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The Red Shoes. (spoiler alert)


Well, in honour of Starz Incredible Outlander Season 2 Campaign, I have decided to break with tradition and do a post about something before it airs. I have had so many inquiries about those shoes, that I though I’d give a little tidbit.

I designed quite a few pairs of shoes for Cait, and we had them made by our incredible period cobbler in London. The red ones had to be absolute showstoppers. Many trials and tribulations, mainly having to do with sparkly buckles. Who knew it would be so damned difficult to find them!?! But I think we ended up with a pretty gorgeous pair of shoes. They are made with red silk and are incredibly spectacular, as they should be for that scene.

I will post more photos of them later.

Cait’s jaw dropped when she saw them, just the reaction we were hoping for!!

Anyway, here you go! Happy Valentines Day!

Red Shoe



30 thoughts on “The Red Shoes. (spoiler alert)

    1. Avatarljedwards

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you Terry and thank you for sharing. The dress and shoes stunning looking forward to all your beautiful costumes in the coming Season

  1. AvatarAnne H.

    Wow, Terry! Thanks for this bit. I know I will be watching each episode multiple times. First for the overall story, of course, but then again to focus on individual components. Costumes, sets, principal actors, other actors, music, scenery, etc. This show is so rich in detail I need several viewings to take it all in. Your costumes are such a big part of that. Thanks for your talent and hard work, also thanks for putting yourself out here on SM and sharing part of yourself and the bits with us. Very appreciative.


  2. Purl99Purl99

    This photo was posted on a knitting site I frequent and the very first thing I noticed was not the “dress” but the SHOES!!! Its all about shoes for me!
    Thank you Terry for posting about the shoes, they are breathtaking!

  3. Avatarmcmarep

    I was hoping not to see the red dress until the show aired and have not been on Twitter but of course that was impossible. I just want to say how beautiful the dress and the shoes are. Every single time I think I see my favorite piece you and your team make another costume that is just so over the top beautiful. Well done to all of you. Your hard work and your vision is so appreciated.

  4. AvatarAnnaLivia

    The shoes are breathtaking! And the dress, as well, a gorgeous shade of red and a beautiful design. Thank you for sharing them.
    And thank you for all the work you and your staff do to enhance the story and the characters.

  5. AvatarLorrainePento

    SHOE ART!! Such great shoes. Fashionable, and timeless too, I’d wear them today! I’m loving every thing Claire wears. I’m especially partial to the knitwear, being a passionate knitter. Awesome work, Terry.

  6. Avatarannalapping

    Be careful that the fans don’t hold her down to steal her shoes!! there have been quite a few comments about them already! I might be among them. They are gorgeous and timeless.

  7. AvatarAlennaM

    Wow, those are amazing, thank you! How high are the heels? Cait must be taller than everyone else in the episode (except Sam of course). And Là Bhàlantain sona dha-rìribh dhut to you too also, Terry and everybody! Or maybe since this is in France – Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!

  8. gigigigi

    Hi Terry…
    You’ve always been a “shoe addict”. I wish you would share the adorable photo I took at your wedding of the gorgeous shoes you wore and your daughter bending down to look at them.
    I love seeing your special touch as I watch this show.
    You are missed here.
    Carol Boteilho

    1. AvatarMichele

      Wow, so cool. I missed a shot of my friend’s niece peeking under her wedding dress (a big hooped dress) to see her red shoes. I caught it right after, but the whole thing was adorable.

  9. Avatartlparadis

    I’m typically not much of a shoe person, but when I saw this shot, I was instantly taken by these gorgeous shoes! The perfect bit-o-bling with that incredible statement of a dress! In a way, I was disappointed by the red dress reveal for the promotion of the new season, but seriously, can you fault Starz PR people for going with it?? I mean, seriously! Beautiful, beautiful work. I don’t think that nearly enough people understand just how fortunate and lucky we are to have you – someone of integrity and knowledge and skill with as deep a love for the text as a person can have – at the helm of the costuming department for Outlander. Thank you.

  10. AvatarLisaW

    Those are Absolutely Spectacular!! And so Cait Like!! She looks Stunning in this dress and shoes!! Thank you for sharing! Any chance these could be marketed? 😉

  11. Avatarmaureenanne

    What a lovely treat for Valentine’s Day! The red shoes are exquisite. Hope to see vintage design elements show up in commercial clothing and shoes. The heel actually looks comfortable!

  12. mwdesigns2014mwdesigns2014

    Terry, it’s an unbelievable gift every time you share a tidbit about the costuming! I especially love hearing about the meanings/purpose for each piece! MERCI BEAUCOUP!

  13. AvatarDonna

    Terry you are a genius. Your creativity and designs with all the clothing that is worn in season 1 blew me away. Each outfit Cait wore I loved better than the previous with the exception of the Wedding Dress (that will always remain number 1). The dresses I have seen so far on Cait for season 2 are at another level. I hope we still have a few more surprises. The “RED SHOES” in silk are spectacular. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  14. peggyvanslppeggyvanslp

    Lovely, lovely shoes! Quite a difference from those Cait’s shown lacing up in Season 1. I feel kind of silly doing it, but I still zip over every picture I run into of this Dress (holding on to the illusion of mystery!). Is there only the one pair in existence and did you try them on, Terry? Thanks for sharing the sketch. I’m very much looking forward to a story about the development of the costumes for Season 2…and yon Dress.

  15. Avatartdrollo

    Dear Terry, I absolutely adore your work! Could you please do a post all about underpinnings? I am so curious about the engineering behind these gorgeous gowns. Thank you!

  16. AvatarHistoryFan

    I always wondered as I read the story in Dragonfly in Amber exactly how the shoes would look and I think these are quite beautiful! Wonderful job on the design. I truly believe that Outlander, and you Terry, should have received a nod for best costume design at the Golden Globes. Let’s hope that this season will bring you that nomination for the costumes you have and will design.

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  18. Avatar

    I’m speechless! What a modern interpretation! And that heel!!! OMG!

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