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The Sketch


Wedding Sketch

10 thoughts on “The Sketch

  1. Avatarmque

    Terry, I’m in love with the dress. Amazing. The dress shimmered & glowed. Embroidery, fabric, and details all fabulous, but it’s the sleeves that keep drawing my attention. Gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything currently made like them. I’ve looked up fashion pages from the 19th century. So many gorgeous “patterns” or examples for the modistes to copy.

    Thanks for sharing your sketch & for all your commentaries! BTW was Claire wearing panniers under her petticoat? Bigger and slightly more rectangular than the bum roll?

  2. AvatarKarenAinAL

    What beautiful costumes for this episode. Not that the other episodes are not great, but this week they were exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing not only your talent, but also the decision process you use to bring your thoughts and sketches to life. Thank you to you and your entire department.

  3. flutterby3357flutterby3357

    So beautiful! Elegant, regal, sophisticated! So many ladies had a tendency to overdo-let’s throw in every current design element to show how rich and tasteful I am!!!

  4. Avatardianne_falcone

    There aren’t any adequate adjectives to describe this dress. Stunning and ethereal come to mind. That being said, since this dress was bought and paid for by Dougal will we get to see it again in another episode? Maybe even France?

  5. Avatarbluewindows

    It is a beautiful sketch and it is fascinating to see how it developed into the finished product. I do hope that somewhere down the road you will entertain the idea of making a book of your costumes for this show from sketches to the materials to the finished costume. You are amazing! And your staff must be top notch across the board.

  6. AvatarLovelyMissSummer

    So fantastically stunning. Loved all the progress photos. I would really love to see a picture (or maybe video a la YouTube) of that little smocking machine.
    The concept of the falling leaves collecting toward the bottom just did me in 🙂
    Bluewindow has a great idea about the book. I know there is an Outlandish market for it.

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