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It is a lot of pictures, I know. But having the costumes you design, in the window of Saks Fifth Avenue is a once in a lifetime indulgence, and you will have to indulge me, as Ron did when he hired a photographer to take these.



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  1. MagsLang

    And…..as one who has had the privilege of seeing it in situ, I wonder if any other display has had the following that yours had. It was a highlight of my visit to NY. My flight arrived too late to see you there and enjoy YOUR most deserved moment on Saks fifth ave. These photos bring it fresh to mind xx

  2. Martina

    All of the work was worth it, it’s a beautiful display. The photo of the bust reduction operation on the mannequin is hysterical! Did Jon do the set designs for the Windows, or one of the Saks people? They complement the costumes perfectly.

  3. Laurina

    Thank you so much for keeping us intimately updated on the progress of Outlander costuming. I love the news and exquisite photo’s. As an undergraduate I worked in the costume department at Univ. of Tenn, Knoxville. I saw first hand how the actors became their characters once they donned their costumes. It was magical! Laurina

  4. melaniedresbachwarman

    Oh Lord, I wish I could get there to see these in person! I can only imagine the labor involved in moving and setting up these pieces, and arranging the exhibit, but I hope, they travel to more locations! Saks should sponsor the show and bring them to all of their stores, especially since I’m only a few miles from one……………………………………………….

    1. n4c4c4

      Wouldn’t that be awesome! How can we start demanding that. Who do we contact? My closest Saks is in Texas from New Mexico, but I’ll go. Maybe Terry can lead the way!

  5. jerseygirl52

    I was able to see the costumes at Saks when I went for the parade. It was such a gorgeous display Terry. To see them upclose was even more impressive than on the screen. Even my husband, who doesn’t usually notice such things, was amazed by the detail, especially the embroidery. I think it worked to have faceless maniquins because there was nothing to detract from the costumes themselves and it was easier to imagine them on the actors. Thank you so much for putting this display together. It was truly a highlight of my homecoming to NYC. You and you department do exceptional work in design and finished product. It shows on the screen when the actors move with such grace, confidence and power in portraying their characters.

  6. reallyruth

    Terry I am so happy every week to see the Outlander costumes. And as a New Yorker the Saks display made me very proud of my city and delighted for you. There are a lot of reasons to watch Outlander. Mine is the clothes. All the best to you.

  7. dlmerril

    OMG Terry- if someone hasn’t taken these photos and made you a photo book to peruse at your leisure they are not being supportive friends/colleagues! Your work is so amazingly detailed and perfect for this show! I am so happy Saks featured the dedication all of you have for this work!

  8. Roxx

    Hooray for the Dannijo Carrie earrings! I’m thrilled to see that Claire’s jewelry wasn’t forgotten in this exhibit. The attention to details is what really separates Outlander from the rest.

  9. Katiscotch22

    OMG you have every right to feel proud – indulge away. These costumes are fabulous. I wish I could be seen them in Saks. We have a Saks in Toronto now…any chance of them coming to the Great White North???

  10. Appalachia Gal

    Thank you! Amazing Breath taking artrisy.
    Although I do not send comments, please know how much I look forward to your messages, insights and photos.
    I love this era and marvel of detail.
    Most of my relatives that immigrated to the USA, came in the 1600 and 1700’s. from France, England and Germany . I cannot imagine the contrast of baroque then change to humble homespun colonial . Thank you and your costumes designers.
    Oh yes, the set designs are incredible as well.
    Look forward to your postings.

  11. M&M

    What a fantastic idea to hire a photographer to take pictures of the windows, they are just amazing. I love the wigs too. And you know me…….the first thing I noticed was your pup on the drawstring bag. I looked for it in the series but didn’t see. Love Paris!

  12. n4c4c4

    I sent an email to SAKS 5th Avenue Corporate Office telling them that this show should go on the road. I couldn’t get to NYC or LA. I’m in New Mexico. The closest SAKS is Dallas or Phoenix — which are more doable. Let’s all email them and says we want them to display them in all their SAKS!

    CONTACT SAKS CORPORATE OFFICE! Copy and paste the link below.


  13. n4c4c4

    Just got an answer from SAKS!. We should all email them and ask them to send these costumes on the road.

    Dear Nora,
    Thank you for contacting Saks.com and for sharing the details of your recent experience.
    I am glad to hear that your experience surpassed your expectations. I will share your feedback with the Store Leadership Team of the New York City store.
    Susanne McCarter
    Saks.com Associate


    Send in your email.

  14. Terry,

    Heartfelt congratulations on realizing a dream! It takes my breath away.

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