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I was just suggesting to Ron that I start doing a Costume Podcast. I am thinking that I will read through comments and questions here, and then answer them via podcast. Would you guys be interested? I would go back to Episode One and start from the beginning. Then Ron can do podcasts with the writers, Maril, maybe actors, who knows?

It’s an idea. Maybe everyone can watch the upcoming episode, post onto the forum, things for discussion, and we can work our way through the first half of the series. It also allows me to go more in depth about the Costume process, working with our actors, our crew, much more in depth.

What do you think?

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  1. Katie (@bunnums)Katie (@bunnums)

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! πŸ™‚

    If/when you feel you have the time and energy for it. You have legions of fans who will devour anything you have to give.


    1. julieisjulieis

      Perhaps a seperate topic for each episode, and deadline for comments so it doesn’t make you feel like you are herding cats collecting our feedback to answer.

      1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

        I think it will be hard to make specific topics. But I might have to cut off after the first 25 posts. Or ask for 3 one line questions. That way I can scan and pick out recurring themes. It won’t only about answering questions, but for sharing things you guys may not even know to ask.

        1. AvatarGraceBWell

          Such a fantastic idea. There’s definitely a lot that you could share that we wouldn’t know to ask. I’d imagine it to be more manageable with doable perimeters. It would be like your classroom πŸ˜‰ What an exciting idea and way to enrich so many people’s understanding of your work. It’s almost like you need a documentary crew working along with you guys!

        2. Avatarbeth miller

          Yes please do this. One podcast topic Id like to have is Ron telling more about his collaboration with Creative Scotland/ the efforts he has made in helping Scotland get their first Film studio at Cumbernauld ( after wanting one since 1944) / more about his Showrunner Project. I hope I can view the Showrunner Movie on utube on 10/31 as been advertized.

  2. AvatarGraceBWell

    Would LOVE it!! Going back to the beginning and working your way through the Episodes on the more in depth Costume process (yes please!), working with crew and actors, working with the Scottish landscape/elements, resourcing would be amazing. Will the be a post started on forum for questions for Podcast? Do you want questions directed towards a specific episode or anything? What a cool, fun and generous thing to offer!!

  3. Avatarewyna34

    Yes please. I have always been fascinated with all the work that goes into a production. From scripts, set dressing, weapons, costume choices and whys for specific things. This is such a thorough and thoughtful production! Thank you all for the hard work and careful thoughts that make this series outstanding and pure joy to watch.

  4. AvatarKristi

    What a brilliant idea! If love to know more about all aspects of the costumes from historical aspects to materials and sourcing to even logistics! Endlessly fascinating!

    Thank you so much for considering it! I love Ron’s commentary but want to hear more from you!!!

  5. awabbitawabbit

    If this is not too much flail for you and the rest of the production crew.
    The amount of information all your followers will then possess will be most illuminating–AND– a priceless record of the entire show.
    How fortunate we will be!
    Anne in NoHo

  6. AvatarElaine

    Oh, yes! Please do! This will help the hiatus fly by! ( I would still like to hear one with you and Ron together once in awhile, though. Enjoy your witty banter very much).

  7. Avatargzkremer

    Yes! Yes! Wonderful idea. Love re-watching episodes with a eye to different choices/details each time – costuming, storyline, scene sequence etc. The insights both you and Ron share are terrific and add so many layers to the experience, but would be really useful to be able to peel the onion, so to speak, of each episode one layer at a time. Thank you!

  8. Avatarkab1743

    Fantastic idea! The behind the scenes costume information you share with us is priceless. Your costumes give such dimension to these characters, and we would love to hear more about all of the aspects that go into creating them:)

  9. Avatardksaga


    While I have loved your podcasts with Ron, it would be great to get more detail from writers, etc., too. I’d love to hear more of the process in the writers’ room, etc. And it feels like that would be a great fit with him, fleshing out what goes into the storyline. And it would be great for you to have your own hour to really bring out what we’re seeing. And maybe you could sometimes share your podcast with more of the visual designers of the series, too, you know? Like the set designers and the like.

  10. AvatarSarah K

    Yes, yes, yes, plea, please, please! You, Ron and the rest of the crew (and the show stars too!) will make all of the fans verra happy by doing podcasts with more tidbits about the show!

  11. AvatarAurra88

    I think it is an awesome idea! Being able to ask specific costume questions will be very helpful, especially once convention season gets into full swing (though the costumes so far might be a *little* too warm for San Diego).

  12. Avatarlynnelass

    Love the idea! Perhaps costuming, weaponry and set design could be expanded. Separating them from the acting aspect will give it more room to breathe- Although how you have time for all of this …You post we will come!

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      I can only speak to costumes. I am the only one with a blog or any way of talking to you guys, at this point. So it is only costumes for now.

