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James Fraser


Jamie Wedding Hero

Sam Hero 2

So, what can I say. He looks friggin great. The boy becomes a man, because no woman wants to marry a boy!

Not exactly sure what they did to the color when they shot this pic, but it has been bugging me. I tried to get it closer to the actual color. His coat is not green, it is blue, much closer to the color of his waistcoat, though it does tint a bit to the teal.

This is the first time we see the Fraser tartan. Since we had made the decision not to do the Victorian “clan tartans”, I felt that we still needed to honor the book and put in the red (and gold). It was important to me. The Fraser tartan is similar to the McKenzie, being from the same area, but still needed to be set apart.
We gave him a beautiful diamond stock pin, and did the most exquisite embroidery on the cuffs of his shirt.Just to get a little glint of metallic to pick up his pin, and Claire’s dress.

Ring - Wedding

He is a most dashing, romantic and confident man. What every woman wants.

Sam wedding closeup

And because they cannot possibly be separated.

Cait Wedding dress

Sam and Cait Wedding

The Garrison Commander


I won’t spend much time on our regular cast since THEY ARE ALL WEARING THE SAME OLD THING, LOL. I do look forward to the complaints that everyone is bored and “where is the eye candy???”. No doubt they will come.

Anyway, Jamie, Claire and Dougal.

Outlander 2014


I particularly like this last shot, as it shows you the construction of the waistcoat, and how Sam chooses to wear his kilt.


Just a great shot. A nice example of the choice Ron made to have the Redcoats provide all the red in the show (except the occasional peek of Geillis’s shoes). Makes for a very dramatic visual.

New costumes-

Claire’s nightgown. It is just a lovely, lovely garment. We dyed that gorgeous silk this lush, peach color. I wanted to make something that was clean and sophisticated that would reflect who Claire is and what she would choose, and yet be devastatingly feminine and sexy. The high lace collar shows off her perfect neck. I also wanted it to to slide off in one movement, once you untie that string (originally scripted).


BxeYLAHCAAEe7E0.jpg-large captures_0567



Brian Fraser

Yes, that is him. I wanted him to have some amazing coat to help give him standing and authority as the Laird. Don’t remember if we see him in a wide shot, but the coat is knee length.



Last, but certainly not the least, our Redcoat officers. I have been wanting to do an entire post about the fine, fine work of my assistant designers, Elle Wilson and Nadine Powell. They are both amazing designers. I cannot do everything on a show this size, so the extras (supporting artists), and most of the supporting cast is done by them, and then approved by me. Their work is so essential to the look of the show. They are the ones who add a lot in terms of texture and authenticity. You can get away with almost ANYTHING on extras, and a lot on the supporting cast. Which on a period show means that is where you can really go in depth, and get it right. No one is going to argue with an extra wearing a cap, or an enormous floppy stock tied into a bow, the way they will with the lead actress or actor.

I am going to do that big piece and then add a segment every episode, to showcase their excellent work.

The redcoat officers –

Remember that we had to make all of the Redcoat uniforms because SOMEONE had to have the perfect shade of red. That means that for a scene like this, you can’t go rent any of these uniforms. If you look carefully, you will notice that no two uniforms are alike. That is because it was not until later that the British Army finally ruled that uniform choices had to be approved. At this time, officers made their own, and some of these have green or blue waistcoats, cuffs, collars or lapels. Different deceptive bits, stocks, etc. Jack Randall wears blue.

Must have been one hell of a parade!



captures_0181 captures_0162

captures_0112 captures_0120 captures_0148

normal_captures_0233 normal_captures_0234


The Hero



Been doing some reading about Heroes-

“Carl Jung first applied the term archetype to literature. He recognized that there were universal patterns in all stories and mythologies regardless of culture or historical period …shared by all members of the human species, a sort of universal, primal memory. Joseph Campbell took Jung’s ideas and applied them to world mythologies. He refined the concept of hero and the hero’s journey— George Lucas used Campbell’s writings to formulate the Star Wars saga.

The Hero’s Journey

  • The hero is naïve and inexperienced
  • The hero meets monsters or monstrous men
  • The hero has a strange, wise being as a mentor
  • The hero years for the beautiful lady who is sometimes his guide or inspiration
  • The hero must go on a journey, learn a lesson, change in some way, and return home
  • The hero often crosses a body of water or travels on a bridge.
  • The hero is born and raised in a rural setting away from cities
  • The origin of the hero is mysterious or the hero losses his/her parents at a young age, being raised byanimals or a wise guardian
  • The hero returns to the land of his/her birth in disguise or as an unknown
  • The hero is special, one of a kind. He/she might represent a whole nation or culture
  • The hero struggles for something valuable and important
  • The hero has help from divine or supernatural forces
  • The hero has a guide or guides
  • The hero goes through a rite of passage or initiation, an event that marks a change from an immature toa more mature understanding of the world
  • The hero undergoes some type of ritual or ceremony after his/her initiation
  • The hero has a loyal band of companions
  • The hero makes a stirring speech to his/her companions
  • The hero engages in tests or contests of strength (physical and/or mental) and shows pride in his/herexcellence
  • The hero suffersan unhealable wound, sometimes an emotional or spiritual wound from which thehero never completely recovers.

Linda makes a great point. Claire, classic hero, checks off everything on the list.

But on closer examination, I notice all the his/her references. Bad me, for not catching this!!! Thanks Linda!


Wonderful Illustrations



I wanted to showcase the work of illustrator Colleen Madden. She has a lot of wonderful pieces at http://girlfrog.tumblr.com
I just love her work. Reminds me of children’s book illustrations of my childhood.


Episode 105, Rent





Jamie Sketch


This was so very, very long ago. His costume just looks nothing like this. But it is fun to see the genesis. This was done right after Sam was cast.