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Outlander Costumes



Figured I would post them here, and answer any questions anyone has. Working on building a costume design website, so stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Outlander Costumes

  1. EllenSpins

    I really am in awe. You have created costumes that are perfect for the books I’ve enjoyed for so many years. I really can’t wait to see the show. I want to see how they move and live in these clothes.

  2. Nancy Jewell

    I am interested in knowing if you still have need for craftspeople to work on costumes. I have sewn all my life, having my own custom home furnishings workroom for years. I also spin wool, knit and crochet. In college, I worked on costumes for the Theatre Department. I would love to get back into that work. Any openings?

  3. Mary Melendez Atkins

    Terry I admire your artistry greatly. I was wondering about the grey bonnet that Dougal MacKenzie wears. It appears larger than the typical modern tam one often sees. Is it what is referred to as a Highland Broad Bonnet? I would actually like to find one for my husband, in as much as he is a hunter and it appears warm. Any idea where I can purchase one or even a pattern to make one?

  4. Barb Nemec

    The costumes are all wonderful! I recently obtained a weathered family tartan (woven in Scotland) and would like to sew a costume much like Claire’s with the brown jacket (pictured above), stomacher, shift, petticoat, bum roll, and tartan skirt. I understand she has a handful of skirts and jackets to “mix and match.” Can you recommend a sewing pattern company or will you create patterns or offer sewing tips? I love them all!
    Thank you, Barb

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