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More wonderful art


from Coleen Madden

4 thoughts on “More wonderful art

  1. Avatarscottishbunny

    Loved your post, especially the second illustration, thanks for sharing this, too funny and to the point! Also enjoyed reading the interview article on Variety discussing Claire’s wedding dress. I thought I heard some knitting needles working away during one of the episode pod-casts with Ron, was I right? I guess I’m siding with the opinion that the loud colors were not traditional, I don’t think they had the means to create “bright” colors until modern chemistry came along. Wouldn’t everything have been dyed using plants etc. back then, and thus the colors of their clothes came from the colors of their environment? At any rate, I have most particularly enjoyed your blending of the costume color palette within the environment to create a harmony of color that is so pleasing to the eye. I can tell you are a perfectionist Terry! 3,000 hours to make the wedding gown, OMG! Cheers from California (hot and humid here).


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