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14 thoughts on “Murtagh

    1. Jo Ann Platt

      “And I love the fact that he never smiles”

      True, but apparently the actor is very funny in real life. Graham McTavish said it was very difficult to keep from cracking up when filming with Duncan. I get the feeling the entire cast is having the time of their lives filming :”Outlander,”

  1. jschurr

    Really liking the difference in all the characters. Like Murtagh’s vest – it’s leather, I assume. Appropriate for a man who seems to be on the move, with no fixed “place” – other than at Jamie’s side.

  2. Belvane

    How did you go about designing his clothing? Is it just ‘random Scot#4, or did the costume design team take into account his personality, background and so on? Am curious to know how these things work.

    1. terrydresbach

      No, we have to know the characters well. I have read the books many many times, and know these guys as well as I think anyone can. But on any project you have to understand who the characters are. It usually comes from the script or the director, the writer, but this show is very special..

  3. Lynn Mittmann (@LynnMittmann)

    Murtagh is one of the perfect surprises of the show for me . . I just LOVE how his character is introduced and simultaneously his connection to Jamie made obvious during the punishment scene . . he is also dressed so much better than I imagined – lol. Not too flashy, mind, but better than an assortment of ‘old plaid rags’. Like, like like 🙂

  4. laney1120

    Murtagh has always been one of my favorite characters. I’m glad we’re seeing more of him in the show – I’ve missed him all these years! This show is indeed very special. So glad you love the story as much as we fans do – our friends are in good hands!

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