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Mood Boards


I always make mood boards for any project I am designing. I thought it might be interesting for you to see these as the season progresses.

Starting with the 40s. They are not specific images, you don’t look at it and say, “oh let me make THAT dress”, It just creates a feel, a tone, a world. I often present these boards to a director (film), or show runner (television), to give them an idea of where I want to take the costumes.

I am also including additional research images.

(btw, you all know these are galleries, and if you click on an image, it will create a larger gallery of all the images)

6 thoughts on “Mood Boards

  1. Avatarjapplebyvines

    I love these Terry. I am an event coordinator and I do the same type of thing when coming up with an event theme. Finding evocative images that speak to you is so important in moving forward and inspiring you to try something!

  2. AvatarCandida_LN

    I do the same thing when I’m writing. I put together a collage of images to help visualize the environment or scene. It plays like a mini-movie in my head as I type. Thanks so much for sharing your insights and research. It’s truly fascinating.

  3. Avatartinkerbeth2

    Thank you for reminding me about mood boards! I got away from them due to time constraints, but they are so valuable. I love watching your process and your work 🙂

  4. AvatarBeth (@AnyHappyLittle)

    Love that you are sharing this aspect of your process. Mood boards are such a great way to get your head in a specific place and to even help evoke an emotional response to the subject matter. I like to create them for my scrapbooking and memory keeping projects. I am a historian by academic training and LOVE LOVE LOVE what you and the team are doing for this story. Historical fiction is a fantastic way for creatives to illuminate the past and bring to life amazing characters and stories. Thank you!!

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