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Ring - Wedding

A controversial topic. Though about leaving it off the blog as I do not want this to blow up into a “bun fight”, but that would be silly to do. It is an important part of the wedding and deserves to be included.
Many of you may have heard the podcastwhere Ron and I tell the story of the ring. He had written in the script that the ring was made from a nail, and I flipped out. First of all because I didn’t want it to change from the book, and argue changes a lot with Ron. But it is his show, and he has story considerations that are important in terms of how you structure a drama for the screen. This is his area, and he is a genius in it, so I make my case and then let him do what he is so good at. He has respected my opinion a lot and has made many compromises to accommodate our fan perspective. I absolutely trust him on this front.
Anyway, after much shouting and stomping, he agreed to forego the nail, and we started searching around for another option, and one of us came up with the key.
Then came fifty million key ideas, I will post later.

In the end we settled on this one. Personally, I love it. I am not a fan of ornate jewelry, but my taste is not the point, it is about what a village blacksmith could make in a couple of hours. I also wanted something that would reflect Claire, and what we have tried to do with her design wise. Simple, elegant, and somewhat masculine, as a way of setting her apart as a modern woman catapulted into the 18th century. If you look carefully, you will see it in all of her costumes. She is never frilly. I always imagine her removing or rejecting all the bows and fripperies so common at that time.

**** I forgot this, it just came to me. There is the scene where Jamie and Claire are having sex, and he is most possessive. Her arms are thrown back and she is aware of her two rings scraping against the wall. That scene informed the design of the new ring.That scene was in my mind as I began the concept.

Anyway, here it is. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be respectful in your postings. So far we have maintained a very lovely tenor here. There will be, and should be disagreements, but let us all take deep breaths on controversial topics. I promise I will. Maybe we can all imagine that the person we are speaking to is sitting across from us, and think if we would say that to them in the same room.


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  1. Avatardianne_falcone

    I think what most people are concerned about is what will come later with the ring. (Don’t want to spoil it for non-readers). I think everything you’ve done has been stunning and we should all trust what Ron and the rest of the team are doing.

    The more I look at this ring the more it reminds me of my own. I have a simple cigar band bc I didn’t want a lot of diamonds. I loved my engagement ring so much that I didn’t want to take away from it so I went with something plain. People always ask me why I don’t “upgrade”. Um maybe bc I love it just the way it is?

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      Ron bought me a “place holder” ring because his proposal was very spontaneous. The only one I kind of liked at the spontaneous jewelry store, was gold. i don’t really like gold jewelry. So it was temporary. It has never left my finger, not once, and my gold wedding ring was designed and built off of it. You would have to cut it off my finger.

      1. rose smithrose smith

        Terry I have tried to buy Claire ring from the Starz Outlander site. The new ring made from a key. I already hav the Thistle ring. They are out of it. I have written to the company selling the merchandise and they are no help. I am trying to find out if more will be made available. Or I wanted a email address to write the correct person to say there is enough interest to make another run of rings. I emailed the media department. With no reply. Was hoping you could maybe point me in the right direction, of who to contact. Thank you ahead of time for any help you can give me.

        P.S. I love the costumes. And I would love to see you in a cameo part on the series.

        Thank you Rose Smith.

  2. AvatarDebbie Dake

    Good morning Terry ~

    The ring is fine. Just fine.

    I haven’t had a difficult time at all accepting the changes made from book to screen. The story is still the story and it’s a truly lovely one.

    My husband and I were together as a couple for 19 years before we got married — I became pregnant at age 36 (surprise!!). We bought wedding rings only at the time. Five years later I found a large box under our Christmas tree. I hate big presents and was frankly irritated looking at it. When I opened it, I discovered a tool box and was pleased because I could use my own set of tools instead of having to search around for Scott’s (he’s a bit disorganized). He asked me to check out all the tools inside which I gladly did. Lo and behold I found a little jewelry box inside along with the tools. Our daughter, Lydia, came to see what it was and I said to her, “This is the kind of box every woman likes.” We opened it together and there was a belated engagement ring with a perfect small diamond. He had picked it out himself and it was the nicest surprise of our marriage. Besides our daughter.

    We have now been married for 19 years, the same length of time together prior to our wedding. The ring still fits.

    I hope you have an extraordinary day ~


  3. bunnumsbunnums

    I have no issue with the concept of a “book ring” and a “show ring”. Doesn’t matter how many times we watch the show – we can always return to whatever images they want when reading because those words are all still there, exactly as they always have been. I’m curious to see how (or if) more is made of this ring’s storyline in future episodes, but that’s nothing more than curiosity and being intrigued about the show in general. I’m certainly more than pleased to see that Ron and his crew can surprise (even shock!) long-time book fans and keep us guessing. Love that, in fact. Stir up some really interesting, if occasionally controversial, discussions.

