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Just a tidbit…


I can’t show you my sketches, but here is an early photo I found in the research process that spoke to me.

Claire Nightgown

5 thoughts on “Just a tidbit…

  1. Karen Combs

    Terry, I loved looking at the early stills of the show. I knew once the show aired, I would be caught up in the story and forget to really look at the details. Seeing those early stills gave me time to enjoy the beauty of the set, the props and the clothing.

    One thing I enjoy is the play of light and shadow on screen. So many stills from the show had the quality of a painting: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Chardin. The set, the lightning and the clothing all played into that feeling.

    As I look at the costuming, I love the play of your clothing as it intertwines with the landscape, as it contrasts against the actor’s skin, the play of texture and pattern against each other. Simply lovely.

    Your inspiration photos are beautiful, always interesting. In your inspiration photo, not only do I see that play of light and shadow, the beauty of the woman, the style of her hair, I also see Claire. Thank you for sharing it.

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