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The Gathering – Shine not Burn



14 thoughts on “The Gathering – Shine not Burn

  1. AvatarAnna N. (@AnnieElizabethN)

    I love such jewllery. Brought from Scotland earrings and pendant in style of celtic cross with amethyst stones in the middle. I love thinking about the history behind this piece. Could you write more? Something you found, something that was designed for the show? thanks for all your posts!

      1. AvatarBrooke Hynch

        Yup I know how to sew – Terry 🙂 Why can you point me in the direction of a pattern for the coat? or are you offering me a internship (wink, wink) *insert cheeky grin here*

        Thanks so much for the response by the way – we were actually talking about how leather is over-used in some shows and that’s why I asked because I was thinking that maybe he would have a richer fabric like a satin, cos leather would have been fairly common wouldn’t it? I thought it might be easier to come buy than say satin or some of the silk woven brocades and richer fabrics and things like you’ll use for the Season 2 eps?

  2. AvatarPeg Blumka Alexander

    oops. posted question on wrong photo!

    Thank you for the tartan swatch! I have been getting photos of the many McKenzie tartans and none of them so detailed as this one.
    Thank you so much…

    Can you do the same for Frasier?? I was dilligent about watching the episode to see how they differ (remembering that in the book, he had his own tartan on and the McKenzie men re-dressed him)

    Pretty Pretty Please?? So many lovely plaids

  3. AvatarMoz

    Fabulous shot. The colors of the fabrics are as wonderful as the countryside of Scotland. One could not ask for a more richly woven show. From the heart, Terry, I thankee.


  5. AvatarJessica Keller

    I make hand sewn historical clothing for reenactors. Can you tell me where you get your plaid wools? They are beautiful, but I’m having a hard time finding them (I’m always looking for a great new source of period fabrics). Beautiful work by the way, I’m experienced in the period & haven’t noticed any mistakes in the costumes (like there usually are in period shows). Great Job & thanks for the behind the scenes details!

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Hi Jessica, thank you. It is nice to hear I am not enraging every re-enactor out there. We have our Outlander tartans woven according to our won design. We get our plaids for the extras, from the mills here in Scotland, directly. We buy them in 30 meter pieces. I am not sure where you buy them retail. Maybe try Scotsweb?

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  7. AvatarR Anderson

    I was just reminded today of the meaning of the MacKenzie motto Lucero Non Uro (I Shine Not Burn) and then saw the pin from the show (which has the motto but not the flaming mt). In Drums of Autumn, Claire is at the Gathering at Mt. Helicon, it’s dark, and she looks up at the individual family campfires on the surrounding hills and, “For a moment , I had a vision of the MacKenzie clan badge— a ‘burning mountain’— and realized suddenly what it was. Not a volcano, as I had thought. No, it was the image of a Gathering like this one, the fires of families burning in the dark, a signal to all the clan was present— and together.”
    I like that because I am a part of Clan MacKenzie through my father.

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