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Much To Do About Nothingโ€ฆ


To Do List

Ron says this is an important time for the blog. How do you all stay engaged and interested, during the hiatus?
So, I put up my BIG to do list, I will spare you the pages of to do lists under all those headings.
Lots to do, lots to talk about.

So, two questions.
What are you going to do during the Outlander Hiatus?
Anything you want to know about, to do with the costumes, or really anything to do with the show?
I have set up a topic on the forum to post your ideas.

Don’t forget the forum! I am hoping for lots of energy and spirited discussion! The Tea Room is open for just general chatting, doesn’t have to be show related.

See you there.


31 thoughts on “Much To Do About Nothingโ€ฆ

  1. Avatarlysaleelee

    well…. sparing my time between rewatching the episodes, and read the books. also, watching other stuff, enjoying friends and family… plus Christmas is around the corner and we (some coworkers and I) are planning a trip to Colmar (in the East of France) the enjoy the Christmas market ! and of course, spending some time around here ๐Ÿ™‚

    TBH, I would love to know how long it takes to create the perfect wardrobe/ outfit for an episode… so if you have time to post something about it (it can be about the main characters than about the figurants ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    then , in no particular opinion, what makes the show (anything about everything! details, general stuff)

    1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

      Well. without a doubt I’ll re-watch the 1st eight episodes of the series many times. Then I’ll catch up with all the chores around the house that I’ve let slip over the past few months. The weather here in Southern Ontario Canada is absolutely glorious at the moment so I’ll see how many more golf games I can squeeze in. Then, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us. When 2015 arrives I’ll sit patiently and wait for Outlander to resume. I don’t lead a very exciting life ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. AvatarRachiemeag

    “Design and build 1000 extras.” My goodness, lady! That’s a hell of a task! I hope you enjoy whatever breaks you get during the “hiatus” (which doesn’t sound like much of hiatus for you guys)

  3. Avatarkukrae

    Hiatus. Hmm. What is that? I’m in the live broadcast side of the industry so there are really none outside of the week between Xmas & New Years ๐Ÿ™‚ But while you’re on yours, we’ll do at least 40 football games, the CMAs, the AMAs, noms for both Grammy & Globes w/a few other shows in before the Christmas hiatus, the Rose Parade, GGs, SAGs, Grammys, Academy Awards (longggg one!) then into basketball finals time then ACMAs around the time Outlander is back. So, it’s a long 6 months, but will go quickly simply due to work. Besides that, drool over yummy S1 costumes, try to determine how in the world Jamie is actually wearing the plaid over his shoulder for the wedding, actually find some mica to try flaking for a card background, read book 2 of the series…and sleep in there somewhere too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think your hiatus sounds a lot more creative and interesting than my next 6 months!

    Good luck!!


  4. marthamartha

    So, To do list. Patience.Breathe in, breath out. Time will pass. ๐Ÿ™‚ Read the 8th book of the series, which I have to wait to come, almost 2 weeks. Volunteer to help Terry, with her work( ok it’s a dream, being an assistant in costume designing, but it’s free- minor detail: I’m a little far, only 3 hours, by plane, from Scotland, and 9, from the States! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Prepare for a tv project, study as always, spending time with friends and family. Then it will be Christmas.Oh! Still 4 months remaining~Hmm! I’ve got to find something to be busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. AvatarSallyinVT

    Please make a documentary on how you made the magic that are the garments you tell us about. Their life is as ephemeral as the acting, but yet can be touched and kept long after. It must be like raising a child, knowing all along your job is to let go in the end. I gain more and more admiration for you and your team’s accomplishments with each episode.

  6. AvatarJudyGreene52665

    Well I have about 8 books in the series to catch up on so …..between that and rear hong every episode a billion times on Starz app my todo list is shot. However I am traveling to Spain and Italy when Outlander returns. Thank goodness for DVR.
    I have a question though. I have a niece who is a stylist at ENews among other independent jobs she holds doing the same thing. I am just curious how the stylist roll meshes with what your job is or if it even does. Thanks and enjoy your hiatus.

  7. AvatarMichele

    On our fan page, we’re planning on heading back to MOBY for some speculation and recaps of the how’s why’s and when’s of things. We skipped a lot of that, because we went into the series.

    On the individual fan side, the hiatus means I spend less time checking all the fan pages, worrying I might miss some big news. Oddly, I’m rather looking forward to the break to focus on busy things in my personal life.

    On the TV viewer side, I don’t watch much TV but when I do feel the need to watch, I’ll fill my Outlander void with , GoT, Dr. Who, Downton, V Diaries or HGTV.

  8. awabbitawabbit

    Sunday morning here in So Cal…
    House is quiet, tv is off.
    Entering into whimpering, testy stage of “Outlander” withdrawal.
    Husband with patience of Job in recovery mode from MY “Outlander” addiction and off on his walk.
    Haven’t yet looked at Starz schedule to see about reruns –YET!

