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Geillis & a bit of Storytelling



Remember this? Geillis’s costume at The Gathering. Geillis wearing an ARISAID. No,not a Stevie Nicks knock off, but a woman’s version of a plaid.

We never really saw it unfortunately, because it is a costume that tells a story. If costume designers just wanted to make cool clothes, they would go into fashion design, instead of film, television and theater. We are storytellers.

This costume was worn pretty early in our journey with Geillis. The beginning of the tapestry. A lot more threads have been added over the months. The latest threads being woven in 110.

So here you go. See what I mean?



xlTSRk3xyVqexu5NpL1f4p6gh-dEvt8nqoG8-Mg6w6EWho IS this woman? This costume does not give answers, it is supposed to ask more questions, to draw you in. Into the story.

Of course, you have to actually see it. Ron. xo


12 thoughts on “Geillis & a bit of Storytelling

  1. angelasassoinlondon

    So glad you just posted this – I totally MiSSED this the first time I watched this morning. Am getting ready to watch again with my DH and will look closer this time.
    I think if Starz sold those brooches in the Outlander Starz Store – they would make a mint.

  2. susanzuke

    Terry, i have loved all the costume design since Episode 1, but Am having a hard time picking my absolute favorite so far from between the wedding dress and Geillis’ coat. So different, but both so perfect for their moments. You and your team are genius!

  3. kjcreed

    I really thought ep 110 costume looked familiar and wondered if the Lover’s Eye Pin was the same! Love the Gillis costumes they really enhance her character!

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