    Personally? I’m much more likely to wear a ring like this than the thistle one (I have a plain gold wedding band that I never take off, and a solitaire engagement ring that I rarely wear.). But that’s neither her nor there, really.

    There’s been some confusion I’ve seen online – is this ring supposed to be made of iron or silver?

  4. rhonnie.b@xtra.co.nzrhonnie.b@xtra.co.nz

    Hi Terry, I have been rather surprised at my reaction to the TV adaptation as I thought like a diehard fan who didn’t want this or that changed. However I am blown away by the series so far & look at it as a totally new experience with all the comfort & familiarity of an old friend. I have no problem with the ring as it must symbolise something precious to Jamie that we will no doubt find out about later. I do however, hope that the special inscription is included in the storyline somewhere because that is just so romantic & I’m sure will make my heart melt once again.
    Ron, as you say is brilliant at what he does & I look forward to many more seasons of this wonderful & favourite story.

  5. Avatarewyna34

    My comment isn’t a beef per se, it’s more of a curiosity factor. I understand that it’s supposedly made from the haft of the key not the “blade and the bow” lol (sorry I digressed there thinking of Rupert and Angus) so the blacksmith would “cut” off the blade and the bow and do what he was going to with the haft? The ring looks too thin as compared to the key if that makes sense so I was wondering if that was part of the blacksmith’s process – to thin it, rub off the rough edges etc…

  6. Avatarjenapple

    Hi Terry – thank you for providing a forum for discussion on this πŸ™‚ I think the reasons people are upset are complex. 1) A lot of people loved that Jamie’s father’s ruby ring had some sentimental value attached and corresponded with Claire also getting Ellen’s pearls, so both parents were represented 2) The ‘book’ ring has become iconic with it’s own reproductions that have been sold for years. 3) I think most people are having trouble understanding the ‘why’ behind the change. 4) They are worried this new ring means we won’t get the scene later when Jamie goes to get the book ring and what comes after (trying not to spoil for non-readers). There is a sense of loss of possibly not having that future scene, as it is seen by some as one more step in Claire’s acceptance of this new marriage.

    And more reasons I am sure, including the fact that the book ring Claire gets is ‘pretty’ in a traditional jewelry way, and this one is not that, though very striking in a different way and also full of it’s own meaning (thank you for putting your foot down about the nail!)

    I thought and read a lot after the episode aired, including your podcast. As to the ‘why’ for not including Brian Fraser’s ring as written, my conclusion is that the writers or Ron wanted Claire to have a ring from the get go that she would not give back to Jamie as she did with Brian’s, so that they could set up visual shots like the last one in Episode 7 and another in an Episode 8 preview I’ve seen, where all Claire has to do is look at her two rings and you know what she is thinking. If that is the reason, that makes perfect sense to me. For a few days after coming to that conclusion, I did assume Claire would still get her book ring later as she does in the books. I’ve seen some things that suggest that guess is wrong, and I’m not asking you to spoil at all.

    I will end this long post by saying that although I will miss the book ring if it does not show up, however I do trust Ron and the whole team, that changes made will still serve the spirit of Outlander. And I sleep better at night knowing that you and Maril and Matt and maybe others are true super fans like us, who love this story like we do and who are so passionate about this that you are working your fingers to the bone to see it come to life. Thank you Terry.

    1. AvatarMitzi

      I have to agree with Jenapple. I think more people are upset over why it was changed than the way it actually looks. For me personally, the ring scene in the book is one of my very favorites and I was a little heartbroken to find out it won’t be happening that way. I was also a little discouraged listening to the podcast when Ron said the ring in the book “had no meaning”. I sort of wish he would go back and read that scene. It had a lot of meaning to Jamie and to Claire, especially with the inscription.

      I am not one that hates all the changes, and I have loved the show thus far, but I have to admit I was frustrated that something so sentimental in the book was taken out of the show πŸ™ The ring design is not to my taste, but that’s really not the issue for me.

    2. AvatarJo Ann Platt

      ” …writers or Ron wanted Claire to have a ring from the get go that she would not give back to Jamie as she did with Brian’s…

      Good point, makes sense. I hadn’t considered that.

  7. BrookeBrooke

    I love this. I love the idea behind it, and I love the ring. I would totally wear it. I would never buy one from the Starz store, though, because it’s not ‘unique’ enough for me. lol. I can’t wait to see how it’s brought up in the storyline when they go to Lallybroch.

