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Links to Costume Detail Posts by Character


I thought it might be helpful to have a single post with links to some of the costume detail posts organized by character. I haven’t made it back through all of the posts yet, but this should summarize the majority.



Costume for The Gathering – Episode 104

Sketch for The Gathering costume – Episode 104

The Riding Jacket – Episode 105 Rent

The Wedding Dress – Episode 107

Wedding Dress Detail – Episode 107 The Wedding

Materials for the Wedding Dress – Episode 107

Sketch for the Wedding Dress

Wedding Suit for wedding to Frank – Episode 107


Costume for the Wedding – Episode 107


Costume for The Gathering – Episode 104


Costume for The Gathering – Episode 104


Meeting Claire Costume – Episode 102 Castle Leoch

Costume for The Gathering – Episode 104

Green Dress costume – Episode 104 The Gathering

Sketch for Green Dress – Episode 104 The Gathering


Costume  – Episode 102 Castle Leoch

Costume for The Gathering – Episode 104

Misc costumes #2

Hugh Munro:

Costume – Episode 108 Both Sides Now


The Ring

Sketches for Diana Gabaldon’s dress for The Gathering

MacKenzie Brooch – Shine Not Burn

21 thoughts on “Links to Costume Detail Posts by Character

    1. mimmsmimms

      I have so much more respect for all the work that goes into the costumes; they are amazing. I have always admired costume designers for productions, whether for movie, TV or theatre, but, now I feel like I’m getting a bit of an education .

      They’re wonderful.

      Mary Imms

  1. Avatar

    We love hearing all of the details because we watch the show one time just to closely notice them. It adds to our experience of the show! And to the historical aspects of it. we love all of the sharing. And you are one of our favorite parts of the show!

  2. AvatarLizabat13

    I watched the first episode on the recommendation of a friend – never having read the books (I have now…lol) The first thing I noticed was the costumes and the manner in which they matched and coordinated, including the details, with the sets and the scenery. That’s when I first loved the show. It is lovely to read about the work and effort and details of something I know nothing about. It is all a wonder and really does seem a labour of love. Thank you!

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  4. noelianoelia

    Thanks for this web site. First of all, sorry for my english.
    I´m from the North of Spain (Asturias), and as a Celt I like so much this story.
    I like historical recreation, but I don´t know sew, so I have to make it myself looking for tutorials.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Avataryarning4asmile

    Terry i am catching up on the podcast and I agree 100 % the costumes are not shown as much as they deserve. I was wondering are there any thoughts on a knitting pattern book for the knits in the show?? There are so many also knits!

  6. AvatarInari_Mischief

    As a student of history, and a loyal Outlander fan, I have to say I have been in Awe of the costuming. Each garment has been a delight to see and attempt to deconstruct each one. In fact, I would give my eye teeth to spend a day helping construct the masterpieces I have been watching.

  7. boisebooksboisebooks

    Thank you Mandy (and Terry!) Very useful.
    Could you please put a note to at some point do a post about the LEATHER – boots, halters and head stalls, belts, etc…how they were created, sourced, chosen. Maybe costuming doesn’t dress the horses eh??
    Also, would love to see some full length pics of Leticia – seems like she is most often seated at table or something and it’s hard to see her whole glorious costumes.
    Many thanks for all you do.

  8. Avataretice1

    I just read your description of Claire’s jacket in114. I can relate so well to your experiences growing up. I remember every Saturday night my Dad would shine our shoes for Sunday Church. We still have that shoebox because my Dad still shines his shoes and he just turned 97! Thank you for taking the time to write about the clothing; it is so enjoyable!

  9. Avatartinaleeds

    thanks so much for taking the time to gift us with all this info about these gorgeous costumes. i am going to see the ones on exhibit at the Grove in L.A. either today or tomorrow (when Diana is also scheduled to speak!). i have read and read this info and also lots of info that Terry wrote about the costumes. i am going to print this info to take with me so i can read info again whilst i am staring drop-jawed at those outfits, can’t wait to see their wedding finery, Claire’s wedding dress and ensemble and Jamie’s Fraser kilt!!!

  10. AvatarDebL

    Thanks for all your work on the site Mandy. Curious if there’s any chance of moving the search bar to top of home page? I almost didn’t find it and I would imagine it would be helpful to many users as the number of posts continues to grow. 🙂 Love Terry and all her work!

    1. AvatarDebL

      Sorry Mandy, I see it now… duh. Since I’m in the backend of a several of non-blog WordPress sites, I tend to ignore the WordPress black bar when looking at the page content. This is a great site and I love seeing all the art and craftsmanship put into all the costumes. Just beautiful.

  11. Avatarbrdgrl1

    Thank you Terry, for your time, your talents, and your attention to detail. The costumes on Outlander are just Magnificient!!! And thank everyone for bringing the world of Outlander to our screens. The hard work and the quality of the work shows in every episode.

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