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14 thoughts on “Rupert

    1. Lynn Mittmann (@LynnMittmann)

      I was wondering how – if not his kilt, didn’t think of that 😉 – he would wear his sword (and dirk). I seem to remember the scene from the book where Jamie takes off his belt – we know what’s gonna happen next . . – and ‘pulled the strap from the scabbard’. Since they were running from the English it would have not been sensible to just hang it from the saddle, would you think?

  1. Betty Breier

    I love all the costumes on the show. The attention to detail is wonderful. I really want to see a close-up view of the gray (crocheted?) cowl Claire was wearing in episode three. Better yet, if it is crocheted, I want the pattern! It is gorgeous!

  2. Lynn Mittmann (@LynnMittmann)

    I was astonished how becoming the costume is for a man of his stature . . it looks REALLY good on him and he’s such a jolly bloke, ihe’s even more fun than in the book . . and much better looking – great authentic rendering of his costume . . I can’t wait for the next episodes . .

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