  8. AvatarDonna Gerringer

    Lovely lady, I canna continue to read the complaints. I even had a headache on your behalf. There are so many things I would love to say to your and your hubby and everyone who has breathed onscreen life into this story–from Diana Gabaldon to the housekeepers who kept your surroundings tidy while you worked. But, alas, there is no such place. The ring: OMG, I cried. I am such a sentimental marshmallow at heart (although I have a tough exterior) and *that* ring took me by sentimental surprise. It was PERFECT on so many levels, and it saddens me and makes me SMH at the naysayers. Jamie has told us that he has nothing of substance to offer Claire (as if the gift and promise of his love and protection are not enough?), yet he has given her his most precious sentimental sparse earthly possessions as presented onscreen.. I was reminded of of O.Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” And, believe it or not, a ring fashioned from a nail would have even worked for me. I honestly hope that *this* is the ring that Claire comes to treasure. And if DG is not complaining, why should anyone else? (Divine dress on another thread, but it bears repeating: magnificent)

  9. AvatarTory-Ann Torres

    Yeah I am in….Hi everyone. I love your blog and as far as the ring goes I trust Ron. I do not wear my wedding ring any more. I feel very Zen without it. Not wearing my ring is one big difference that I have with Claire and Terry. Love between a man and a woman is such a mysterious and magical thing. The forces of love that bind our hearts is the same force but it does not manifest it self in exactly the same way for every one. Claire’s ring is very unusual and I am looking forward to see what Ron plans to do with the key idea.

    I am glad that the ring was made from a key and not a nail. Thank you Terry

  10. AvatarMary

    I love it. Both the look and how it was made! I thought it was more Claire as well. It’s funky, edgy and even a bit “modern”. I love the changes and hope there are more. I already know the story in the books, can’t wait to see the visual story play our!

  11. AnnaElfkaAnnaElfka

    Hello Terry. thank you for the post on the ring and pearls. I am still not sure what to think of that change. I absolutely love the idea of the ring made of key, and pearls look lovely, but as a huge jewellery freak I give so much attention to detail, that it is hard for me to let go, the original designs of ring and pearls. Plus they are key things in the book. I also do not understand WHY the need for changing that particular pieces. Other thing that bothers me, AND I know you have nothing to do with a shop, but 250 USD for ring replica? Made of silver? if it was 50 ok, no problem, but 250 for fans all over the world, it’s just way out of reach… I would buy it, because I am a fan of the show, and I like this design but not for that price.

    I’m glad you talked Ron out of the nail idea, but I still thing original pearls (small, delicate, closer to her neck) would looked amazing. Not sure how she is going to wear such long string of pearls with her 18th century clothes….

      1. AnnaElfkaAnnaElfka

        Thank you Terry, that’s what crossed my mind. thanks for being so patient with fans of the show.
        I forgot to add, I absolutely loved that the wedding dress had acorns and oak leaves. Just gorgoeus. I smell some costume awards in near future πŸ˜€

  12. michellibellmichellibell

    I like it. It does differ from the book, but (and I say this as a huge fan of the books) I think we the fans need to allow Ron & Co. a little leeway with their creativity. I’ve been so pleased at how well the show follows the book, but as a theater teacher myself, I understand the need to put a stamp of your own personal creativity on things. If the show were to be ONLY a re-telling verbatim of the book, then there really isn’t any point of re-telling it? We already have that story in our heads. I’ve enjoyed the extras that Ron & Co have put in – Frank’s POV, for one, is extremely interesting. *** But I say all of the above with a caveat – if Jamie and Claire’s story starts to really differ, I might start a small revolt πŸ˜‰ And if this ring ends up being made from the key to Lallybroch, then all the more kuddos for adding another dimension of meaning, without changing the storyline.

    1. awabbitawabbit

      Great Minds Think Alike (~~~gg~~~)
      I have just now reading the comments about the “key” ring (0945 PDT), and flashed on the same idea as you.
      That it MUST be the key to the door at Lallybroch!

  13. Avatardilovesbooks

    This ring is so Jamie. In my head I think of it as “Jamie’s Ring”. Terry, as you know, people have been liking and not liking and agreeing and disagreeing about all things Outlander for decades. This is nothing new and loudest does not equal majority.

    True, there is misbehavior on any side of a given issue so I am very appeciative of your efforts to have a forum where we can share & discuss without having to trip over all sorts of, well, you know.

    Everyone associated with the show has done such a great job, it’s really remarkable. Some things/lines were changed, as has happened with all great adaptations, and I understandably missed them here and there but I moved on. The show is so, so good and true to the story overall (OMG don’t get me started on the cast!!!!) that I’ve come to consider it all a personal gift.

    Love your blog and wish all of you the best in all things.

  14. Avataranasvetak

    I, for one, love the design of this ring. I like simple, rustic looking jewelry. I get the disappointment of some readers given the significance of the “book ring” but I also understand changes need to be made for artistic flow. For those who balk at the $250 price of the replica ring, you’re not just paying for the silver. They are handmade by an actual jeweler, not cranked out by some machine. People tend to forget that when they think about what they want to pay for something.

