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Ron on the second half…he is so fabulous.


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11 thoughts on “Ron on the second half…he is so fabulous.

  1. woolfarmgal

    Love the display of costumes behind. And he is right…the clothes do look lived in …added to the feeling for this veiwer of being transported back in time. I especially love all the wool…from the woven tartan to the knitted shawl. I raise Shetland sheep…..that breed being one that would have been used for garments….with all of the natural colors…..so very fun for me watching .

  2. Purl99

    My husband and I have been married 34 years, we have worked together pretty much that whole time, not only in marriage with home and kids but in business too, its not easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.
    I love the fact that such creative and dedicated people have brought these books to life and so happy your husband talked you into being part of this! The costumes are beautiful Terry. I am so looking forward to next season to see what you come up with.

  3. joanapolis

    When i was there in NYC at the premier, being able to be in the same room, let alone so close to the costumes, was one of the most amazing parts of the event for me. The costumes are stars in their own right as all of us reading your blog would agree! Being able to really see the textures and colors close up was priceless. While there is only so much room on the stage, there is definitely a chair needed for you on these panels! I know you are too too busy, but something like the show “The Writers Room”…but instead the Costume Room would make for an excellent documentary! Clearly all you need is your cell phone to create it, your videos are great.

  4. LynnLouise

    He is fabulous, and I think the interview was filmed to showcase your talents as well. What a couple you both make; so talented, thoughtful and passionate. Thank you for all these new entries, greatly appreciated. Enjoy the beautiful Spring Day. Blessings.

  5. kkilgrow

    Terry, thank you for Ron’s clip. As I have so enjoyed the books, it did my heart good to hear that he tries to “preserve the spirit of the book”. The first half of season was terrific. Unlike the other episodes, I had to watch episodes 110 three times to warm up to the “Pricking of my Thumbs.” As always, I appreciate your time to show us the details of your wonderful costumes. You are truly one of a kind.

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