him some more! Several people tweeted that he looked perfect for the part of Munro. Great work!!

  17. Avatarjenapple

    Yessssss. I love that this show/book has such rich secondary characters that will allow you and your team the freedom to really create and design in a no-holds barred kind of way. He is EXACTLY how I pictured him to be.

  18. AvatarKateLeslie

    Terry, someone made the observation that it was like Hugh stepped out of the pages of the book. YES! When I reflect on that episode, the first image that comes to mind is Hugh. The man and his clothing are as one. He and Jamie greet and embrace each other. I want to give Hugh a hug too. What was your inspiration for his costume? It’s absolutely brilliant!

  19. Avatarkukrae

    I loved this costume for Hugh! My first thought was that it’s based on a ghillie suit with all the wool pieces sticking out. He would certainly be able to blend in with any of his natural surroundings!

    I absolutely adore these detail photos!


  20. AvatarWinterSam

    Amidst all the glorious dresses, officer’s uniforms and heroes in plaid… Hugh and his truly wonderful costume bring some grounding, in a sense. After the ethereal costumes of the wedding, and just before that, the dominance of episode 6 by the English officers in their pristine red coats, this costume takes me back into the gritty, weathered, hard yet still romantic reality of the Highlands. Just… a marvellous costume, thank you so much for sharing the detailed close ups!

  21. Avatarimboden

    My heart DID skip a beat when I saw Munro come across the mountain. You are prepared when watching a show of this nature to SEE costumes of the era, but to FEEL you are taken there is REALLY a gift. Great work on this unforgettable piece!

  22. Avatar

    I know I am deviating from the Munro discussion, but wanted to ask Terry if there are any posts regarding how you chose the costumes for Diana and Ron in “The Gathering”. I especially liked the diss towards Diana’s dress that Mrs Fitz made as she greeted her in the gallery! I read in one thread that you and Ron were married in the color teal. Was his costume a reflection of your marriage colors?????

  23. AvatarMy4LittleEs

    I have had this up on a dedicated tab on my laptop for awhile now. I wanted to make sure I read about this costume and had a closer look at it. When I watched this episode I clapped with glee. This costume could not be any better. The actor and the costume melt together into Hugh and it is amazing. Thank you for your dedication to making this so real for the fans. Your teams dedication is not going unnoticed.

  24. Avatar18centlady

    Costumes like these are the best; they’re all about the layers that people might not notice individually but if they weren’t there the costume wouldn’t be complete. It’s all in the little details:) Bravo!

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