      1. AvatarGraceBWell

        Makes sense and it would be so lovely to hear your costuming/designing process. If this was at all feasible it would be incredible. And like you said, Ron can do other Podcasts with other segments – writers, set design, actors, language, the physical elements & history. (oh Joy! more to do!). I was just checking out Bear McCreary’s blog and I do SO hope that he can do something similar around documenting the music process for Outlander like he did for Black Sails. I found it so fascinating how different instruments were tied to the Scottish history and lore. Just like everything else, the show’s authenticity is really amazing and the wee glimpses we’ve gotten the enthusiasm and passion everyone seems very special. The acting is incredible all the way around but I can definitely see how so much more can be accomplished through all the other artistry involved & want to know more. The different elements (like your amazing customs) really take you to a time and place that couldn’t happen otherwise in this story telling form.

  13. AvatarLadyLally

    I love this idea! It’s always fun and interesting to get a behind the scenes look and in-depth descriptions of costumes for this show. And it would be awesome if the writers joined us!

  14. sanshaw2sanshaw2

    I would really enjoy hearing every detail. I, especially, love the thought process behind your creations. The crackling fire, dog barking and ice clinking added to the atmosphere, too. Put us right in Scotland with you. πŸ˜‰

  15. Line ChampagneLine Champagne

    That would be fabulous ! my first degree was in fashion design and I had aways dreamed to work in the theater, you are living my dream and going over the process and each episodes would be fantastic !

  16. Avatarkarmic380

    I’ve just discovered podcasts (through Outlander). I mean, I knew what they were, I’d just never really gotten into them. Now I cannot get enough. I play them in my car (thank you iPhone and bluetooth connection) on the way to work and find myself laughing along and talking out loud like it’s a conversation. So I LOVE this idea.

  17. Avatarthebabicsclan

    Can I post more than 1 comment? That’s how much I love this idea. Please do this!!!!! It would be sooooo neat to understand all the decisions behind the details.

  18. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

    Yes, please. I’d be interested in a more indepth look at costumes in each episode and especially in how the actors adjusted to them and felt wearing them, etc etc.

  19. Avatarjen001

    Oh, yes please!. But how will you find the time?

    I’ve loved all the costume details in the series – Claire’s headscarf and wellies at Culloden reminded me of my mum in the fifties and that blacksmith’s shirt in episode 7 looked as if it hadn’t been washed for months – very realistic πŸ™‚

    Also love the episode podcasts you and Ron have done so far. Thank you!

  20. Avatardclark

    Yes Please! I really love all you have shared and would love to Hear, See, and to bad we couldn’t feel the textures and experience the senses that come along with your craft. Maybe with you delving in more it will bring it all closer.

  21. Avatarkimberli

    Brilliant idea!! Loved the Outlander Official podcast. The episodes with you and Ron were great. So enhanced my appreciation of the show.

    Plus this gives us reasons to rewatch series while counting down to Apr. πŸ™‚

  22. Avatarmelbarks

    Yes please! I have enjoyed your photos and comments very much and I admire all the hard work you, your crew, the actors, your husband, EVERYONE involved with bringing Outlander to life. Keep up the great work!

  23. Avatarpachigil

    Yes please! We have 6 months.. I would live more outlander to fill that time!!
    I listened to all the others w/ Ron & you.. Please no fires while pod’n it makes it very hard to listen πŸ˜‰
    Love the dog & cat contributions tho..
    My question would be more about the history of kilts.. Could you talk about that & will we see putting them on in the show?
    Also maybe a little history in your love of design & sewing? I’m a beginner sewer & just love it..
    Thank you for you art and insight..
    Ps… That wedding dress ahhhhhh so beautiful!

  24. Avatarsireesanwar

    My honest opinion is that if you post it on iTunes, we will come! I’ve always been fascinated with the wonderful period costumes on television and in movies and I would be more than willing to listen to one that focuses on the books (and now television show) I love so much.

    I hope this happens because now I’m looking forward to it.

  25. Avatarhotscot

    I love everything about Outlander from the gorgeous costumes to the music (I’m a bagpiper), the gaelic language (my family is from Islay & we are native gaelic speakers), the set designs, and the locales (not to mention the truly wonderful actors). Your idea is fantastic & I would very much enjoy hearing about your thought processes that go into the costume design. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated and all the work that goes into making such a wonderful theatrical experience is obvious and adds to the overall enjoyment of watching each episode unfold. MΓ³ran taing !

  26. Avatarellenchristine

    Graduate class isn’t far behind!!! Lectures, seminars, Podcasts and any of the above that you have time for. A tour or the costumes, Season 1, once it’s over. Books, oh, the endless joy of possibilities. Yes, please, to the podcasts. No need to answer our questions directly, as you would probably hit upon them as you went through. “AS YOU WISH”, and we will be there. See, it’s not all about OFA!!!

  27. Avatarpraver

    Excellent idea, Terry. I found your comments on Ron’s podcast to add a great deal to my appreciation of what goes into making this wonderful series come alive for the viewer. I’m interested, not only in the costuming, but also in the accessorizing. Those little details add so much to the character!