    Goals: get house full of “stuff” streamlined and cleaned up, make donations of these goods and such to charity, get kitchen walls and ceiling cleaned and repainted, backyard and garden tidied up for huge outdoor New Years’ Day party.

    Today marks 94 days and counting!
    Anne in NoHo

  9. elizlkelizlk

    Crazy list .. and my lists are NEVER that neat. If I’m making a list, it means I’m under stress … and handwriting becomes illegible even to me, so I use Evernote now to keep track … maybe I should investigate a beautiful font to print it out?

  10. OregonWeaverOregonWeaver

    I will finally be getting to put finishing touches on new weaving studio so I need to take a lesson on list making! Moving looms, sewing machines and the stash will take awhile. In the meantime I get to help a friend get her Jacqard Loom up and running. I’ve been dying to design for a loom like that. Then there is rewatching the first 8 episodes for all the things I missed! and listening to the books again!

  11. Elisenda LlinaresElisenda Llinares

    This is going to be such a long wait! I’ll certainly rematch the first 8 episodes over and over again.
    I plan on getting my friends hooked on it as well. Already got two of them to start reading the first book. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait till they catch up to where I am so that we can chat about Jamie & Claire.
    This week I start Dragonfly in Amber. Have you ever felt nervous about reading a book? I’m actually nervous about what’s in store.
    Then, meanwhile till April, I’m actually planning my own wedding for Fall next year! So I have plenty to keep busy with!

    By the way, Terry, your work is breathtaking! What a talent!

        1. AvatarKateLeslie

          You are in for a wild ride! Stay with it…keep reading no matter what. Your emotions will be tossed about with this book. It will all pay off when you get to the third book, Voyager. If there is anything our beloved author IS NOT — it’s predictable!

  12. kladislauskladislaus

    Dear Terry,

    First, I think all the cast and crew need a much deserved break. I have a little exposure to the entertainment industry and have seen how hard folks work to make it all happen. It’s not a 9 to 5 job and can be grueling.

    We are lucky in that Season One, Part One is not over for us for another two weeks. Downside for me, I am travelling the night of the wedding episode, and return possibly in time to watch episode 8. So, I will have those to look forward to, then plenty to keep me occupied until when it airs again here in Canada.

    As a fan, it has been a fantastic year. Last October I was one of the lucky ones that saw one of the earliest photos of “Jamie and Claire” on Diana’s cellphone. It was her enthusiasm that drove us book fans to embrace the series. So much so that when tickets came up for an opportunity to see Cait, Sam, Ron and Diana in LA last January 11, I jumped. My dearest husband spent his 65th birthday standing in line for hours with a bunch of Outlander fans, what a guy eh? I bought him off by staying in Anaheim and going to Disneyland. That is where I started taking my first pictures with the Pocket Jamie I was given January 11. My husband really likes the show and it was the charm of the cast that drew him in to sit with me to watch it. It has become a Sunday tradition to watch it in bed.

    Then we went to the UK in February for a vacation and I snuck in several key sites from the books. He indulged me, albeit red-faced as I posed Jamie and Claire as well as my “Flattie Family” (Our family has a long standing tradition of taking “Flatties” on vacation) from London to Wick. In February, not a lot of folks in the UK knew anything about “Pocket Jamie”, I got some odd looks.

    My speedy tying skills landed me a ticket to the Outlander Fan Retreat in Seattle in June where 500 of us Outlanders gathered and bonded further. A timely visit to my family in Sacramento a week later provided me an opportunity to attend a lovely program with Diana hosted by the Sacramento Public Library. If you have time to watch the taping on YouTube it’s worth it to see the librarian’s hand-sewn costume and listen to Herself in fine form. http://youtu.be/rxC4ZUId_90

    Just when the year couldn’t get any more exciting, I was graced with a ticket to attend the Outlander Premiere in San Diego. Using air mile rewards I cobbled a flight to and from San Diego and as fates would have it on a connecting flight out of Portland to San Diego one of Diana’s daughters was on the same flight. So it was wonderful to see that at least two of Diana’s children were at the premiere to share it with Diana. Her son, and author in his own right (and a damn fine one at that) Sam Sykes was there too.

    The excitement is not over either. For the past several years I have attended a writing conference (SIWC) and Diana is a featured author. I will be seeing her again soon and bringing full circle one very exciting year as a fan. Just don’t know how it can be topped.

    So all this, your forum and the wonderful way you have brought the 18th and the 1940s to life with your detailed and beautiful costumes is icing on a beautiful cake! Your generosity of time to share has been an absolute delight. I look forward to seeing more for many years to come!

    While I wait, I will read and write and read some more, as well as re-watch the first eight episodes as many times as time allows!


