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So many have been asking for pictures of different parts of our house. It is hard to believe, given that we are doing Outlander, that the house actually has a Priests Hole.

Here is some info on what exactly a Priests Hole is:
“These hiding places were created to conceal priests during a time when Catholics were persecuted. Under Queen Elizabeth I, priests were often imprisoned, tortured and even killed. Priest holes were specially disguised within a house to baffle search-parties.”


Anyway, this is the one in our Lallybroch.





We don’t have any priests to hide, and though we both have a lot of catholicism in our pasts, there isn’t much need for the Priest Hole these days. That said, both children have been showed the “wee room”, and should anyone step too far out of line… 😉

11 thoughts on “Our Lallybroch

      1. saraelizabethsaraelizabeth

        I must admit that was one of my favourite parts about living in the UK versus the USA. In Europe something can be “only” 700 years old and it’s a baby in time. In the states…700 is ancient! I love(d) being where the history “came from” (so to speak). Not to mention I am endlessly fascinated by your house and kicking myself that for 10 years I lived in London and never made it to Scotland. It shall be my first port of call when I return!

  1. AvatarLizzie

    So interesting… Really getting more a sense of danger & violence. Were priests tortured, killed? Who’d go after them? This is deviating from the topic, but I think of ghosts when I think of old Scottish buildings (3 Stooges or maybe some old Abbot & Costello, don’t know where). Have you experienced anything along those lines anywhere there? I love your blog posts. Learning a lot about Scotland & your art. Must be fun living w Ron. Congrats on the recent NY Times article.

  2. Avatarwoolfarmgal

    These priest holes brings into perspective the real history. Seeing them helps us get a clearer picture of what the times were like that created the need for these. Religious persecution was real and one of the facts that brought about the beginning of our country.

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