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Season Two!


I am excited about Season Two, don’t get me wrong. It’s a costume designers dream to design 18th century Paris.
But it is HUGE. Seriously HUGE.
We are going to have to make about a thousand costumes for extras before we even start on Principal or Supporting Cast. In four months.
We will do it, and marshall all of our resources, hope that we can keep our crew, hope that we can pull off a miracle in a short amount of time, hope that nothing goes wrong.
Huge. Seriously.

40 thoughts on “Season Two!

  1. Avatarrosemaryhoffart

    Terry, I’m completely confidant in you and your team! I’m also delighted that you have this professional opportunity, I believe you’re the perfect person for this job! You have been a great inspiration for professional women and Outlander Fans…keep up the incredible job! Xoxoxo from Houston Texas!

  2. AvatarPat Rice Talma

    Terry, I wish I had a vote in the Emmys or any other award that’s handed out for costume design because you’d have mine for sure!!! Keep on keepin’ in, both you and Ron, because you are both doing a fantastic job with all of this ALONG with all of the actors and anyone else who has even a small part in bringing this to the fans!!!!

  3. Avatarbonnydoones

    Sounds exciting and simply AMAZING! Just finishing up Dragonfly in Amber (for the who’s counting how many times) i can only begin to imagine what you will have in store for the cast … thousands of extras….and all of us….wigs, gowns, fantasy…gold and gilt … oh my!

  4. Avatarconniedes

    It’s an amazing challenge and lots of pressure. I’m betting that you do wondrous things under pressure!! You’ll have lots of us cheering you on and in awe of the designs you create. Just wish I could do more to help!!

  5. Avatarthegirlinacafe

    Please say Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion 1660 – 1860. Please! Squee!!! Do you know the entire costume community is watching and fawning over your costumes? We are a group on the internet who plays dress up and sews from period patterns.

  6. AvatarBrenda Cunningham (@PunkiBrenda)

    It is going to be huge..first knowing somewhat of how you research you have started head designs if not onto paper (or napkins) now. That is a lot of people to cover and yet trust that you and your team can do it. Going to be with your family, a break somewhat w/holidays and all to deal with you need that down bit of time to hit refresh.You have surpassed everything in the designing arena thus far so know that we have full trust in you and your team. If you need help…you have your friends in twitterverse and beyond to bounce things off! You have been so much fun and a great person to be sharing what wee bit of time you do have Thanks for that.

  7. Avatarpogonip

    Wish you and all of your team the best. May the song of the frog be unheard in your workrooms. (For non-sewers, the frog song is “rippit, rippit.”) If I were 40 years younger, I’d offer my help, too. But I’m so glad the work is going to Scotswomen.

  8. Avatarmelissahasobservations

    Terry, I love your costumes and I know you will do an incredible job and I can’t wait to see the result some time next year. I can’t offer help though, because when it comes to sewing, I have NO talent. I could make refreshments though (I’m an excellent baker) and I can sweep the floor!!! 😉 Best of luck, Melissa

  9. Avatar⭐Pamela (@P_Umali)

    I know that season 1 is still on, but reading that you are already planning for season 2 is very exciting because DIA is my favorite book from the entire series. I love the highland clothes because they blend with the scenery–earthy tones and so forth. I can only imagine 18th century Paris. I imagine –having very little knowledge of that time period– a lot more color. Maybe w/lots of gold trim? Today, Paris is so fashion forward–is fair to say it was the same back then? I can’t wait read about the planning!

  10. AvatarConnie Sandlin (@Yr_Obt_Svt)

    Terry, if there is any way AT ALL that the fans can help you – no matter what it is – I hope you’ll reach out to us because we seriously want to support you in any way we can. Ship you peanut butter, send flowers, leave you alone, sweep the floors, do research, come to your house and wash the dishes, wait at the house for tradesmen while you have appointments elsewhere, pick up your kids and take them to appointments, WHATEVER YOU NEED, we will be here for you.

    So, aside from moral support, prayers, and best wishes, is there anything tangible or concrete we can do for you? Just ask.

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Oh, that is so incredibly kind, Connie. Wanna fly to Scotland, I have some deliveries that need signing for! LOL
      Listen, I am here away from my kids and my husband (half the time), and all my pets, and friends. Having the fans to talk to has been surprisingly supportive. I really do appreciate you guys!!!!
      Thank you so much.

      1. AvatarGraceBWell

        We appreciate you and thrilled for your journey (AND that we get to understand so much of it)! You must know and hopefully FEEL that there is a current flowing your way to help send you off into making your dreams come true. A HUGE task that most can’t comprehend. We will eat up every beautiful and pain staking detail. I KNOW it’s going to be awesome!

  11. Avatarislandchickny

    you & your amazingly talented team will rise to the challenge, and nail it brilliantly!!
    As Connie said, we will do what we can, just sound the alarm and we will rally the troops on our end! Waulking songs & buckets at the ready! (Or perhaps silk worms & boiling water?) either way – #TeamTerry #TerrysTroops

  12. Avatarmajorknitter

    I would totally knit, knit and knit some more for you. Not only am I an Obsessanach… but I’m a compulsive knitter too. Let me know. I’m all hands and needles at your beck and call.

    I can hardly wait to see the magic you come up with! It’s just wonderful.

    I am still head over heals in love with the wool waulking scene. I’m so thrilled it was added.

  13. AvatarKate Leahy

    I’ll come and sew for you! 😉 I love making period garments, though I don’t get much reason to in my everyday life. It would be a dream job. But since I’m sure I can’t get a place on your sewing team, I’ll be waiting anxiously to see the end result on screen. You do such an amazing job! I love the attention to detail, and it’s exciting to see what you’ve created.

  14. AvatarLynnLouise

    Happy New Year, Terry
    After reading your blogs, sewing on those 24,000 buttons, obtaining 1800 pairs of shoes, making thousands of costumes for season two, or any other duties required to complete your costume deadlines would be fantastic opportunity. I learned to knit and sew at a very early age from my talented grandmothers and have carried on the family tradition. My paternal grandmother owned a bridal salon where I worked at the age of thirteen, cleaning mirrors in dressing rooms, sorting threads, organizing laces and watching her create and design the most beautiful gowns. She and I designed my own wedding gown. My mother’s mother also sewed and my mother knitted. I believe I have been blessed by inheriting a smidgeon of their talents. It would be a great honor to have the opportunity to work with you; a dedicated, gifted leader in costume design, and your staff.

  15. Avatarvelosewer

    While the logistics are going to be massive, series two will be awesome to create and I’m looking forward to seeing what you and your team create.
    You’re all seriously talented.

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