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The Laird and his Lady Return Home. Ep 12



So, our heroes return home.

Beaten, ragged, and yet triumphant. We needed to see that in their costumes. Claire wrapped in Jamie’s plaid, proud and strong. Jamie returning to his family home, vulnerable, but now a man, no longer a boy.

Jamie in trews. I think I have received more comments about this than any other costume. No maybe it is neck and back with why the wedding gown is so low cut. But people want to know why Jamie is in trews.

It is not the first time he has worn them, but it does have significance in this episode. He did throw his cloak around Claire after the trial, but he couldn’t have known he was going to need to do that. The trews are there because we needed to do some character development. Jamie has had essentially the same costume throughout most of the series. Now we are seeing a different side of him. He is now a married man, and as we find out, a man of substance. A Laird.

Trews were worn most often by men who had the means to own a horse. It was more comfortable, for obvious reasons. We’ll see his kilt again, and again. But we need to add dimension, shadow, nuance to him, and to all of our characters as they develop over the years. Even Clark Kent had two costumes to show two sides of his character.


Same thing with the coat. I thought of putting the coat on both Brian (Jamie’s father) and Jamie, as a way of showing how important his father was to him. And when Jamie returns to Lallybroch he can literally “assume the mantle. It is the kind of character development/storytelling that I love to do. It is a small “beat”, but like Claire wrapped in Jamie’s plaid, it add dimension and depth, and helps us to “feel” the story.





And here they are, the Laird and Lady Broch Tuarach. In their Sunday best.

I guess there is theme to these last few posts.



32 thoughts on “The Laird and his Lady Return Home. Ep 12

  1. Avatarkwald

    Hi Terry –
    Is the Brian/Jamie coat the exact same coat or did you need to come up with at least two of them that had the exact same fade in the exact same places (shoulders, near buttons)? Not sure if the actors could possibly be the same size.

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  3. AvatarAnne H.

    Later in the episode Jamie is in a kilt that is sort of like a hunting Fraser, but maybe a little brighter, was that one woven for the show also? Love that he is no longer in the McKenzie, and love that he isn’t in the modern red Fraser either. THANKS for all this.

  4. AvatarMonicaP

    I noticed the coat when Jamie was collecting rents, but didn’t know (or missed it) that it was seen on his father. So good that you do this blog – I tend to miss too much just being enthralled in the show 🙂


  5. AvatarAVS

    The leather coat that Jamie wore took my breath away. I hadn’t noticed his father wearing it on first viewing, but made sure to look for it when watching the episode a second time. Beautiful work, and lovely detailing. I also thought the vest he wore during the dinner scene with Jenny, Ian, and Claire was beautifully designed as well.

  6. Avatarwoolfarmgal

    My favorite location in the books is Lallybroch, a lovely setting where the characters are at home, where they can be themselves and where the relationship of Jamie and Claire grows and we get a sense of who the Frasers are. We get to know Jenny and Ian. It is an intimate setting and I love to get a sense of it in the costuming.

    1. AvatarMartina

      The saddlebags are props…costumes are things they wear, props are thing you can carry. Different people in charge of each. And a third in charge of the sets…another for lighting…an animal handler. It takes an army to produce these shows!

  7. Avatarmeraynor

    Jamie’s (and Brian’s) laird coat is just amazing, love it! I hope it comes back in season 2, would be a nice contrast to the French Dandy get ups. I’ve noticed other leather pieces, especially Murtagh’s coat/vest. Anyone else worthy of leather? Was it harder to come by leather in those times? I like Jamie in trews but am not sure the difference between breeches and trews, can someone explain?
    Also, would love a piece on the footwear of the time period. Thanks for doing this Terry, I look forward to each post, as much as the shows.

    1. mwdesigns2014mwdesigns2014

      My words can’t express enough the value I place on these entries! Having been a lover of celtic romance/adventure novels for years, and to combine that with my love for textiles, costumes and the history of clothing, these are little nuggets of gratification!

    2. Avatarmeraynor

      How nice that Mrs. Fitz sent Claire’s things ahead to her (that trunk was might heavy!), she must have known she’d need her Lady Broch Tuarach gowns.

