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Tired of spending days and days on the internet trying to find jewellery we can afford that looks like it is 18th century. We are finally going to start making our own led by the marvellous Emily who is responsible for some of your favourite accessories in S1 & 2.




Anyway, she started making some test jewellery. Pretty amazing stuff. These are not for any specific characters. just testing out what we can do.

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Pretty COOL!!!!!

23 thoughts on “Jewellery

  1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    Emily did a great job. Love the hair braided one – a mourning brooch, very 18th Century. Terry your very talented group seems to be able to manufacture anything and everything you need. Can’t wait to see who wears the earing with the miniature portraits on 😀

  2. Avatartinygoldenpins

    Oh my goodness, these are so lovely! I love the hair lock pendant, and ALL the rings. But, I dearly love those last earrings. They have my name on them! I wish she would tell us how they were made. I want to make jewelry but I would so like a basic understanding of construction. I used to make the easy peasy bead stringing on wires but these are obviously ten steps beyond that.

    What I would give to sit in the craft room and watch you all!

    I’ve missed your posts.

  3. AvatarMarge

    Will the earrings and rings be made of sterling silver and Swarovsky crystals and gold-filled? I hope so, that way way they will last. Beautiful items. So looking forward to seeing this project at is completion.

  4. Avataretice1

    The jewelry is lovely but – did you think about buttons? I saw some beautiful buttons from the 18th century that were handpainted miniature portraits. I can see a set with Jamie and Claire’s portraits in them.

  5. MedusaZMedusaZ

    Love the Jewelry. Emily is one creative lady. You have such a talented staff .
    I hope your timeline allows enough time for this. Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. AvatarMagsLang

    Great idea!!
    Ive dabbled in this with epoxy….and its far to addictive and definitely too much fun !! Looking forward to seeing the test runs and the finished results x

  7. Avatarmtrudinger

    Fabulous! As a jewellery designer, I think it would be great fun to come up with designs that fit with the period and the costumes. And from memory, Voyager has some significant jewellery pieces featured in the story.

  8. marthatrulockmarthatrulock

    I know the property is “owned” by Sony, but really wish we/fans could purchase some of your and teams wonderful creations. I really admire the talent of you all. Looking forward to your creations for S3.
    Martha x

  9. Avatarjeancard

    Wow, beautiful work! My Aunt has a heart shaped locket that my Great Grandfather wore on his watch fob. It has hair in it from his daughter who drowned when she was 3. Love those earrings in the last picture, would snap those up in an instant!

  10. AvatarLgdonoghue

    Thrilled to find this post about Outlander jewelry. I’ve been trying to find out who made Claire’s earrings in her first Parisian outfit- the ivory and black stunner! They look like huge gemstone drops with a golden peach color. Is there any way to find out?

  11. SabinePSabineP

    Here 2 German jewellers that trade 18th century jewellery:

    The real stuff: https://www.hofer-antikschmuck.de/
    Just love these: https://www.hofer-antikschmuck.de/schmuckstuecke/antike-gold-ohrringe-mit-smaragden-spanien-um-1760/a-56699/
    If too expensive at 2800€ maybe you can try to replicate…

    And lovely replicas: https://www.hofer-antikschmuck.de/
    Dashing and affordable. Love this: http://www.wieeintraumausgold.de/zeiten/ren/index.html at 129€ (and you can choose the stone).

    If you require help with translation or anything would have fun to help out. Think you can get my details from the Login.
    Have you thought about borrowing jewelry? There must be collectors in Scotland for sure. Maybe some would be proud to have their pieces appear in the show…
    I own a gold ring with uncut diamonds and emerald. Clearly handmade and an extravagant large piece. If you are interested in maybe borrowing it I could send a pic. It is NOT for sale!
    Kind regards,

  12. posypusherposypusher

    i love how the costumes in season two reflect claire’s time travel. the paris costumes seem to have a dior-esque “new look” to them. bravo on fashioning replicas of eighteenth c. jewelry. currently re- watching the series to better view all the fabulous details. sigh. i love things that are handmade.

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