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spoiler alert
Usu. a term to describe when crucial elements of a movie (or tv show) are about to be revealed (i.e. the ending, character deaths, a twist, etc.)
**Spoiler Alert!**

I would like to give everyone a heads up that I want to keep this a spoiler free site. So please be very careful, those of you who have read the books, not to tell those who may visit here, who have NOT read the books, what is going to happen. I will have to unnaprove the comment. Something I really hate to do, because there might be other interesting things in your post.
So if your post in the forums vanishes, you know why.
Please post again, but without spoilers.

Thanks so much,

7 thoughts on “Spoilers

  1. itsaprogression

    Spoilers don’t bother me, but with that said, thanks for your diligence in keeping your blog spoiler-free.

    I just finished MOBY and am enjoying watching my favorite series come to life. A friend mentioned the podcast commentaries, and I did a marathon watching yesterday evening of the first four episodes with commentaries. Love love love all the behind the scenes info. Last obsession like this that I had was with LOTR.

    The last commentary had some weird knocking sort of sounds through the first half of it that were very distracting. Was that something related to a not great download (I never got around to a new download to see if it went away) or do you know if others have commented on this?

    Kudos and thanks to you and Ron for an absolutely amazing telling of Diana Gabaldon’s stories!

    (On to the LJ stories… haven’t read a one!)

  2. Kate Martin

    Im intrigued by the mittens, wrist warmers and capelets popping up everywhere now in the episodes. Born of necessity Im sure, Ive even argued your point of view for you! Some ‘posters’ on Facebook query the correctness of the mittens etc., and Ive said they are a natural progression from shawls and gloves. Ladies wore lace mittens after all, in warmer,climes!

    I think your work and ideas are wonderful, stunning designs, congratulations.

  3. Rachel Blasdell (@MommaBlaze)

    Hi Terry,

    Just finished watching episode 5 after listening to the podcast you and Ron did for episode 2 (which I just figured out how to access and am loving.)

    I am seriously loving this adaptation. Fabulous job between the writing, the photography, the attention to detail, the music, and, of course, the costumes. Quite honestly, it’s been a tough year for me personally as I lost my best friend in life unexpectedly on New Year’s Day and a few months later I sat by a younger sister, who I had taken care of for two years through her battle with cancer, calling her time of death after taking care of her for two weeks in hospice. So I’m very grateful for this little escape every Saturday into a favorite book series every Saturday night.

    As I said, your costumes are incredible. I’m loving the details and as a weaver, love that you had so much fabric specifically made for this series. I’m also a self professed dish-aholic (as in even though I have cabinets full of china and crystal, I’m always sneaking more into the house, much to my husband’s dismay) and I fell in love with the Rhenish goblets on sight! Was totally thrilled to hear on the podcast for episode 2 that they are totally authentic to the period.

    So, thank you and Maril for convincing Ron to read the books and pursuing this project. Y’all (yeah, the Texas thing there) are doing a fabulous job as are the wonderful people who are playing the characters.

    And when y’all finish all of Diana’s books, I’ve got another series set in Scotland (more or less, mostly less actually) for y’all. Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicle’s series…but no rush guys. I can wait. 🙂

    For now: Thank you. Your hard work is definitely appreciated and I am thrilled that you are having such success with it.

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