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Outlander Costume Designer

Once upon a time, on another planet, a million years ago…


…Gary and I made a lookbook to help Ron sell the show.  With images and sketches, we told the story of Outlander, chapter by chapter. One of the Chapters was The Wedding.

These are some of the images.

Chapter-The Wedding







And there was a sketch. Thought you might enjoy!

9 - Claire Wedding_edited-1




45 thoughts on “Once upon a time, on another planet, a million years ago…

  1. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    I’m sure we would all kill to see that lookbook! It would be wonderful if the whole shebang could go on tour like the Titanic exhibit. We can dream…..After what Graham has said about the wedding dress, I can’t hardly stand the wait!! It will be a toss up of do we want to see the dress or do we want to see them naked. hahaha! I’m only kidding (although many are NOT). And then the little trailer they let out today with Murtagh and Jamie. Gah. What a pile of mush they’re making us, but making up for it well after the last episode ;)!!!

  2. Avatardebbiedake

    I saw an interview where Graham said lots of ladies will be wanting Claire’s wedding dress. I’m sure he’s right. I already want most of Claire’s wardrobe. Or the 21st century version of it. I wonder if neck bands will come back in style?

  3. AvatarSusan Jackson

    You must have so much fun designing a dress for their wedding. I know it’s also a lot of work, but what a creative outlet. Trying not to let my jealousy show. I have loved all your designs, even the extras, so much. A big round of applause to you and your department.

  4. AvatarBelvane

    Did that book provide the intended purpose, do you think? Did it sell the show? And also, this might sound odd but… may we know who is Gary?

    (Insert fawning over that sketch here, but everyone’s done it for me already).

  5. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    Even though it’s not the dress, it’s freaking stunning. Would love to have been a fly on the wall when Ron was pitching the show, and showing them your lookbook. Do you think you’d ever be able to show it to the fans in the future? Can’t wait to see the actual dress, and then to read about it on your blog. Geez, how long until Saturday?

  6. AvatarMolly Spradley

    Beautiful post, Terry! May I present an idea to tuck away? Your drawings, these blog posts about the costuming process and photos of swatches of the actual fabrics and extant inspiration pieces would make a stunningly beautiful coffee-table book. I for one would love to own it as a piece of my own Outlander memorabilia collection. Of course you are far too busy right now but would you consider the idea? In the meantime, keep your energy and your spirits up and enjoy each delicious and exhausting minute of this journey. Thank you for all the beauty.

    PS–tell Starz they need to have a contest for a chance to come work for YOU instead of the walk-on role.

  7. AvatarJeannie

    Stunning… if I’m ever lucky enough to find my “Jamie”… I would pray to have a dress half as beautiful (or maybe a Terry Dresbach original or copy… I’m not greedy) 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing your vision and artistry with us.

  8. Avatarctslafka

    So excited for Saturday. As usual, in awe of the thought going into every detail. Rewatched 106 with my viewing group tonight. We have been watching around kids’ sports schedules, husbands’ travel, etc., which has pushed our group view to Sundays and Mondays. For this week, though, we will be there live, Saturday at 9. Looking forward to it!

  9. Avataramorley552014

    How is Culien? I do think I am missing something there. Your killer cats were so funny in the podcast with Ron!!! They kept cracking me up. Lots of thudding around in the background!!! At any rate you do make the most beautiful drawings. Perhaps Claire can use that dress in Paris? I do think the coffee table book has merit. We would buy it. Maybe you could convince them to put more colorful Tshirts and some knitted bits in the OUTLANDER store. Very white in there, although they added plaid-ish pillows and a tote. I know you do not run it. But you should have clout, no? I would hope so! Vacation soon?

  10. Avatarespeciallyforewe

    There are so many Outlander fans in a state of agony waiting for the Wedding that we have seen in our heads for so long. This dress design is beautiful and so fitting with the time period. Whatever it looks like I am sure that it will be recreated over and over in years to come. Those of us that knit or crochet have been copying a lot of Claire’s pieces for person use and for sale. The effects of Outlander keeps reaching out further and further. Starzs would not seem to have any sense if they decide not to continue picking up this show. Our voices as viewers are being heard!

  11. AvatarKathleen Berman (@rainbowbuddah)

    What a pretty look book! I love seeing your process!
    I love the idea of your doing a big book in a few years to include your sketches.
    Now, do I remember that Claire’s dress was borrowed and too big? So, I hope it is not too fancy or in perfect shape. Wasn’t Jamie’s shirt borrowed also?
    In my family traditional wedding dresses are thought to be bad luck. I was married in a teal and rose (little bit) plaid dress long ago. Whatever the dress one wears for one’s wedding it is beautiful and very special.

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Thank you!
      The show is not exactly the same as the book in every detail. Claire is not wearing a flowered dress wen she comes through the stones, Mrs. Fitz does not dress her in a yellow dress. Cait does not have whiskey colored eyes. Sam is 6’3″, not 6’4″. Dougal is bald, Geillis has red hair, we have changed the tartan, etc. etc.
      We have made lots of creative changes to the look of the show.

      That said, we have endeavored to make a very beautiful and special wedding. I truly hope you will like it.

  12. AvatarRachel Blasdell (@MommaBlaze)

    I love the ‘lovers eye’ jewelry. Have started drawing again after many years of just doing design using computer programs and all of these lovers eye pieces have given me the idea of doing a tiny self portrait piece for my redone sitting room of just an eye.

    And I still want one of the Rhenish goblets…

  13. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    OHMYSTARS!!! Three photos of the wedding night have been leaked out by People. Soz to all of you who can’t view it yet!!! The dress is just breathtaking – diaphanous and dainty and to die for. That’s all I will say for now, since it’s not ‘official’!! I’m sooooo glad this is one thing from the book that you changed, Terry. This is def not a whore’s second hand dress!!!! And not white (we all know white wedding dresses weren’t de rigeur yet, but not everyone does) – thank you!

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