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Just Because


I love this shot, I loved those extras and because that dog could have eaten Cuilean in one gulp, LOL.

15 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. ally (@dont_growup)

    I have a thing for Deerhounds. Met a gentle giant when one of my Labs was a pupster. My guy was seriously intrigued by the Deerhound & I was astonished to see how gently the giant breed treated my l’il guy. How can you look at their scruffy faces and not fall in love?

  2. Deirdre Popp

    This whole show is just gorgeous. Costumes, sets, lighting, the beauty of Scotland . . . I think there could be a successful book (or books) of photos and descriptions from the show. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  3. kateleslie1

    Jim & I visited Balgonie Castle last summer. The laird was quite a character; gave us lots of bits of history about my husband’s Leslie ancestors there. He also had a couple of Scottish deerhounds. Turns out he’s been rescuing that breed for 40 years! He taught us quite a bit about them.

  4. Susan Durnil

    Wolfhounds are generally sweet dogs, so I don’t think anyone was in real danger. 🙂
    Excepting Caucasian Mountain dogs, the bigger the dog, the gentler.
    I.LOVE. this. show. and the costumes. There may be some who squint at things that are off by a couple of decades, but the whole feel of the show transports a person to Scotland in the 1740s. AND, seeing as how time travel is possible in this world, who’s to say that your liberties with costumes aren’t correct for their world?

  5. bytemebill

    I have gone to Irish Fest in Milwaukee Wisconsin for probably the last 10 years or so. They have a lovely shady area by the lake where they have the Irish dog breeds for people to see and pet. The Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants. They had an 11 month old baby there this year 🙂 He was up to my chest! I fell in love with the Kerry Blue Terrier, but of course you have the terrier temperament to adjust to. The elkhounds, deerhounds and wolfhounds are all huge dogs with sadly shorter than most lifespans because of their size. They are adorable though 🙂

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