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I was planning on writing a long and rapturous ode to Scottish Spring today. But there is a saying here, about Scotland having four seasons…all in one day. So here, is my comment on Scottish Spring.

Today’s weather report. Video Two was taken 10 minutes after Video One. My continuing love affair with Scotland.

(sorry, I was holding the phone wrong way on the first one! To watch, be sure to click on IMG 2891)


20 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. dennasus

    Ok, that’s almost hard to believe, but I’ve been to Scotland myself before and even though I haven’t experienced snow, hail, slush etc (it was in the summer after all), I did experience a rapid change from heavy rain to bright sunshine.

  2. Jenny Jeffries

    We have a song here in New Zealand actually called ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ – Crowded House – but I think you get the icier blasts there in Scotland. I’m very much looking forward to a smooth transition over to Scotland in a month, figuring that our late Autumn is equivalent to a Scottish Spring. I might tuck in an extra jacket.

  3. Karin

    I love our weather here, it’s unpredictability keeps us on our toes and make life interesting, especially when camping! Sun, gale force winds and rain all in 5 minutes here.

  4. Anne H.

    Terry, That happened here in Vermont Yesterday! We do not have any flowers yet, though, still mud season!
    Thanks for all you do to give us a peek bts . Learning a lot, love it!

  5. ChristinePincince

    Oh your home looks so inviting and cozy. Did you get a quick vid of when your sweet doggie saw you again when you got home? I will be there in Glascow first week of July and I am packing a rain coat of course. I am so looking forward to enjoying the country you have made your home and with your so personal notes have so made so real for me . Thank you for that. Good luck this season and in the middle of the craziness be sure to remember to be most kind to yourself.

  6. annalapping

    I love your photos/videos and look forward to them. Alan and I are planning a trip to Scotland in September 2016, so I’ll be sure to pack for all 4 seasons. Thank you for sharing.

  7. nolakate

    be very happy for four seasons, even if in one day. I grew up in so California, moved to Miami florida, (brief sojourn in Maryland), 7 years in New Orleans, and now myrtle beach. ONE season all the time. a day or two of cold, 6 months of summer from warm to cooking eggs on the ground.

  8. Jamie Lynn Hunkins

    I love when the weather changes rapidly. It reminds me that there are many things in life I simply can’t control. It’s like a tap on the shoulder to get me to stop and appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. Your home in Scotland is gorgeous — a bucolic setting where your soul can breathe.

    Thank you for a glimpse of your “Spring” Sunday.

  9. Caleidh

    Ok, you win! I thought Texas was bad with the Blue Northers, but this beats us hands down. Your boy seems a bit confused by it ☺️ Looks like there may be another bath in his future!

  10. MaryCricket815

    Thanks for the glimpses into your life! So that is what Scotland is looking like right now. Here in the Rochester, NY area we have just lost the final bit of snow and have daffodils poking up. It’s still cold and very muddy though. Spring can’t get here fast enough – what a terrible winter! I love your blog, Terry. I also LOVE, love, love all of your work on the costumes. Not only is it a feast for the eyes but it is so important to the visual telling of the story. Thanks for making sure they put the parts in about how the characters are getting dressed. Fascinating! It’s been a long time since I was such a fangirl – but know that YOU have many fans out here!

  11. bwismer5

    Terry, you are so kind and generous to share this with all of us! You are such a blessing! So, not only thank you for your talent and extraordinary skills in Costume Design, but thank you for your talent for living!

  12. LisaW

    Wow!! I guess that is what Spring should be like. Except isn’t it, in like a lion out like a lamb, and I think in months, not minutes. πŸ™‚
    Your dog is so cute! What kind of doggie is he/she?

  13. Purl99

    I spent a few hours today in my yard…it was a really rough winter with quite a few days and nights well below the 0 mark. I had re-planted our front yard last summer and was very concerned that my plants didn’t make it through the harsh winter, however to my delight there is a bit of frost burn( easily clipped off) and I see the beginnings of tiny leaves on the trees and bushes along with green starting to sprout from the ground in the form of lavender and hosats (love hostas…actually I am obsessed with hostas). Spring is the time of renewal and growth.
    This picture is lovely and cannot wait for my yard to Spring!!!

  14. sanshaw2

    Such a beautiful yard. Love the rock walls, too. The daffodils have been gone, here in Northern California, for three weeks or so. The pretty blue sky and fluffy white clouds look the same, though. Enjoy!

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