  15. AvatarDorothy

    Thank you for the lovely photo at the top of the post.

    The scene where Claire asks, The key to what? is among my favorites in the episode. It’s one of several indications we have that Jamie is already in love — with Claire and also, I think, with the notion of marriage, of being married, and with gaining the same sort of relationship in his very disordered life that his parents had.

    The look on Jamie’s face when he brushes off Claire’s question with, Just something I had in my sporran is priceless — shy, embarrassed. It’s SO clear the key is very meaningful to him, and it’s one of several moments when I wanted to shake Claire and tell her to be more open, or at least kinder, to Jamie.

    In regard to the series following the book … I’m enjoying the series unfolding so very much. The series is closely related to the book, but it’s a separate piece of art. If people will enjoy the series on its own merits, they have riches galore before them.

    (Oh, and regarding favorite scenes … top on my list is the Fair’s fair scenelet. But that really doesn’t have much to do with costumes, so I guess I can’t mention it here. . )

  16. Avatar4nikikelly

    I fall firmly into the camp of ” I didn’t care either way.” Im just having fun watching. The only ring I feel passionately about is the one on my finger. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were living in Europe and my passport was about to expire. Not realizing this, when I told him; he left me sitting on a bench, went and purchased a ring from a bubble gum machine, came back and proposed with it. We were married two weeks later and I stayed in Europe with him for the next 4 years. Its been over a decade and I still have that ring. When we were in the states on leave he had our family jeweler create a “real” ring for me based on a 1940s estate piece. Its delicate, and small and a little bit vintage, just like me. When I showed it to my family my cousin pulled out my Aunt Ruth’s wedding ring from 1940 to show me how similar they had ended up. I was shocked because I had never seen her wear that ring before, only a single gold band. So, it turns out that my Uncle Phil was at the races and happened to bet on the winning horse. He took the money and bought my Aunt Ruth these beautiful rings. Ever practical she felt it was “too flashy” for everyday wear so she stored it in her jewelry box and only brought it out once a year to wear out on their anniversary.
    Like Ron says, an angry fan is still a fan. And so we carry on.

  17. Avatarrteest42

    Finally I got over here and signed in! And, so.
    Your description of assuming Claire would be looking at the frills and lace etc and wanting them gone brings back my wedding! I wanted a simple gown. The lady kept bringing in this or that with many of my desires, PLUS this big bow, or random lace, or pearl strewn front. NOT what I wanted. And, after trying each on, I would say, “Well, if I took THIS off or if THAT was gone, maybe.” She FINALLY heard me, and brought me the perfect silk gown with not a bow or scrap of lace or embellishment and that was THE ONE.
    To the ring– As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I will be doing a hiatus recap blog sometime after 108, and will explore my thoughts about the show; however my biggest take-away is that this ring is FROM Jamie. His father’s was convenience, circumstance. If it is the key to Lallybroch, his home, where he has been somewhat exiled? THAT is romantic, and it indicates he is all in with the idea of Claire being his wife, being HIS. Plus, now I have all this time to think about how Ron plans on handling the real reason that the thistle ring was so important…..because, when is that? Early Voyager or in Dragonfly?
    Glad to have a place to chatter with more than #140!
    Have a great break,
    Take care,

  18. AvatarStephaniekhill

    As a long time reader of this beloved story, for years fans have questioned and supposed the why’s, wherefores of the reasons and what ifs of these fictional characters. Any subtle changes and reconstruction of the storyline, to me is an added bonus. We are getting more to the story. Just like the novellas that Diana gives us with added back story within the original story. I have absolutely no issue with any changes as it generally comes full circle. The ring chosen makes more sense to me as they are in a very small village in the middle of nowhere and on short notice it was a very tender and well thought and loving gesture. Go Ron!

  19. AvataraBlondMoment

    I loved the ring, and I say this as a huge fan of the books. Changes are going to happen, period, and that’s okay. Maybe I come at this from a different perspective, as I am a huge Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fan. That show took huge deviations from the book for certain characters and story-lines, much more than what has been changed for Outlander. Same with True Blood. Television is a different medium than books, and nothing is going to exactly match the intimacy and thoroughness of a personal reading experience.

