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Mrs. Fitz’s Knit Bits


She did knit some fabulous things in her spare time. A most industrious and very creative woman.

I know there is tremendous interest, but… Just need to say again, that I have absolutely nothing to do with the sale of any goods associated with Outlander. Nothing whatsoever. I don’t own any of the garments on the show, nor the rights to them, or to what, how or when things are sold.

I have put a link to a pattern for mitts sold by someone completely unrelated to Outlander, If you scroll down on the blog you will find it.

I have also included some images from our early research, some interesting “bits”.

Thanks so much!!!

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Fitz’s Knit Bits

  1. Avataroutlanderbooklover

    All the knit bits are wonderful. As a knitter, those have been catching my eye and as many people having been posting on various forums, they’re rather keen (rabid perhaps) on getting their hands on the patterns. But one of the wonderful things about knitting, is making your own patterns, often inspired by things I’ve read and seen, and I see I have my work cut out for me for the winter.

    Thank you so much for allowing us into your world and for posting about all the different aspects.

    I really appreciate that you’ve shared your earlier research. Thank you.

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