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Ned Gowan


Oh how much did I LOVE this costume!!!!!!!!

Ned Gowan is one of my favorite characters in the book, and this costume was so much fun to do! Bill Paterson is perfection. Such a lovely, lovely man.

Our aging and dyeing team did a fabulous job on this!



20 thoughts on “Ned Gowan

  1. Avatardebbiedake

    Ned is also a favorite of mine. He’s smart, calm, practical, shrewd, kind and adventurous. He looks perfect, as they all do.

    They are dressed in all their finery
    In their plaids, knits,woolens and plain clothes
    Nothing is amiss
    I believe them

  2. AvatarKathleen Berman (@rainbowbuddah)

    Loved Ned’s character in the book and you did a very fine job with his costume. I love the picture of the two of them (Ned & Claire) together. How you ever manage to get all the costumes to be different yet all work well with each other is wonderful and it must require much advance planning. Not just the color palette, but the way the shapes & their outlines work so well in unison without looking forced.

  3. AvatarBrenda Cunningham (@PunkiBrenda)

    Ned is one of my favorites also.This clothing was perfect for him.Ned has a sweet side when he wants but a snake that will bite if needed! The cut and color that was given to him is perfect.Bill did a terrific job bringing him life and in the head to toe clothing oh it just suited him so well! It blends perfect with the landscape and the natural colors they all wear loved it!!

  4. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    Ned’s one of my most favorites, also. Mr. Patterson is doing a damn fine Ned. Just a beaut, that costume. Is his coat velvet? It’s so perfectly aged that it almost looks like leather. Every detail is there. If you missed anything, no one would ever know!!

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