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My Wee Man…



I am just not sure I can stand this. He’s my baby…

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  1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    I guess he’s not going with you as you won’t be away that long. Poor wee lad and I feel for you too Terry. I can’t stand leaving ours when we go on vacation.

    1. Avatarbeth miller

      I hope you were able to find your dog somebody who will give him/her alot of devoted petting and walking time together. All of us pet lovers feel for you and what you are going through with your baby’s absence from your life for awhile. Maybe you can call and check on your dog during the hiatus?

  2. AvatarKateLeslie

    Oh.God. I empathize with you Terry. Heartbreaking having to leave your baby for 3 months. I have a tough time leaving my dog for 2-3 weeks…even though my Mom comes to stay to take care of him. And…he adores her! I recall you said Cuilean would be at a training school while you’re gone. The wee lad is growing up…just think of all he’ll learn while there. A well-trained dog is a happy dog. During that time, thankfully you’ll be with family and friends. I hope that will ease your sadness about leaving Scotland and Cuilean behind for a bit. Sending you big hugs…

  3. Avatarbeth miller

    Big hugs from me too. We all appreciate so much what you, Ron, Caitriona, Sam, Duncan, Grant, Stephen, Mr Mc Tavish ( can’t think of his first name right now) all the writers, directors and many other character actors and technical staff are doing to bring our favorite books of all time to the tv screen. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!!

  4. Purl99Purl99

    Even though we have always owned giant breed dogs, Danes and Mastiffs I do have a soft spot for Cocker Spaniels. My cousin had one when we were kids, her name was Buffy and I remember many hours of fun! I am sure he will be fine!

  5. Avatarbeth miller

    Sorry didn’t mean to not mention Tom by name but it is hard to stop there. There are a lot of character actors you have had on the show I would like to know a way to contact them to praise their performances like Ms Badlands and Valerie Edmond for two. Maybe the forums can include a place where we can complement these other actors and get to ask them questions too. What do you think?

  6. Line ChampagneLine Champagne

    He is such a good little man ! I am sure he is well socialized, seeing him being petted by Tobias and Sam! How long do you have to leave him for ? From your comments your life will be a bit ‘busy’ or chaotic when you return to the US, so take comfort that it is probably better for him to get into a routine until you return. It is still hard to leave them, hopefully you found a good place that will take good care ! It is too bad I am across the pond, I would say leave him with us !

  7. Avatartraceymfs

    Ah dear Terry,
    I feel your pain as i too am sending my animals away, or leaving them behind, so i can fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling to and living in Scotland. 3 days a go i put my horses on a truck to go to a new home where i know they will be better looked after than they are with me, and that is saying something. And I know it is in their best interest but it tore my heart out. As i prepare our house to be rented out and find homes for both children and fur kids i wonder about the sense of all this. My son reminds me that this is my choice and i shouldn’t feel upset by it. This I know but it doesn’t stop the heartbreak. I get messages from the horses, via text that they are doing well and not really misbehaving. just being horses. Which is good. The dogs however will not leave my side and my elderly cat sits on my chest every night for healing, for her as well as me.
    But I also know that this is part of my journey as well as theirs, and that it will, be alright in the end.
    As tears roll down my cheeks for my loss I hope I have prepared them well for this part of their journey and that i will be strong enough to go through with the plan.
    Your wee man will be fine too. He has had a loving beginning and will be well cared for while you are away. You can allow yourself to feel grief, but it is better than flying him unnecessarily.
    Thank you for the space to air my thoughts.
    i hope you have a wonderful trip home.

