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Lettitia #2




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17 thoughts on “Lettitia #2

  1. Katiscotch22

    Letticia #2 is my favorite outfit so far for her. Just gorgeous. My Grandmother had a fox tail stole. It came complete with it’s head – gave me the willies when I was a kid.

    1. Gael

      Terry, I know around 1745 that fashionable Scottish women were wearing the ridiculously wide skirts with the cage support. I was doing some research and discover that is why some of the doorways from this era are especially wide. Women often had to turn. To get through a door . Obviously this is impractical for an action series. What clever design do you have to suggest this in series two. The wedding dress was so beautiful and voluminous. How much did it weigh, if you haven’t answer that before? These costumes are really authentic and gorgeous.

  2. Terry,
    These costumes are beautiful! The stitching on the breast pieces is perfect. I really enjoy your imaging of dress in the 18th century!

  3. Marian

    Although I only recall seeing Lettitia from the waist up, you could tell the finer quality of her clothes compared to other women in the Castle. I remember that fur! Now you’ve given me another excuse to go back to her scenes in the show to get a closer look!

    For Season 2 promise that more full length still photos will be taken of the actors, so we can ogle the costumes (not just ogle JAMMF!)

  4. Tracy

    Absolutely beautiful dresses! As an amateur seamstress, I love the pictures & the opportunity to see them in detail. I am constantly awed by the dedication to authenticity. Thank you SOOO much!

  5. martasullivan2014

    The fur in the first outfit is truly beautiful and reminds me of the marten furs that the ladies use to wear in the 40’s. As someone else said they had heads that had clips that attached to the tail. However, I really love the gray dress. The fabric is wonderful. I was trying to determine the weave and at first thought that it was herringbone but is not. The pretty embroidered neck piece is really beautiful. You will need to put all of this together in a book when you can. Also don’t forget the beautiful knit items.

  6. sanshaw2

    I am just amazed at each new post, showing the detail and craftsmanship devoted to the clothing. Lettitia’s grey dress and neckpiece are stunning. Is the gold embroidery the same technique that was done on Claire’s wedding gown? I think an Outlander Costumes book is a necessity, Terry!!

  7. Hi Terry, fabulous as usual & I just have to know if the woolen cape was knitted or crocheted, pretty please. It is probably about my favourite piece so far & I adore absolutely everything so thats saying a lot.

  8. Purl99

    My eccentric Aunt Elsie had all kinds of stoles and wraps. I remember when my mom and I would visit my grandparents in Florida every holiday school break the highlight of my trip was being able to go into my Aunt’s bedroom and look at all her “pretty doodles” as she called them. I was never allowed to touch…sigh!

  9. hotscot

    Terry, thanks so much for showing these gorgeous garments up close. So much work goes into these- I’m not sure the average fan even appreciates the amount of work that goes into these wonderful creations!

  10. MonicaP

    Oh, my .. now I must go back and watch the episodes to take a look at Lettitia outfits !! They are gorgeous! I love the rich colors of the brown (fox) gown.


  11. hotscot

    I had to go back and watch the episodes again to review these costumes and freeze frame so I could appreciate the details. I also had to look at Geillis’ “eye” brooch again and Colum’s sporran. I had wondered what kind of brooch Geillis was wearing. Your site here totally enhances the viewing of the series, like insider secrets. Any more reveals for us?

  12. Just stunning! I have always loved woolens and I just want to reach through my screen and touch them all! On the first dress, your use of complimentary colors really make the details pop. The fur cape is beautiful. On the second dress, I love how organic the lace is………such a nice touch to add texture. I like the lack of metal findings as would have been the case during this time period. Thank you for the up-close detail photos.

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