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Padded White Cell


I want to live in a padded white cell. I am thinking of making white quilted wall hangings for the bedroom. There is no more room left in my brain for color or texture. Maybe a white quilted jacket with intricate lacings to wear while in the cell. Sounds heavenly.

So, I am on a search for that cell. I have  a two week window before the holidays shriek in and shred the lovely walls and throw tinsel and paper all over the place.  I am looking everywhere between here and California.

The hard part is that Ron leaves here the week before I do, and I cannot ask him to fly backwards.

Europe is littered with places that ft the bill.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 10.01.48 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.43.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.44.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.44.07 PM

27 thoughts on “Padded White Cell

  1. AvatarPaula Arcioni

    The photos are intriguing–seems to be various rooms in an older stone house? Surrounding landscape seems remarkable too! Even your approach to decompression is astoundingly creative. Best white well wishes. You deserve it for all that you’ve educated, inspired and entertained all of us.

  2. Avataroutlanderbooklover

    All those places look lovely.

    Might I suggest Sweden for a week. Specifically Södermalm (a district of Stockholm). It’s certainly not all white there – the buildings are a glorious array of colours. It’s just that it’s peaceful and quiet and different. And they have lovely hotels that I’m sure could fit the all white theme bill for you.

    I wish you peace and rest before your life kicks into high gear again.

  3. Avatar⭐Pamela (@P_Umali)

    That place looks very calming and I can seeing you wanting some down time. Would love to stay someplace like the photos you posted and just sit, drink coffee and do some amazon shopping lol! Why are you in search for a place? Aren’t you still going to be in Scotland?

  4. AvatarMolly Spradley

    Boy do I totally GET this post. I love and crave colour and texture all around but sometimes it all becomes too much and all that is needed is a white-out of calmness. (And lots of mirrors to simulate light without having actually bright rooms.) Then the colour chaos can begin again. Hoping you find or can create your white space and let it recharge your energy.

  5. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    Totally get what you mean. You must dream of plaid and wool. You need one of those flashy things from Men in Black to at least temporarily give your brain a break. Surely Airbnb has some places like this in France – I know I’ve seen some on there. Good luck!!

  6. Avatarrosemaryhoffart

    Sounds creative, do it! Aside from that, I find my white space through prayer, pondering, mediation, yoga, and sometimes through travel, waking down a long lonely road, flying high and mediating with the clouds, boating and focus on the water… Then, I always return to fabulous color! Enjoy your semi-free time away and good luck with your recharge plan.

      1. Avataramorley552014

        Why did I think Jasper was yours? Love the name Faegan for a dog! What kind of dogs are Faegan and Cuilean? And how do you say Cuilean? You all have quite the menagerie happening in California! I suppose you could do white in the bedroom if you were very, very brave!

  7. AvatarCarol (@CJ_in_NJ)

    I think I know how you feel! After I finished my MA I felt completely over-stimulated, and my MA project was nowhere near the scale of what you’ve done. I hope you find the perfect place and are able to relax and recharge in the way that’s best for you! I can help organize a list of all-white foods and recipes, too, if you want to be completely void of color! This would probably hinge mostly on whether you like potatoes, mozzarella and cauliflower…

  8. AvatarBelvane

    Padded… white… cell. Does work stress really drive you that mad by this stage? Much empathy.

    Also – cheers for the more personal posts lately, I’ve been enjoying them very much. Thanks for that; it’s what makes the difference between something plain beautiful to something human and warm that’s enticing to connect with while you read. So thanks.

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