  13. julieisjulieis

    Outlander Hiatus! Actually glad to have a break and get some work done. Finish a necklace, help close the Truckee cabin with my mom, and lay out a 2 week canal boat trip in Scotland. Takes about a year to plan. I pilot the boat, and mom cooks. Will be getting the boat out of Falkirk and going to Edinburgh and then back towards Glasgow.
    Love the idea of a documentary on the costuming and props.
    I don’t think you or Ron will ever be able to satiate the appetite the Outlander fans have of your creativity and work. Someone mentioned a documentary and it would be great to see at the end of each season (hoping there is one for each book!)
    Listening to your pod-casts is like hanging out with you both for the evening. When you have a go at each other, (tongue-in-cheek) makes me miss being married! and of course you are right! Terry do you have an interest in using any period glass seed beads for season 2? Have a source.
    Looking forward to your updates and getting ready for season 2!
    Thanks for your time Terry!
    Julie Outlander Arts on FB

    1. AvatarSallyinVT

      Yes! Not the first time I’ve mentioned a documentary, but the first time someone’s replied to agree! Now there’s two of us, I’m hoping you’ll mention it a few more times, and who knows! We can congratulate each other when it happens! I’m thinking positively and will be persistent. Yes!

  14. Avatartheempathyqueen

    You have gorgeous handwriting!! With all the costuming work for season 2, Will the principals come go you in California? Or do you construct and then fit everything on set in Scotland?

  15. MelissaMelissa

    Wow, what a to-do list! I’m in awe of all the work you and everyone else connected with Outlander are doing. It’s much appreciated!

    I’ll probably spend some time during the hiatus reading more of the books. I’ve read the first one and am almost done with Dragonfly in Amber. I’ll also likely spend a lot of time watching classic movies on TCM, especially once we get into holiday movie season. (It’s not Christmas for me unless I watch “White Christmas” multiple times!) I’ll probably get back in touch with some of my other favorite literary couples by watching my favorite adaptations of Pride and Prejudice (the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth version, of course!), North and South (Richard Armitage, oh my), and Jane Eyre (Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson version). Maybe I’ll dig out my embroidery supplies for the first time in years and do some of that, too. Seeing the stunning embroidery on Claire’s wedding dress has inspired me. Not that my little tea towels and pillow cases will bear any resemblance to that, but still. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Plenty to do for the next few months, but it’s still going to be sad with no new Outlander for a while!

  16. AvatarTeamWearTotes

    Gads, I have so much sewing ahead of me! Nothing like your crew, but for me it’s monumental. I need to get serious with my tailoring class so I can make a Sherlock-esque wool trench coat for my daughter. I’m also going to start working on a couple of gowns for the Outlandish Gathering in Quebec next August. They will need shifts, stays and petticoats as well. I should just chain myself to the cutting table for the foreseeable future.

  17. AvatarMonicaP

    Oh, my .. what a to-do list! I’m in San Diego so I’d come help you – if I could sew .. lol. I can’t knit either, my mom tried to teach me, I’m hopeless .. ๐Ÿ˜›


  18. Toni_JonesRNToni_JonesRN

    Well, my to do list is not as extensive as yours but do have a few things planned. I sew and it is time for Halloween costumes for all the grandchildren. My children never wore a plastic costume and I don’t plan for the Grands to be any different. The popular characters have definitely changed though. I am so amazed at the intricacy of the costumes in Outlander. Down to the most minute details, you have truly brought the characters to life. Love, love Munro. Just like I pictured him when reading the book.
    Enjoy your time off so you can continue your genius work. If you need a spare seamstress, I’m available.

  19. Avatarnataliegrigg

    I got all of my coworkers hooked on the books right before the series started, so we would all come into the office Monday morning and talk Outlander. As for the break, they are all planning on finishing the series of books and for fun we have been joking about learning Gaelic and traveling to Scotland before the show starts up again. We can dream, right!

  20. AvatarLainie223

    What am I going to do? Dream up of ways I can quit my job, fly to Scotland, and be on your incredible costume crew. I’ve sewn most of my life, sewn for community theatre, opted for gathering vs. cartridge pleats when in a rush, wrangling 6+ yards of this watered moire slippery satiny stuff onto a 30 inch waistband… Made a c. 1980s canvas raincoat thing into Eponine’s stolen greatcoat, because in community theatre that’s what we do …. (also came up with The original Ring sketch/cut and paste. Really. ‘Twas moi. ) Compulsive when I need to be, quick when I have to be…. Am I hired?

    Sending positive sewing monkey vibes to all your crew. I am totally gobsmacked at the beauty and creativity of what you have produced thus far, and am looking forward to more and more. So, quietly and patiently, we wait…



  21. Avatarmp4mp

    I stumbled on this blog thru Pinterest and I love it! During the hiatus, I would love to see more ways a kilt is worn or how exactly it’s wrapped, pinned, gathered and used.

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