    That said, the ring is one of the changes from the books that I enjoyed. I can’t wait to see when, or if, it resurfaces. My husband actually had a interesting observation regarding the ring’s fit. He thought it fit her well, better than Frank’s wedding ring. He thought it was deliberate statement, regarding the fit of both rings and the state of Claire’s marriage(s): that the ring with Jamie fit well, but was a little loose, and there was room to grow there. The Frank wedding ring, though, is a snug fit, maybe too tight, a sign that Claire had outgrown the relationship. I’m not sure if that was deliberate or intentional, but he was super proud of himself. I’m going to have the re-watch the episode and see if this really true. πŸ˜‰

  20. AvatarBLB

    DG has made it quite clear that this is an adaptation of the Book. She is happy with that and so am I. I understand that storytelling on the screen is not the same as the written word. Sometimes changes just have to be made to make a better on-screen story. I am extremely happy with the changes that have been made to this point because everything has been in keeping with the spirit of the story. I feel the same way about the ring. That key is obviously very important to Jamie or has great meaning for him, so having Claire’s ring made from it makes it very special. Having the ring also made that last scene possible and so powerful! Gave me chills.

  21. AvatarFabienneLMH

    Hi Terry,

    I absolutely adore your work and everything that Ron, with your input, does with the show. The Ring is beautiful and a beautiful sentiment.
    From the looks of the photo’s that were released of the cast at the harbor and we got a look at the ship and for the first time Cait wearing the 2 rings (from a distance) it seems that Claire will be keeping this Ring throughout the show. What I think “upset” most fans (and I’ve read some really harsh comments in FB groups πŸ™ ) is that it would mean Claire is not getting the Thistle Ring as described in the book and I think they’re afraid that means we don’t get the scene that goes with that πŸ˜‰ (The fight and make-up sex)
    But as I’ve been telling people is that it doesn’t have to mean we are not going to get “that” scene… That is still a possibility, right? πŸ˜‰ Ok no I’m not fishing here… haha!
    Either way, I love the ring.. I actually love that Jamie thought this part through and that it wasn’t like in the book where he was all confused and thinking “oh shit, a ring…”
    The key is a lovely sentiment… specially if it is indeed the key to Lallybroch (which is the going theory right? I don’t know now if that’s a theory I read or if that was the official statement)
    Keep up the fantastic work! ! ! We love it!

  22. AvatarVicki G

    The ring is lovely. I love the look of it, but, my initial reaction was “WHAT!! There’s no ring!!” Like the others, I’m just worried about later in the book. But, that said, it was a nice addition of how Rupert and Angus went to have the ring made. And I also like when Claire thanked Rupert and has was so sweet in his speech!

  23. Avatarjmrio

    The ring is perfect. I love that Ron uses this medium to personalize things. Meaning behind a favorite childhood song you played for your daughter. Blue flowers as a show of confidence that he intends complete Diana’s story to the end. Jamie seeing Claire on the wedding day was a love poem to you. The cast personalize the characters, too. Sam’s real laugh and glee gifted to Jamie. Cait’s edge ( I love when the raspiness of her real voice comes out in Claire’s most fired up scenes ) and that is echoed in this ring. Grey is her favorite color and this dress could not have been more suited. Jamie totally would have made a ring from a key for Claire. I cannot wait to see what you bring to French Court. Thank you for coming out of your loving warm home, away from your children and critters, to do what you do best to this show. Tall Ships was the only team that could have done this. It is clear that no part of this story is not considered and of course the adaptation should reflect the artists who touch it and breathe life to it, as well.

  24. AvatarRobyn Goodey

    Had the ring scene come earlier…say in the first two episodes when my Outlander obsessed heart was still all aflutter wondering what Ron was going to do with MY story, I may have been upset. However he has been so true to the spirit and soul of the books that I trust him. Whatever he intends with this ring I believe in his proven ability. I wonder if there is more to the story of the ring? Jamie’s face when Claire questions him about the key…..his somewhat uncomfortable reply “It was just something I had in my sporran.” I think there is more to the tale of the key.
    Terry the wedding dress was jaw dropping. I loved it for so many reasons…..you are gifted. Thank you for this forum. There is no one in my immediate circle as effected as I by the books. It make’s me feel I’m among friends. I spent a month in Scotland last year as a result of the books and will return next year because of the wonderful people I met and the new friendships I have made.

  25. mandywhelan96mandywhelan96

    I’m firmly in the camp – the show is the show and it is AMAZING and the book is the book and it is also AMAZING. There will be differences between the two and that is perfectly okay for me. You’re changing mediums (book to film) and with that there will always be changes. As someone who has read the book(s) many many times, I look forward to those differences because they are a nice surprise and have so far not been so jarring as to make me say WTH. I love the look of the ring and the origin of it. I suspect the key is for Lallybroch which makes it even more important to Jamie – giving his new bride a piece of himself that she doesn’t know about yet. I also LOVE the contrasting look of the two rings!! It emphasizes the differences between her first marriage and her second.

    Intrigued about the changes that we’re going to see with Episode 8 which seems like it will have some stuff with Frank that was never in the original book – YAY!


