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Mr. and Mrs. McTavish


Ron and Diana

19 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. McTavish

    1. AvatarBrooke Hynch (@AnChailleachBan)

      Oh and is it Mr and Mrs McTavish because both Ron and Diana “gave birth” to Jamie? he he he…
      Funny, it probably was something like that, unconsciously. I assumed they were together. No one told me that, and when I said t to Ron, he said, “no, I cannot be on set long enough to stay next to Diana”. Hopes dashed!! LOL

  1. Avatarjapplebyvines

    Brooke – I read in an interview with Matt Roberts hat Diana picked her own name and that the writers wanted to give a bit of ‘backstory’ to Mrs Fitz and Mrs MacTavish, just in case there was a chance for another appearance πŸ™‚

  2. Avatareeebailey

    Amazing! They both look amazing…someone πŸ˜‰ made some gorgeous costumes for the two of the most important people responsible for this story coming to us on TV (Can’t forget you and Maril!)!! Well done!

  3. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    Love how Diana has a single band of gold material at the top of her cuff; plays beautifully off all the gold stitching Ron has on his coat. The subtle horizontal stripes on Diana’s skirt add a special touch, and the fact that the color of their clothing matches is a nice detail. You and your team did a marvelous job.

  4. AvatarLeslie Blair Gallagher

    The frock coat you did for Ron was gorgeous and the gown for Diana was as well. They looked like people of worth. We watched the show again stopping it to look at detail on so many of the gowns. One of my particular favourites was the one with black fabric (?) and gold leaves embroidered on the stomacher and a few scattered onto the over gown.


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