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The shoe


The Shoe

Let’s see if this works. Can I figure out how to get a picture attached to every post?

It all began with a shoe, or the tweeting of a shoe. With this shoe I began to document my journey, tweeting pictures of the shoe as it traveled about. I love these shoes, they are such a perfect design, so basic and yet the promise of so much more than the ordinary.

5 thoughts on “The shoe

  1. emac37

    I really do not have a shoe fetish so have no idea why my wardrobe is full of shoes? Overflow spare rooms – note plural there! I wear boots and don’t even own a pair of sensible winter shoes…loads and loads of summer sandals and pretty slip on flippys

  2. Laura Carmichael (@LallybrochLaura)

    Shoes are indeed important – our feet carry our whole selves everywhere we go. From a recent 9-week trip through France and Italy, it was interesting how I gravitated to wearing one of three pairs I brought along. The most comfortable and versatile pair, they went hiking high in the Alps and Dolomites, along Venice’s canals, carried me all through Tuscany and Rome, and strolled the beaches and hills of Cinque Terre. Now when I see the pictures from the trip, the shoes are one of the most symbolic things in view!
    Let’s hear it for The Shoe!

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