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Merchandise and Employment, etc.



Just to let everyone know, I have nothing to do with the marketing of any Outlander merchandise. No patterns, no fabric, no knit pieces, no books…nothing. Those decisions are made by corporate divisions, and I am not involved in the process in any way.

Any requests or submissions for merchandising should be directed to Sony Television.

I also have a wonderful crew in Scotland, and am not currently hiring. I can only hire crew people who live in the UK. I cannot accept any requests for employment here, nor will I accept resumes. I won’t discuss employment here, either. But thank you for your interest.

7 thoughts on “Merchandise and Employment, etc.

  1. AvatarTheFrostedPetticoat

    Hi Terry, Thank you for being such an inspiration! I have a chocolate company called The Frosted Petticoat and your gorgeous Outlander gown designs actually inspired me to create a corset candy. I’d love to send you and your crew some as a thank you for sharing your thought process and being such a wonderful role model to us aspiring designers/creative types! Please let me know where I can send them at . Looking forward to more posts and what’s to come on Outlander! -Sam, The Frosted Petticoat (www.thefrostedpetticoat.com)

  2. Avatarlynnescottritchie

    I can appreciate that. Only one question then … should you need extra team members at any point in the future will you advertise? I would just like the chance to be considered. Thank you.

    1. Avatarlynnescottritchie

      My last comment makes me a bit embarassed but I couldn’t find any way to remove it. I’m a professional costumer (designer and maker) and I’ve never begged to work on anything before … I can only blame Diana and her fantastic books!

  3. Avatarlpenne

    Hi Terry, my name is Lauren and I am a costume undergrad who read the books with my mom several years ago and we have been major fans of the show since it came out. I have read every article about the costumes for which you were interviewed, and I think the work you and your team do is amazing. I know you have said that you are not hiring, however I am currently looking for summer internships and would love to know if you have any room available for an intern with several years of wardrobe and stitching experience, very eager to help and learn as much as I can. Thanks!!

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