  26. Avatarcarriewone

    I’m a fan of the books, and love her thistle ring, but I love this one too. I think it is pretty, romantic, and incredibly sweet. Knowing what the key opens makes it even more special. I loved everything about the episode. and I figure, Starz can sell whatever they want (and at least it is made by an artisan!) They’ve spent a TON of money to make this show as spectacular as it is. Sell away. πŸ™‚

  27. Avatar@punkiBrenda

    Well now lets see….I love the ring…I love the show….I love DG’s story…Adapt that is what is being done to bring us one of the most well done shows in years!!!!Lets face it TV has gone bonkers and this show was done with so much CLASS…ok off topic…I myself am that woman like Claire I love what was designed for the ring…the simple fact it was written that J even had it made for her!!And Terry it is beautiful never doubt it solid of its time and created with love. So happy the nail lost out…sorry Ron….I have balked at the price as I do not have much but will find a way as I am as hard headed as all get out…So if naysayers will understand that not every single word or happening will be as per book overall it pretty much has been…And WOW what a show we have I am full on in support of this TEAM it has taken to bring a story so many of us have loved to life I refuse to see or be bothered from negative as I see a true gift to us all. With that being said it is day one of cutting out something or other to save for this new ring…I have to have it!

  28. Avatardemodecouture

    For once, you’re (hopefully) not going to get flack from the historical purists! Okay, there are probably historical jewelry purists out there… Anyway, I’ve got no problem with you all ADAPTING the books — that’s the whole point! Yes, I want to see the book come to life on screen. But books and TV are different mediums, and have different needs. So, a new design/story for the ring is fine by me!

  29. AvatarSallyinVT

    Terry – I love examining the TV version because I’m seeing the story as if thru a 360 camera: it affords a view from a different angle. You see construction and detail of plot and characters and clothing from another angle than that provided by imagination.

    So along that line, can you consider making a documentary on the Making Of….dresses, rings, kilts, armor, ad infinitum? We’re voracious for the details. The still photos are lovely, especially the closeups of details. The film version will give us another view, another angle, and expand our understanding (not to mention expanding our enjoyment!).

  30. AvatarHeather

    I’ll admit that it’s growing on me, particularly if it’s to Lallybroch. I won’t miss it if they have to cut the scene where she would have gotten the other ring. Having it the store does make it seem like it was done solely for merchandising, but I’m choosing to believe it was done from a story telling perspective.

    And THANK YOU for not letting Ron make it a nail >.<

  31. Avatark-charbonneau

    Fear of change causes so much of our troubles. The entire cast and crew of Outlander are so creative. Of course you should re-imagine the story for television. Voyeurs that we are, viewers just fear we won’t get the quarrel and then passionate make-up scene involving a new ring. I’m certain Ron is providing lots of sex scenes to satisfy our senses. And a great adventure story.

  32. AvatarElaine

    The more I think about the new ring, the more I like it. The metaphorical meaning behind it is touching. It is just such a sweet, sentimental guy thing to do. My son in law is very thoughtful and creative and I can imagine him doing something like this.

  33. AvatarJacki

    I will admit it that I was really unhappy with the ring change. I loved the scene when Jamie gives Claire the thistle ring. I was looking forward to it. With that said, after reading about you fighting for it and then the compromise, I feel better about it lol. Terry you are such a class act and I love that you are also a huge fan and give us all the behind the scene insight. Thank you for addressing this whole ring thing! πŸ™‚

  34. AvatarMonicaP

    I love the ring .. it’s perfect for (as you say) the minimal time that a blacksmith had to make a ring and its simplistic design is perfect for the time period. I don’t recall how the ring was made from the book, but when I saw that the ring was made from the key, my first thought was that the ring was the key to Jamie’s heart <3.


  35. Luanne UttleyLuanne Uttley

    All of this is just making us want to see it so much. I said I wasn’t going to look but I feel like these stills and snippets are just helping give something to fill the gap. I LOVE the dress, I LOVE the ring and I can’t wait to see all of it in action.

    Terry, you will be having these discussions again when the UK FINALLY gets to see it.

    Thank you Lovely Lady for sharing so much with us.

  36. Avatarmanotherm

    It took me awhile to figure out how to get here. I love they used two different rings, although very thankful you pushed for the key!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Terry, I’m the one that does Claire’s Ring for the fans. I’ve been selling (I don’t make money on the ring) since 2006. Really just the hardcore book fans knew about it till people kept posting it on the Starz Ring page. So as nice as they all were, they just might of did it in… I’m sure Starz is more than irate. I know you don’t have anything to do with merchandising, I can read. *g* And you know how huge of a fan I am of all things Outlander. I just wanted to make sure you know who I was. Since we have had a couple of conversations. πŸ™‚ Feel free to PM me. Some willow bark would be helpful. It’s a bit stressful.