    3. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      I have generally avoided leather. Not because I don’t love it, but because I feel it is overused on a lot of period shows. It is a way to make ever one look cool, hip and modern. Wait for it, here we go again…leather pants!!! Leather corsets, leather everything.
      I guess studios and networks love it.

      So I have used it very, very sparingly.

  8. mwdesigns2014mwdesigns2014

    My words can’t express enough the value I place on these entries! Having been a lover of celtic romance/adventure novels for years, and to combine that with my love for textiles, costumes, and the history of clothing, these are equivalent to Christmas morning and finally getting to open that one special present!

  9. julieisjulieis

    Another stunning job with the costumes Terry! The coloring in the sets, setting off the colors of the costumes were visually delicious. That level of detail and coordination is such a visual treat to the eye, along with the story, made me feel like I’ve had an artistic Christmas dinner by the end of the episode. Words just don’t do justice to what you all are doing with Outlander. Love, Love Love! Thank You!!!
    Best Program ever created for TV!

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  11. AvatarSally Wallace

    I really love reading about the costumes and all the amazing work that has been done on them. I’ve been a fan of the books since the beginning and have been in love with Jamie for almost forever. Sam is perfect in his acting and makes the perfect Jamie.

    I do have a question that is not clothing related however. I’ve always been a lover of horses. Can you tell me what breed they are using for most of the horses? The heavy mane and forelock and the heavy fetlocks make them look like thinned down Clydesdale horses. Any idea to the breed? Thank you.

    1. Avataramysnap70

      So this is just my guess, but the black horses look to be Fresians. Not necessarily accurate, but very pretty. The grey horses are most likely Percheron crosses, possibly with Thoroughbreds or warmbloods. The larger the feet the more likely they are a draft cross or possibly full blooded draft horse. My sister has a Quarter Horse draft cross and she has feet like dinner plates. 🙂 These are all just my thoughts from looking at photos. I tried googling, but didn’t get any definitive answer, so someone who knows for sure may have different info.

  12. Avatarkkilgrow

    Terry, “Even Superman has two outfits.” LOL Would enjoy hearing what inspired you to design the laird’s leather coat. Also, I am enjoying Ron’s pod cast, but always thought you two made a great team explaining to us what went on behind the scenes. Will you do another pod cast with your husband for us? Also, it puts a smile on my face when he points out his loving touches to you throughout the season. You are blessed to have such a romantic.

  13. AvatarEmmaandelie12

    The costumes for this series are absolutely amazing. In my mind you are a genius – a costume sprite with an old soul. I love the books, the series and the cast but am blown away each week with the costumes. I attempt to pick out just one thing each week I truly love above all other outfits/accessories but at times I just can’t seem to limit my picks. The leather coat from the “Lallybrock” episode is something everyone should have just to keep around to admire and touch occasionally. Beautiful is a weak description. The shawl Clair wore in an episode made from strips of material in a lattes weave style was another favorite as well as the mourning dress Gillis wore. Claire’s costumes are to wonderful for words to even describe. Just too many “favorites” to pick from. I can’t wait for future episodes to find out what happens on screen in wonderful Outlander world and to see what everyone will be wearing when their adventures unfold !!

  14. Avatarfirstlove

    Hi Terry,

    Just watched the episode and I soooooooooo love how you costumed Claire and Jamie. Thank you for the explanation of the trews. I love him in his great kilt, but this outfit is so becoming on him as well.

    The Laird with with Lady in the last photo is so romantic and they are a gorgeous couple there.

    Just listened to Ron’s Podcast with Anne Kenney, wonderful podcast as well. Congrats to you for the line Jamie says to Claire, that your husband put in just for you. Anne called him a “mushball” for it. But, it was so lovely, I got warm fuzzies.

    I love the great kilt around Claire belted in the middle over the plaid skirt. Caitriona, I am sure was warm in those outdoor scenes.

    I just wanted to ask about Jenny’s dress when we first see her and when she relates the story of Black Jack. The embroidery on that dress is just so gorgeous and the color too. I loved it so much. Please tell us a bit more about it.

    Thank you,

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