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Outlander Halloween Costumes?


Anyone out there going as something Outlander? Let’s get your pictures up here!


36 thoughts on “Outlander Halloween Costumes?

      1. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

        I think it’s very authentic then. THEY would have worn theirs to holes. Mine too. It started life as a Steampunk outfit, but I’ve adjusted and painted it since. If we had a decent Halloween over here, I’d be able to wear it all day to good effect. I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s contributions on this page.

        1. Avatargayle1154

          Hi Jenny
          You’re right fabric was INCREDIBLY valuable, material would have been cut & restyled multiple times, as well as overdyed. Even New garments were actually “pieced” in order to conserve fabric. 18th century dress makers would not begin to waste the amount of fabric we do when designing a garment.

          1. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

            And they did not the benefit of an overlocker and machine back then. Imagine how many times you’d need to sit and resew seams. Night time activity by the fire, no doubt.

  1. Avatartkls2myhrt

    Every year our friends have a neighborhood wide themed costume party for Halloween. Last year we surprised the hostess and dressed like her ( there were six of us). It was a big hit! This year the theme is Carnival and we are going fortune tellers/ Gypsy’s from Outlander.

    1. Avatartkls2myhrt


      First of all, I love your blog! It cost much more than $30, though; surely your time into the massive project was the “priceless” part! What a beautiful result!

      Secondly, I love your name. I’m born and raised in Minnesota. We love and claim Laura Ingalls Wilder as our own (and do other states).

    2. AvatarSarah K

      Hi Laura, I read your blog too and love it! I remember seeing your fabuluous 18th century costumes from last year. Didn’t know you were an Outlander fan though! Congrats on the move and new house!

  2. sugarfox7sugarfox7

    I made little Outlander costumes for my boys who are 3 and 2 1/2… but I don’t know how to upload the photos. 🙁
    I just want to say thanks Terry, for giving mes ome inspiration to try something new. I’m not experienced at all when it comes to sewing.

  3. Avatargrahamlass

    What fun to see how each of you was inspired by ‘Outlander.’

    I don’t know how to attach a photo to this reply, so I submit:
    It should direct you to a photograph of the 1703 painting ‘La Belle Strasbourgeoise”. This portrait is of a charming, and still unknown, woman wearing a hat very similar to the one in the illustration at the beginning of this topic. The other elements of her ensemble are sublime: fichu with 6″ lace border; (not Scotch) pearl necklace; embroidered gold corset with pink lacing; ruched? coat? sleeves; lace trimmed sleeves; kid? gloves; at the bottom right of coat? a glimpse red . . . and her little dog too. All that, and my eye won’t leave the hat!

    Is there anyone who notices other details?
    – – –

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