      1. Avatarmanotherm

        Thanks Sandy. I don’t think Starz realizes how many rings we have sold, they can just price up to whatever they want and take the extra. Hopefully they will do that, or there will be yet another fan revolt. But from what I’ve seen in their Outlander Store they are getting it all wrong. I’ve been making graphics on cafepress geared for the Outlandish for 16 years, I know what fans want and what they will spend. Outlander store has it very very wrong. πŸ™

        BUT……. we got the show!!!!! πŸ™‚

  37. Avatarsandyknc

    I will say that I found the ring change distracting. During my first viewing of the show I ended up thinking about the book ring and wondering why it was changed. I was also thinking about all the coming negative posts there would be on twitter and Facebook about the new ring. It seemed most of the negative comments about the ring came after Starz posted the ring for sale in their store for $250. That just pushed the people who were upset over the edge. It made the ring change look more like a marketing ploy than a meaningful story change.

    On my second viewing, I wasn’t distracted and I told myself I would try to be okay with the ring change. My third viewing was listening to the podcast. I was glad you and Ron talked about the ring and I figured I would just be patient and enjoy the show. The fourth and fifth time I watched I was completely relaxed and loved the whole episode!

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      I think you are absolutely right Sandy. One note, I have read that fans think the new ring is a marketing ploy. My guess is that if it was, they would have objected to the ring we made, as we knew that it would not be a popular choice.

  38. AvatarCcathybrown

    I agree with many others, the ring is fine, although I do wonder how/if Aron will address the part in DIA – readers all know what I’m referring to. TV and print need to be presented in different ways because of the differences in the mediums. I appreciate the differences (some more than others) because it keeps it fresh and makes it new and even more exciting! I have decided, until proven otherwise, the key was a stolen master key for all the manacles in the British Army, so that Jaimie could escape when necessary. I’m sure Ron has a different idea, but that will keep me satisfied until he unveils the secret.

  39. Avatarmanotherm

    I love the series for what it is…….and the first time I watch it fresh. Second time with the captions on my kindle so I can figure out what the Scots are saying *g* Usually the fourth time with Ron and Terry……..and I just love it. Ron explains the changes and it all makes sense. I always tell people before you moo about it, watch it with the podcast. I just find the series amazing. And when I think what others would of done with it, I like it that much more! LOL

  40. juliesheil1juliesheil1

    I loved the way The Wedding scene unfolded. And the change to the ring was more interesting to me than disappointing in any way. I was in Scotland this year and had a wonderful time visiting Outlander related places. I put some money aside to buy a Claire ring as a ‘special’ treat for myself. Saw them in lots of places in Edinburgh and Doune Castle! I tried on many but found they just didn’t suit me. I love Celtic design but it just wasn’t me. The one made for Ep 7 is absolutely me! Now, I’m lucky cause my husband is a silver smith (looks like a black smith!) so I will be waving this ring in front of his nose I can tell you.
    Like many others I do hope Ron keeps the inscription part of the story, if for no other reason than hundreds of women have had them tattooed on their bums! I laugh everytime Diana tells the story of people showing her their tatts at signings!
    I feel so much affection, respect and appreciation for everything you have done Terry and for the decisions Ron makes everyday to bring this story to the screen. Bring on Season 2!!

  41. Avatarjean

    Although the change in the ring took me by surprise, I have learned by now to trust in the writers and producers. I can imagine where the storyline may go now because the ring is made from a very special key.

    My very sweet husband surprised more than 26 years ago before we were engaged with a small jewelry box for my birthday. This gift was presented in front of friends and family. I opened the ring box and to my surprise and astonishment there was a guitar pick! To say the least I was verra confused until he brought in the new Martin guitar he picked out for me with the help of a musician friend. He spent all of his savings to buy me something he knew I would use and cherish for many many years. So, with my limited resources we went to an antique store and purchased a very simple engagement ring and wedding bands. We will wear our “hand me down” rings forever because they are so special to us. I totally get the sentiment and what Ron is trying to do with the key made into a ring. (I am very glad it was not a nail, thanks Terry!) I am really looking forward to where the ring storyline goes.

    The hubbub with the coming attractions scene with Mrs. Fitz should have taught us all not to jump to conclusions too fast. I am just so grateful to have such a talented and dedicated group of people so vested in creating such a brilliant TV series. I have loved these books for 20 years and I am just thrilled with outcome.

