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I just wanted to do a quick post to say THANK YOU to Saks Fifth Avenue, and to our wonderful marketing team at Starz for putting this together.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience. Everyone was so incredibly kind and helpful.

It took a lot of time and a lot of work. Finally got new fashion mannequins (that is a whole ‘nother story) Months and months of planning,  SCULPTING, adjusting, SHIPPING, more planning, sculpting and adjusting. Days in the Saks basement with their wonderful team, climbing around in windows, getting the Outlander lettering on the windows, and FINALLY, standing on the sidewalks with crowds of passerbys stopping to take pictures and ask questions.

So many conversations with people that began with “What is this??? It’s beautiful, what is this show???” The sidewalk has been crowded, cameras madly clicking away, kids noses pressed against the glass. It is amazing. I was moved to tears by the enthusiastic response, it was everything you could ever hope for.

I will do another detailed post of the process starting a thousand years ago, in Scotland and finishing here in NYC. But later, gotta do the next round of stuff…it’s Emmy season.

Saks Window

24 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. JuliaTowersJuliaTowers

    Congratulations! Your passion and dedication to your work is clear. I am so happy for you and for us as Outlander extended fanmily. This is just the most wonderful progression I could hope for after falling in love with these books in the late 90s. Thank you for bringing our dreams to life for so many more to enjoy. You have made them immortal in a way….I am just so proud of you, happy for you, and excited for myself by what you have been able to do and what is to come.

    Bravo, lady…and to your whole team too!

    Julia T

  2. Avatargail

    Thrilled beyond words for you and your team!! Cannot wait to see the windows during Tartan Week! All of your hard work and your team’s, has not gone unnoticed by the Outlander fans and beyond. Kudos to you all! Very exciting!!

  3. Avatarlorim

    Hi Terry and Team, What a great costume display in the Saks Fifth Avenue windows! I don’t know whose idea it was, but it was a wonderful one. Many people will be introduced to Outlander through your beautiful work. Fans have posted pictures of the windows, and you can see St. Patrick’s Cathedral reflected in some of them – just awesome. I live in Colorado now but used to live in Manhattan. Tickled to see Outlander in NYC. Keep up the great work!!

  4. boisebooksboisebooks

    Kudos to you and your team. We will be fascinated to hear how the decisions were made as to which store certain items were shipped. It must have been a strange experience to pack up everything, take a breath and ship! Some of us are praying that Starz has a book on your magnificent work in the planning.
    So grateful to you, your hubby, Dr. Gabaldon, cast and crew et al.

  5. Avatarsouthernlassie

    I’m thrilled that you are writing the blog about the process of your creative mind & takng the time to share with “us” here on your blog. I am so looking forward to the upcoming season!

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  7. Avatarawlehmann

    Thank you Terry and team for these wonderful costumes. They are so rich in detail an I think no other cloths have been made in this way since the 18th century. I am very glad to have the opportunity to see them in NYC next month. Wonder if there might be an opportunity to talk to you there.

  8. peggyvanslppeggyvanslp

    Congratulations to you and your team, Terry. Manhattan is fortunate to have these costumes on display and Saks is a great venue. Thank you for “speaking” for the show both by talking to passers-by personally and sharing your artistry.

    Interesting photo at the end of your post. Clash of cultures? Times? Serenity and busy-ness? Looking forward to future blogs. Best wishes.

  9. Avatarwoolfarmgal

    Clearly you are doing the thing you are meant to. We can just sit back and marvel. I do not think this project works without you…. (regardless of how utterly wonderful the cast is..)

  10. Avatardelft727

    I’m moved to tears by your being moved to tears. You are so gifted…and humble and generous and caring. I would have been so excited to see the response that you saw while working in the SAKS windows. I’m thankful that Outlander was your favorite book and your loving husband agreed that it would make a great series and he would do it. He’s quoted as saying he didn’t dare mess up your favorite book! Well, he most certainly has not messed it up! He is at the helm of a perfect storm of incredibly talented and committed people. I’m thankful for the exposure and publicity of your detailed and exquisite costumes. If Scotland is a character in the STARZ series, so, too are your costumes…from the buttons to the shoes and the red dress! We are all waiting, impatiently, to luxuriate in and watch the new episodes a gazillion times. We’ll examine every inch of every garment. Hopefully you will continue to carve out some time to blog about the how, when, where, and why of your process and the ultimate finished product. We are learning so much and loving the learning. We applaud, appreciate, and thank you…truly.
    Brenda Shaw

  11. Avatar

    Terry, I am so excited for you and your team! What a wonderful honor for you to display the costumes of Outlander …….to give a glimpse of your vision, your talent and the work that you love so much. Thank you sharing the magic with us!

  12. Avatarclaireokc

    Terry – everything looks so fabulous and am so excited to see all the fashions as much as the show. Would LOVE to see a special feature of the DVD for season 2 with you talking about the fashions and more close-ups and details about the fashions. Like you the costumes are as much a part of the story as the acting, sets decoration and story line. Even if this was a stand-alone product from the season would be great! Congratulations on a beautiful season that had to be extra hard work for you. Can’t wait to see what you do for Caribbean balls, pirates (look out Black Sails), and other men/women at sea!

  13. Avatarbetsyg

    Terry- your work is elegance defined and that’s what Saks has always meant to me! They go together! I can’t wait to get to NYC next week and see it in person. I NEVER expected when making plans a year ago to attend the Tartan celebrations to have such opportunities that have arisen. Your windows, sharing Outlander with so many friends and fans is on top of my list! Thank you for sharing your process with us! Costumes make the characters come alive – I cannot wait to see them in action and in person! I am humbled that you spend time on social media interacting and by your enormous talent. Thank you for all you do to bring Outlander to the screen. Blessings to you and your team!

  14. Avatarmh

    Hi Terry,

    first of all I will sign up on the long list of people congratulating you for everything you’re doing to give this show its outstanding looks!

    I wrote you and Ron a little letter, which is quite personal, which I would like to send you. All of it is very real and I think it is a story that you will both enjoy, but I do not have any email address of yours or his and do not know if private messaging is possible on the forum. I am leaving a passage of my letter here and hope to hear from you. In the meantime: all the best of luck with Season 2!

    [..] Almost two years ago, I was visiting Scotland with my husband and our two young daughters, when we were told by a proud employee at Blackness castle that the filming for Outlander had just wrapped up only days before. Since we had never heard of this Outlander thing, he quickly moved on to tell us about Mel Gibson’s Hamlet and gladly got our undivided attention. In the evening we returned to our little rented house in Culross, just above the Mercat Square and enjoyed the view over the town and the water. We were right in the middle of our beautiful Scottish holiday of 10 days, which we started off with the oldest preserved medieval castle at Doune. […]

  15. Avatarvidochka

    Dearest Terry, I am just IN LOVE with your work, thank you for sharing it all with us and giving us an opportunity to have a sneak peek behind the scenes with you! I am an opera singer and these costumes just make me float in the air (only by seeing them!) IF there is a chance or opportunity to BUY or RENT one of the costumes – I WOULD BE SO HAPPY! Since all the costumes are so gorgeous, even the ones the extras wear… maybe one of them could end up in my closet! THAT WOULD BE JUST DREAMY! THANK YOU again and I wish you tons and tons of inspiration and stay this passionate artist that you are! Many greetings, Vida Maticic

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