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I am a toadstool. Felt very spanky this morning, but sliding into opium like exhaustion. Reading everyone’s wonderful contributions, but just too damned tired to really write anything. PLEASE keep carrying on without me. I’ll be there soon. Pop in for little bits when I can.

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  1. Katie (@bunnums)Katie (@bunnums)

    Well, for goodness sake. You need a month to just be and recover yourself without thinking about any of this! Go relax, unplug, refresh, and dip your toes back in when you decide you’re good and ready. Enjoy your time off!


  2. Avatarbeth miller

    Well in keeping with Terri, s suggestion, I have a thought, question. You all may not be the people to ask but here goes. I have started to communicate with one of the unfortunate Outlander readers who kives in Britain where ironically the series is not being shown by any channel that would show clear picture and sound. They have mounted a crusade through twitter to try to get Sony BBC or somebody yo show Outlander and everybody is unwilling. I have begun suggesting that they approach other people and organizations who have displayed caring about developing the film industry in Scotland. And point out how providing the viewing of this wonderful Production to their own populace will further the education of tge populace about the film industry. The showing will foster the talented people of Britain to take leadership and entrepeneurialship roles in this infustry ultimately making it revenue producing long term. I can tell how much Ron Moore and Terri care about teaching the public about technical aspects of this production. Doesn’t he always provide instruction in 2 minute Xtras after each episode explaining why he went this or that direction with the script and on not using fx to show a part of the storyline. Or the time Terri explained what went into the thinking on how to make the wedding dress sparkle in candlelight but be authentic to the historical timeframe. It may be that if the gov in Scotland and rest of Britain are educated that shiwing Outlander is an educational opportunity best not missed by their own pop, that they can put pressure to bear and financial incentatives to these tv channels to take on the project of showing this great show to Britain. I partly say this message gere fir Terri but also for you all because I wonder if we reach out to the various outlander blogs we watch and see if they will get out the word too that Britain beeds Outlander shone to them as an educational opportunity in order to promote the film industry because their own pop is the future of this industry longterm success in Scotland the rest of Britain. Would you all talk to me about what you think about what I am saying here and if you have ideas for me of whom to talk to next in our social media to help Britain movers and shakers see the educational side of this issue and support getting Outlander shone to the actual people where the historical setting has been in for fupirst book and in many books to come of the book series. Not for education of history but for future of this high revenue industry of educating about filmmaking. What do you all think?

  3. Avatarpurplejamie

    Beth, thank you for thinking of us in the UK. I would agree that doing all that we can to show the TV companies (and Netflix/Amazon etc) in the UK the support that Outlander would receive is a good thing. I suspect though that we would have to appeal to their pockets, rather than the other aspects you mention, although these are all really valid. I personally would be extremely uncomfortable with either the UK or Scottish Governments putting pressure on TV companies as to what they should show – slippery sloped spring to mind. Would be interested to hear what others think.

  4. sanshaw2sanshaw2

    Off topic but The Giants just lost. That is all that is on my mind, right now, except that I want to tell you that I did vote C. on Ron’s kiss cam poll. It was way too hot to be sitting at the game. Will be shouting Tulach Ard tomorrow at 6:07!!!

  5. Purl99Purl99

    Terry you earned tired along with the rest of the cast and crew who have worked so hard to bring such a vision to the small screen. I can’t say thank you enough.
    Sleep well and dance and play a bit before you must start again!

  6. Katie FriendKatie Friend

    I love Thomas Dodd’s work. That picture is titled “Dogma”. I love the way he portrays women and how he uses texture. He has such wonderful creativity. Sometimes I will have a blank canvas sitting on my easel for months before it tells me what it wants to be. Do you have any moments you find yourself struggling for creativity? And what do you do for inspiration?

  7. Avatartheempathyqueen

    Being so creative, I imagine that your brain keeps sketching even when you are supposed to be “relaxing.” Soak up some California rays in your lovely home (twitter photos). Looks like a sunny sanctuary and store it up for all the work you will do for Season 2. Thanks so much for sharing what you do 🙂

  8. AvatarDebbie Dake

    Terry ~ Honestly, I just love how you write. Toadstool…spanky…sliding into opium like exhaustion…I so admire your writing style. You should write a book. Or short stories. In your spare time.

    Just keep making fantastic costumes also please.

    ~ Debbie

  9. AvatarMac37E

    Terry I just love this pic… It totally sums everything. I’m also in agreement with Debbie.. Toadstool….. Spanky…. opium exhaustion….. you have a book ( probably several given time) in you that is just screaming to push through the manure of exhaustion to take your creativity into another realm. I hope you are having quality time with family and good friends but Haste Ye back to us.

  10. boisebooksboisebooks

    Well for heaven’s sake! ditto what all of the lovelies above wrote.
    I continue to be stunned that you have included us in this journey to the extent that you do.
    I believe if you put together a “making of the costumes for Outlander” – with photos, and behind the scenes, and your most enjoyable prose – that is would SELL.
    Same for Mr. Moore – in the more general “making of” sense…

    In the future of course – not now in the middle of things – LOL

    Have a well-deserved rest. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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