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Jamie Sketch


This was so very, very long ago. His costume just looks nothing like this. But it is fun to see the genesis. This was done right after Sam was cast.

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  1. Avatardarlenecates64

    I know much has been said about the creation of the plaid used. It is beautiful earthy and has great movement. It is lovely. I also like the way that each of the men wear it a little differently.

  2. Avatarislandchickny

    Terry, fascinated that you designed &developed your own unique plaid it is beautiful, & gorgeous on screen! can you tell us more abt how you decided on its color palette – i.e. is that a blue or purple deco?also in the stills it looks like you utilize the selvidge was this a conscious effort? And finally Scotland has such a wonderful woolen mill history, can u tell us what is was like to work with the mill who produces this fabric? Thank you!!!

  3. Avatarlaochri

    Hi Tarry, I had posted about whether the tartan will be available for purchase. My official question is a two part question.

    Firstly; Is it registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans?

    Secondly; If not, What is the Threadcount and the Pallet of the warp?

    I would very much like to make a Feileadh Mòr for Renaissance Festivals Highland Festivals and now with Outlander, ComicCons.

    Thank you in advance.
    Slàinte mhath!
    Curt “Laochri” Newton

  4. Avatarrose20142

    Hi Terry, I just love love love the books and show. My question is about the way Jamie wears his kilt. He has it quite a lot longer at the back, which I’ve never seen before. Is this traditional, or just for the show?

  5. Avatarsaza23

    Hi, Terry. Greetings from an Outlander fan from Thailand! 🙂

    Recently, I have seen this new picture of Jamie (https://twitter.com/outlandrgermany/status/502785029530202112) and really like how he use his plaid as a knapsack. I know that Scottish people has many creative ways to use their plaid and glad that it clearly shows in this series.

    I remember when I read DG’s The Exile and feel really fascinated when actually saw Jamie use his plaid as a sleeping bag, not just imagine it in my head. So I would like to know if will we ever see Jamie or his hairy highland men getting dress in their plaid like Mrs. Fitz did for Claire? Or just show us how to wrap it in different ways? (Not just the finished product but the process of wrapping/tiding it up). I would be blown away!

    Ps. Sorry if my English sound strange. I do the best I can. ^^”

  6. AvatarSam Wagster

    Hello Terry!

    I’m a long time lover of the books, and when I heard they were being adapted into a TV Series I was pretty wary, I’m not going to lie. I actually saw a preview in the movie theatre and your costume designs had me hooked on watching the show. I’ve always been obsessed with costumes, history, etc… so naturally costuming has become my hobby/job. I’m looking into creating a Jamie costume to wear to a few conventions in the next couple of years and had a question about the kilt we see Jamie in. I know it is in the style of a Breacon Feile (Great Kilt) but my question is about the tartan used, and the styling of the Kilt.

    I’ve noticed that that tartan used is quite unfamiliar to me.

    Is it from any particular clan, or county or was it simply created for use in the series?

    Also, there are times where it seems like the top layer is brought up to the left shoulder and pinned to resemble a Plaid or Sash. Am I right in assuming this is how it was done? Or are there plaids and sashes that are swapped out and combined with Jamie’s existing ‘base costume’ we see him in so far in the series?

    I can’t tell you enough how amazing the costume design in in this series, each episode has me scooting closer to the Television and trying not to drool.

    Hope you are well.

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Hi Sam! The kilts are actual Breacon Feile. All of our Highlanders wear them and all have different ways of wearing them, that they have made their own. We lay out the fabric on the floor of their trailer, we pleat it and then they lie down on it, and go through the whole process.
      We designed the fabric and had it woven for the show.

      So glad you are enjoying the show!

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