Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

So anyway, let’s get on with why we are all here. Colum McKenzie!!


12 thoughts on “So anyway, let’s get on with why we are all here. Colum McKenzie!!

  1. thatsnotmyname (@ohhhtheagony)

    I love the overlay – is that a lace and a trim or a bordered lace?? Like I’m gonna find it locally! LOL Definitely looks antique, whether it is or not. Hang on, I’m gonna look you up because I can’t tell if you ARE the Costume Designer for the show or if you Design the same era! (I’ve been a Costume and Custom Evening/Bridal designer for almost 20 years, including a couple of Features, and the recent upswing in quality has caused me to consider pursuing television.) BRB.
    Anyway, it’s gorgeous – that was my point. 🙂

    1. terrydresbach

      We searched and searched for a trim that would work, but every thing felt just too French. I had bought a cotton trim made from unbleached cotton. It is the one you see. I gave it to my amazing aging and dyeing team, all serious artists, and asked them to see if they could make it look like “a forest floor in the sunlight”. We worked on it, ending up with a beautiful mottled moss green and leaf brown, just touched with gold.
      It is spectacular, and works beautifully with the moss colored tweed.
      It was very important to myself and to Gary, that his costume feel representative of Scotland, of the land.

      Working with Gary was quite special, and you knew it was right when he would say, “Och, Terry, it is magnificent!”

  2. thatsnotmyname (@ohhhtheagony)

    Oh – you did Carnivale!!! (Among many other things, of course) I knew your name looked familiar! Actually, it looks like you worked with my cousin, Danny Strong, on Buffy. That was a long time ago tho, he’s a bit – different – now. But I digress: You’re very flexible in your craft. I never would have guessed those films/tv shows had the same designer! I like to think I’m pretty flexible as well, but I always want to make the designs more complex! LOL! When I was younger, I’d spend my payment portion of the budget to be able to make what I wanted. But then I realized I wanted food too… 😉
    Best, Sarah Jenny ( http://www.SarahJennyDesigns.com )

  3. Katie Bonner (@bunnums)

    Question of pure curiosity – what is behind the decision to put Colum in breeches instead of a kilt? Would it help with warmth and his disease? In some ways, it seems like a kilt might be easier to wear? Maybe not, though. Purely a style choice? Sets the laird apart?


  4. Sandy Anderson Barnum

    …and a most superb one at that. Your knits are simply gorgeous; I would love to see you highlight them on your blog. There are so many “Outlander Inspired” Projects on Ravelry and Craftsy right now; I hope that you venture there to see how much your work is inspiring so many other people. Bravo.

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