  42. AvatarCatullus_1000

    The attention to detail throughout the TV series has been fantastic The Wedding episode was so tastefully done and a joy to watch. I love reading your blog and learning about the background research that goes into all of the costuming choices. Your sketches are wonderful — I hope you’ll have time in the future to put together a book for the fans. The wedding dress is a masterpiece. I understand the frustration the book fans feel over the ring choice — personally, the style is not what I hoped for but that didn’t bother me much. I was hoping to see the inscription but it’s a small thing compared to the overwhelming positive aspects. Everyone on the show is doing such an incredible job –it has far exceeded my expectations and I love the plot twists. We are all so grateful that you are sharing your immense talents with the fans and that you dedicate much of your personal time posting to your fascinating blog and interfacing with us directly. Your love story with Ron echos Jamie & Claire’s connection. My hubby & I celebrated 25 years married last month – 35 years together. Can’t wait to see the Paris court attire! xoxo

  43. Avatarrebecca

    I like the ring. It has a lot of symbolic weight. Not only that it is a key to Lollybroch, but that it is a key made of iron. A piece of iron, of course, was used as a sort of talisman to bless a marriage home. Given that Jamie and Claire have said so often that they are each other’s home, I think it is very apt. Plus, I have faith that the make-up-sex scene, and others, will survive the change. πŸ˜€

  44. AvatarKristin

    Hey Terry! Just wanted to take a quick second to tell you how much I love the ring. I think the rustic look is cool, and I’ve a good idea as to what the key is for. As a diehard book fan, I can understand why other book fans are concerned about the change, since this potentially affects future scenes (I won’t mention anything here to spoil it for non-book readers). However, I trust that Ron, the other producers, and the writers have thought it out carefully. So far they’ve blown me away with this adaptation, so I’m not gonna worry about what this change may mean. Seriously, though, thank you for freaking out on Ron about the nail! A key is one thing, but a nail? Not so much.

    Can’t wait for you to post pictures of some of the keys you considered. Have a great weekend!

  45. Avatarjameliam

    Hi! First time posting, though I have been reading all about your costume work. My mother was a theatrical costume designer, so I have some idea of the many voices you have providing opinions and wants.

    I liked the book well enough – I got thoroughly frustrated with it, and with Claire, but I plan on continuing the series in large part because of the TV show. I think your costumes are elegant, accurate, and do a wonderful job of mixing what we expect and what is practical for the characters.

    And I thought the ring was beautiful. Adapting ideas to a different medium presents challenges, but you are doing a great job.

  46. AvatarLindsay

    While I understand the concerns some book readers have…I must say I liked the ring. It felt authentic to the period and the narrative. I absolutely LOVED the visual at the end with Frank’s ring and then her staring into her hands…

    I trust you guys! Can’t wait until the next episode to see more of your gorgeous costuming!

  47. Avatarmanotherm

    FabienneLMH , I don’t know you and I don’t know who your friend is but if you listen to the podcast for the wedding all the information is there. Terry did fight for the ring. I’m the person that created the ring, I have NOT heard from Starz. If you go to Comments section of the Outlander Ring Page I have just said I’m very nervous about all these positive reviews of the ring that I doubt Starz will be happy. Yes, I did get permission to make the ring, with the understanding that if Outlander was ever sold I may not be able to. I also said I was relieved the Thistle ring was not in the series that way it made it special for the readers.

    Terry feel free to delete all this!

      1. AvatarFlmh

        That’s what my concern was πŸ™
        And cause it seems so silly to do…

        But prolly better this be deleted… I would have already if I could delete my own post but it seems I can’t..
        That’s why I request now it be deleted.

  48. AvatarLeia

    FWIW I love the ring made from the key! I would absolutely wear one except they don’t seem to be making it small enough to fit my fingers and the price is a bit daunting.
    I was never sold on the Claire ring offered for sale as I didn’t envision a solid band decorated but rather a celtic knot ring with thistles. I have a knot ring purchased in Chartre and another from Lindisfarne on Holy Island. They’ll just have to do for now.

  49. jennj31jennj31

    Hi Terry! Is there any chance we could see a photo of the key before it was supposedly made into the ring? I have wanted to get a good look at it but can’t in the episode as it’s never clearly shown. πŸ™‚

  50. mikanemikane

    Personally I love this ring! It is simple and the biggest part was it was made from something that Jamie cared about. I really like its imperfections and more importantly the type of metal shows that it is is completely different than Frank’s more modern gold. Jamie’s ring is more reflective of the time she is in. And I think she cherishes it the more because it came from his heart.

  51. dulce67dulce67

    I realize I’m a little late to this conversation, but just wanted to say I love this ring and the whole concept behind it. So much so that I would love to own one. They are sold out in the Starz store and I wondered if it was possible to go directly through the artist as I tried emailing the store but didn’t get a yes or no answer as to whether they’d be available again. Thanks and seriously love everything about the show. EVERYTHING. xo

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