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Just the facts…


Inquiring minds want to know!

Wedding Dress: approx weight total 30kg, (66 lbs.) dress bagged length 180cm, crinoline 127cm wide x 129cm (2 people 30 mins to dress)

Green and Black tartan dress: approx weight total 10kg (22lbs) (1 person 30 – 40 mins to dress)

Everyone should weigh what they are wearing today!!

21 thoughts on “Just the facts…

  1. Avatarwoolfarmgal

    It should count as a workout just to wear the clothing! As for what my clothing weighs, well, I should have weighed my winter work overalls and all the layers I had to put on to work outside managing my Shetland sheep farm in sub zero temps 🙂

  2. Avatarannalapping

    I’m sure that whatever i wear today won’t even come close to either of those costumes. No wonder Cait had to have a “Cait-mobile” for the wedding dress scenes. Still extremely beautiful.

  3. AvatarCcathybrown

    My lead jacket and skirt that I wear as a radiology nurse weighs 6 kg – which seems like a heck of a lot after 8 hours of standing and walking on the cement floor! And I get to wear shoes specific for each foot – so I have nothing to complain about!

  4. Avatarwillowfairy

    Actually weighed my clothes when I came home today and they were way under a kilo (without shoes and coat) – 768 grams. Can’t imagine what 30kg of clothing would feel like I wonder if even my entire wardrobes content would weigh that… Yes it would, but still…

  5. AvatarLynnLouise

    Just think what great shape we would all be in today if we had to carry that much extra weight around each day. Thank you, Terry for all the interesting details.

  6. Avatarlindabarlow2014

    Thanks for that interesting info. Must be a mission to wear those dresses for any length of time! I would love to know more about the embroidery on the wedding dress, as a member of the Embroiderers Guild of South Africa.

  7. AvatarRebecca Hoffman

    Poor Cait! That had to be tiring. I think I read somewhere that they made a special bench (?) for her to sit on while filming Ep 07. (…or is my mind just making that up?) I worked at the Arizona Renaissance Festival years ago. My apparel – shift, bodice, skirt, and cloak – weighed 10-15 pounds (that cloak was HEAVY). I thought that was a lot. Of course, I only weighed 105 lbs then. I’m…er…four kids past that now.
    Love your posts, Terry! That wedding dress still takes my breathe away.

    1. Avatarsandraheretic


      My 16yo just finished AZ RenFair for her second season. Her dress this year weighed just short of 20lbs. Between the dress, the heat, the walking (they estimated 12miles a day, I think?) she lost a little over three inches in her corset circumference over the season. I can’t imagine how people survived wearing these clothes all day, every day, for their whole lives!

      1. Avatarnolakate

        my daughter goes to the ren fest in Deerfield beach, dressed like a nasty captain bonnet, and I complain with every year’s picture. my grandson last year was hired to be a begging leper! his makeup and clothes were – yucky!

      2. AvatarRebecca Hoffman

        I loved the Ren Fair. My favorite year was when it was unseasonably cool for AZ. That’s when I needed the cloak. I double checked with my friend Emily who makes quite a few of the costumes for the workers. She tells me I am way off. With the cloak, the costume was probably closer to 25 pounds.

        I don’t remember if I lost any weight or inches. What did your daughter do? I was a stage hawker (think that’s what it was called) and introducer so got to stay in the same place for most of the day. I do know that at the end of the day my boobs were grateful to be out of the corset! Every time I watch Ep 07 my boobs have sympathy pains for Cait. I’m trying to find a picture of me in costume but haven’t run across it yet. Will post it if I can find it.

        I can’t imagine having to wear that clothing all day every day. I like me some yoga pants and love when WI weather is good enough for flip flops!

  8. AvatarChristinePincince

    The costumes are of course a stunning tribute to you and your team and I am sure accurate to the time. As I read those weights however, I couldn’t help thinking about the other burdens that woman had to carry in those long ago days as they went about their endless chores just for being born female.

    1. AvatarLynnLouise

      It’s no wonder life was so every present… you had to live for every moment. Every moment was full of emotion; whether it be exhaustion, safety, fear, joy or passion.

  9. Avataroutlandishrdh

    I feel sorry for Cait no wonder they had to make special props for her but they _are_beautiful gowns. I recently knitted a hooded sweater and it weighed in at about 5 lbs and I thought that was a lot…hehehe

  10. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    I doubt what I’m wearing complete with shoes weighs more than 10lbs. The dress is beyond beautiful but man, that’s heavy. I probably would never have to diet again if I wore clothing that heavy…just walking would be a real workout 😀

  11. Avatarhwkpnn

    Wow now I get it when you said Cait probably did not want to wear that dress again! It’s probably half the weight of gear firemen carry on the job.

  12. Purl99Purl99

    I am not dressed yet but I would guess about 7 lbs total, my shoes being the heaviest. Its really hard to fathom what clothing weighed back then and just how much of it people wore on a daily basis, not so much for modesty but for warmth. The wedding dress was beautiful and what disappoints me with fantastically costumed shows is that you cannot reach out and touch things, it must be so frustrating as a designer that the detail just does not reflect on the screen, just like there isn’t smell-a-vision for cooking shows. I cannot wait to see what costumes are in season 2!

  13. Avatartcbo1a

    What I have on today? Counting shoes? Maybe 5 pounds. Come the weekend, however, we will be starting our Renaissance Festival season. My garb for Saturday–befitting a Noble Lady in the Court of Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles–sister of Henry VIII, is probably 25 pounds. And that’s not counting boots or cloak!

  14. MistahbueMistahbue

    Terry, I watched the background clip for episode 107 and 108. In one of them you mentioned the style embroidery hadn’t been done in a very long time (you actually said how long but I’ve forgotton). What type embroidery were you referring too?

    After seeing the photos of this and other costimes on display in NYC I would love to see these in person. I think Starz needs to create an Outlander Museum somewhere – AZ maybe since Diana lives there?

    Again – BEAUTIFUL work you and your team put together!

  15. AvatarJAMIES TX GIRL

    I would be so humbled to be able to be pictured in that dress – Ha but if it had to be made to fit me I can only imagine what the weight of it would be LOL good workout though – but so stunning!

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