  28. boisebooksboisebooks

    Brilliant idea – if you have time. Amazing to hear your behind-the-designs, ins and outs of “aging” fabrics and pieces, leathergoods, how you have to manufacture many things in quantity – and to a tight timeline, on and on! It would be an honor to follow you on this journey. I’ve loved the podcasts you have done with your dear husband…but I sometimes found myself thinking, “No! let her talk!” and vice versa. Incredible to come at the episodes from another vantage point. Fascinating.
    Thank you.

  29. AvatarDgarr

    Yes! Let me just add a big Thank You for all of the wonderful you and Ron have provided to the fans. We all know how hard you guys work and you always go above and beyond for the “Outlander” community. I look forward to hearing the podcast. πŸ™‚

  30. Avatardianeygirl

    I loved the podcast you and Ron did for Episode #107. The banter between the two of you was priceless as well as hearing your different perspectives regarding preproduction and the finished product. I felt like I was in the room listening to the two of you, the informality and the intimacy of sharing your ideas and the where’s, how to’s, why’s and what happened’s in the making of the climatic wedding scenes was very gratifying for me, the viewer. I love that it’s a passion for you both and that you care deeply about more than just the bottom line in this production, quite refreshing to see in fact. It would be great to also see an extended play video of each episode’s behind the scenes in regards to costuming, extras, actors, scenery, logistics, crew, even if it’s filmed with a simple low tech hand held camera.

    I also have a request, can you post a pic of the embroidered dog bone on the wedding dress? πŸ™‚

  31. AvatarMary Lou

    I love this idea, Terry! I’ve loved every costume…including those of the extras…from the very first episode. You, Ron and your crew have made Outlander world so real, I can almost smell the damp wool, feel the softness of the fabric and hear the swish of skirts. Learning more about your creations would be a wonderful gift!

  32. Avatarlstba

    I love this idea! It would continue to generate interest for both the series and your work. You can’t know how much we wonder about stuff like this. I think you could write your own book on the adventure of creating this world for the series. Be sure to let us all know if you decide to do it. Your image of a microphone reminds me of a thrifting friend I met online who lives in Astoria, Washington. He has an amazing collection of microphones from many eras. Actually his whole house is filled with collections of things from many eras. I imagine he would be a dream for consultants like yourself to borrow from.

  33. Avatarjelliott04

    I really like this idea because I like what you both have to say but I think it is too much for one podcast. Sometimes you’d be talking about the costume and Ron would be talking about the scene and I felt like I could have listened to more of each.

    Thank you both for the time you put into the show but especially the fans. πŸ™‚

  34. Avatar

    Oh, heck yes. You had me with “mica”……

  35. AvatarMissvickie

    That would be lovely. I love listening to the podcasts you do with Ron, and I think you two “play” together well. But having one just for you to do, where you bring our attention to things maybe we wouldn’t notice, would be delightful.

  36. Avatarjuliet3911

    Hi … I don’t know how a podcast works and all but would like to listen. I search most of outlander things on the kindle and most videos work so this all sounds good. I watch the episodes over and over again on it also. This probably isn’t the right forum for this.. but I saw some say on some other sites that Claire should have bought the vase because it really wouldn’t matter..but I believe it all matters..like when she and Frank were running towards the stones to each other..she hesitated and glanced at her cape on the ground..that mattered.. another second and she could have been back in Frank”s time.. I know..I know..there wouldn’t have more of of story like the books…but the little things..it all matters..the place..the time..the people… I like the way diana wrote about how her parents got together..it remains me of Jamie”s parents got together and how ron put in the show how th Sun got brighter when Jamie saw Claire the first time before the wedding..reminded me of the story you told about how you and he First got together…so many good things in the books..the shows and all your own back stories.. Ok..I”m stopping..tags typing with one finger and autoworkers pretty much is &$_():;”!#- but must say thank you Terri.. Ron and Diana for the time you spend on all of this..it is much appreciated.. looking forward to book 9 and April shows. Excuse the typos.. have good- good times! P. S. I mean auto-correct not autoworkers. Lol next time I.’ll try using the real computer..but by God I like the kindle (i say only one paragraph and 30 + minutes later)! Take care!

  37. Avatarjuliet3911

    Hi Terri or Moderator..Please feel Free to correct typos or add lost word… update other words. Tags= this. You and he first = you and Ron first. Etc. Thank you

  38. AvatarHollykins68

    Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top!! I loved when you joined Ron for the “Outlander” podcasts and discussing the costumes in depth would be fascinating!

  39. Avatarandeesings

    Oh, man, Terry!!! You’re going to give me LOADS more transcribing work, huh? πŸ˜‰ It’s cool, I need to keep busy until April!!! And in case what you don’t know what I’m talking about (and why would you??) I’m transcribing all of the official Outlander podcasts for the deaf/hard of hearing/more visual fans!! My favorite part is the banter between you and Ron (and my second favorite part is that I spend so much time listening to you guys I hear your voices whenever I read your stuff)! Take a peek: http://andeesings.wordpress.com

    If you did an addition podcast, I’d be happy to transcribe that as well!

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