Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer




The leaves photo above is by Fred Michel and can be found on his flickr page at


11 thoughts on “Jamie

  1. AvatarCynthia Crane

    Your sense of color and design never ceases to delight and thrill me, Terry! Oh, how this collection speaks to the naturalist in me. Would very much LOVE to know the story behind the painting of the highlander and his family with the British officer. Shall I just go ahead and make one up? Well, let me begin with one very strong woman……

  2. Avatar

    As an interior designer, the use of color boards is common place for me. To see this concept applied to costuming is wonderful and just confirms how color and emotion are tied together in creating an image. For me, the use of browns represents …..wholesome, organic and unpretentious; Greens….organic and down to earth; the dark blues as seen in the woolens…stable, trustworthy; with a touch of white for honesty and purity while the metallic hues of the gold and caramel colors touch on an elegance that truly is Jamie. Very nice!!

  3. Avatarsouthernlassie

    These are so right for Sam, he wears them well!
    He embodies the character of Jamie!
    Your costuming is such an intrical part of the story that I had never really considered.
    Thank you Terri, and your team!

  4. Avatarleanneavery

    You are a very talented lady, Terry! I am very fortunate to be working for a company (AbbyShot) that has the Outlander license to replicate your beautiful costumes. Right now I’m working on Brian Fraser’s leather coat, and I didn’t know how else to reach you and ask you where I could find those amazing buttons? I’ve tried many suppliers (including Britex) and have had no luck. Hope to hear from you!

    P.S. We did actually meet (not that I’d expect you to remember me) while I visited the set a couple years back! I just loved seeing your dog working with you! My dog is next to me working me right now as well 🙂

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