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Saks…Moving Day



Slide show below, just click on the image for a bigger size.









8 thoughts on “Saks…Moving Day

  1. sara elizabeth

    I’ve never seen the Saks window displays….probably never will but I love seeing the images of them! They’d do well at Liberty or Selfridges I’m certain!!!!!


  2. Nancy72Miller

    The costumes for S2 are so spectacular as were the ones for S1. I just love them all, but my favorite this season is Claire’s brown floral one. Please tell us that the costumes from S1 and S2 will someday be on display in museums around the country like the Downton Abbey ones have been. Some of us live in fairly large metropolitan areas, but not near NYC or LA and would love to see your work, nevertheless. I’ve become a huge fan and want you to receive the recognition you so richly deserve.

  3. martasullivan2014

    It is interesting that there are no gawkers outside, while it is being put together. I probably would have stopped and then been late to work, or whatever brought me ito the front of the store.

  4. cfinklein

    What a thrill! I too have never been to this location or probably anywhere these gowns and costumes would be displayed but vicariously I could enjoy! Hats off to the creators as well as the displayers! Oh my!!!!! We aren’t in Scotland/Paris anymore!!!!! But we can dream!!!!! 😉 Chris F

  5. jeancard

    Thank you so much for this glimpse into the setting up of those wonderful windows. I love seeing the earring up close they are all so stunning.

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