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I get positively teary over Lettitia. I LOVED her. I loved everything about her. We never saw her standing.

She had some truly wonderful costumes. And her costumes were the first place I used a knit piece.

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14 thoughts on “Lettitia

    1. sanshaw2

      I agree, Donna Toro. The tartan is lovely. The actress who plays Lettitia is very elegant, exactly as I have pictured her in my mind, for 23 years. It must have been a pleasure to design for her.

  1. Katiscotch22

    Love the dress such a shame we didn’t get to see it’s full beauty on TV. The knit (or is crochet) wear is wonderful. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Ashamed to admit I never noticed it when the episode aired!

  2. traceymfs

    Love everything about this costume. Such a shame we never saw the full effect on the show. Maybe some outtakes on a DVD. Thank you for sharing your processes and results with us. It is a fascinating journey for one who had no knowledge of costuming before. Now I find I am noticing a whole lot more in everything i watch.

  3. eleny

    This is an elegant and unique cape. It’s strong yet feminine and stands up well to such a handsome dress.

    I have a shawl that I crocheted back in the 1970s that called for all treble crochets. This piece looks like it calls for a combination of long stitches including the quintuple treble.

    Tonight I started a crocheted version of Claire’s cowl following a pattern found on the web. Just in time since our weather is seeing temps plummet from the arctic blast hitting the U.S. When I finish the cowl I’d like to attempt Lettitia’s cape. Thank you for sparking my enthusiasm.

  4. Brooke

    This is Magnificent!!! That capelet!! And the dress…..the color was so lovely with her coloring. The detail and workmanship on this are stunning as usual. Perfect for Letitia – mature, serious, regal, yet down to earth. Gah!

  5. ellenchristine

    and this is why we need the book “Outlander Costumes”. So that we can wallow in these details. It’s so very much like the character, that ev en without the actress wearing it, it reads.

  6. mosleslie

    JUST watched eps 102 & 103 last night, and the wardrobes stole the show!! Letitia’s and Geillie’s clothes were mesmerizing, esp since I’d just seen both gowns & wraps on this blog, I was simply twitterpated at the clothing. I was definitely much more appreciative of them because of what you’ve shared about your work. Lucky for my friend watching with me, she’d already seen the eps and didn’t miss too much on view 2, because I kept commentating “That wrap is felted!!” and “Did you realize that Letitia never stands up in the ep?! Isn’t that a SHAME we don’t see her entire dress?” (RON!), etc. We also both want Claire’s velvet jacket, among basically everything (EVERY. THING.) else they all wear. So in your ‘spare time’, you could produce a line of Authentic Outlander Clothing for the Contemporary Woman (discreetly embroidered with PBU, of course!). xo

  7. tinkerscart

    I love the costumes. This capelet/shawl, however, looks much more like crochet than knit to me.

    As a lifelong knitter, I pay close attention to the crafted costume pieces and some are of very thick fat yarn–are these authentic? The historical pieces I’ve seen documented are far more finely stitiched–it keeps the cold out better and is more lightweight.

    Thanks for your brilliant design and I look forward to seeing more in future.

    Granny Sue

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