Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Saks..Pt. 2










Oh HELL, all the wigs are too small.



9 thoughts on “Saks..Pt. 2

  1. AvatarSophie Slim

    I love seeing this process! What a journey it is to create this magnificent art work.

    Yay Terry! I love your vision! Thanks for sharing it with us x

  2. JuliaTowersJuliaTowers

    I mean…talk about complex! The finished product was so worth it though, right? Love the sushi. The hair is as much a masterpiece add any other part.

  3. robinhoodrobinhood

    There is probably an answer to my question already somewhere out there. But will you ever auction or sell Outlander costumes, props etc? I have been so inspired now that I look in op shops here in Tasmania for items I can turn into horse riding capes, winter scottish coats and the like.
    Soooo wish we could just walk about in outlander style clothing and not be judged 🙂
    I love your posts Terry and I wait for them eagerly as a ‘new at sewing’ student.

  4. Suzanne ForbesSuzanne Forbes

    Congratulations on the Saks exhibit and the incredible achievement that is your work on Outlander. I’m a new reader of your blog and so delighted to see the behind the scenes, grueling creative labor, inspiration and personal moments you share.

  5. AvatarRoxx

    It’s nice to finally see those crystal tear drop earrings up close. Erickson Beamon, eh? It would appear that we have similar (impeccable) taste in jewelry.

    The jewelry this season has been stunning. Whenever I see I’m always filled with questions.

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