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Maeve MacKinnon



Maeve Mackinnon

10 thoughts on “Maeve MacKinnon

  1. AvatarBelvane

    Did you always like that kind of music, or did you only get hooked on it when you were called to the Outlander tartan flag?

    (I think the moment where the percussion sneaks in is my favourite part in this – like a stealthy red streak on a peaceful green canvas).

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      No, I have loved it for many years. My grandparents came from Ireland.
      I love the percussion as well. It is a pretty great album. Sometimes anything that can come under the “Celtic” heading can be too “twee”, too “Celtic” for my taste. I like that this has none of that.

      1. AvatarBelvane

        I’ll give the album a go, then; my love for the total Celticness of Dead Can Dance mellowed as I grew older and this one hit the sweet spot for me. Thanks, both for the reply and for posting it; I said before – I really enjoy your posts about things other the show, and I think it’s clear that other readers do as well. Thanks for that, too.

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