  8. MzLiz61MzLiz61

    Dear Terry,
    I officially left the corporate world just to give the furry family members love in their homes when the family is away or has to travel. I have Bichon and could not live without him. I have flown with the dogs and care for them like a nanny lol…my recent acquisition is an Alaskan Klee Kai 10 ten week old puppy….I with upon a star I could be there for your baby… Here is the Big Apple the dogs are a serious business….Much love and I know in my heart he will be fine <3 Best, Liz

  9. AvatarCandyMnz

    I am so sorry you must leave your wee man. I have a hard time when I mus leave my two pups for the weekend. Mine are Chihuahua’s so I could hold them in my lap. Luckily you will be back to him soon. Some people don’t understand that even though they have four legs, they are still our children. Maybe you can skype with him. He will keep the hearth warm for you in Scotland. God Bless!! <3

  10. AvatarDaphnepf

    I just had to leave my two Gordon Setters for 5 days to attend our national Gordon Setter specialty in Wisconsin and it was brutal. They are 11 and 12 and I cherish every day with them.

  11. AvatarDaphnepf

    BTW, my older Gordon, Ronan, is from Sassenach kennels in Alberta. His breeder had the kennel name way before The Books, but it was an extra bonus when I got him.

  12. elizlkelizlk

    [virtual hugs] I always hated leaving my furbaby Phoebe behind when I traveled. She knew what the suitcase meant, and stuck close when I got it out. Luckily, I didn’t have to do it too often, and I found a fabulous dog-walker & dog-sitter who became her second mom when I was gone. I was also able to take her with me when I visited family for Christmas, etc. She was a Boston Terrier who was small enough to travel under the seat of the airplane, and able to go camping and hiking with us, so joined me for many vacations. She’s gone now – just over 3 months ago at age 15 – and I’m still grieving. Especially in San Francisco this weekend, as it’s Blessing of the Animals/Feast of St Francis and was a special day I’m missing for the first time in many years.
    You have your homecoming in the US to look forward to, and a wonderful reunion with Cuilean in just a few weeks. He’ll hopefully spend most of his time apart living in the moment, as dogs are so good at doing, and people generally aren’t. As someone told me recently, this sort of pain is the price of love. The love is why we care so much in the first place, so it’s worth it.

    P.S. Stay away from a current beer commercial that shows a faithful dog waiting for his person – it keeps making me tear up.

    1. AvatarCandyMnz

      I too had a beloved Boston. His name was Rowdy. He has been gone for 5 years. He was 13. We so love our babies. Luckily their time frame and ours are not the same. I can go to the mail box and it is the same to my fur babies as being gone for the weekend. He will be soo happy to see you when you walk back through that door and all thought of you being gone will disappear. 😉

  13. Donna ToroDonna Toro

    Feeling sad for both of you. They are so much a part of the family. I am stressing because my baby needs to stay over night at the vet tomorrow for cruciate surgery.

  14. Avatarsandyknc

    I just saw your twitter pictures of Cuilean at the farm. He looks like he is having fun! I know it’s hard to leave him behind, but it looks like you found a great place!

  15. SandersonSanderson

    I have found the solution! Just don’t ever go anywhere, lol. Sort of joking, but then again not really. Living in rural farm country in Wisconsin, dog sitters are not really an option. Of course there are boarding facilities, but it is an investment in time just to GET to them. So we don’t ever really go anywhere that is further away than the bladder capacity of our two beloved Australian Shepherds.

    Now it is time to REALLY be truthful about this “limitation”. I married my husband at 40 and moved here from New York City. A lot of the time I feel like my spaceship got lost and I landed in the wrong solar system, culturally speaking.

    How convenient, therefore, that I can’t attend a lot of social functions that I don’t or can’t relate to because I have to stay home and take care of my dogs! (Yes, I’m evil, I know … she said as she got on her broom and sailed into the night.)

      1. SandersonSanderson

        🙂 Having no kids of my own (four grown stepkids) I guess I never thought about that angle. I think doggie care may be more of an issue when you live somewhere that has more cows than humans, with few options. Lots of people in these parts who would never even consider having dogs in the house; I would put myself outside in a dog house before I would keep my dogs out there!

        Maybe a dog nanny? 😀

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