Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Jamie Fraser


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10 thoughts on “Jamie Fraser

  1. Kerry Smith

    It’s fascinating how the plaid gives an overall effect of earthiness. It’s like the characters have become a part of the surroundings. Is it the plaid, or the organic dyes, or a combination thereof?

  2. Brooke Hynch

    This is a bit of a cheeky question (well I’m kinda a bit well known for not pulling my punches aye?). But I was wondering if the woollen type fibres that the jackets are made out of are itchy? Or do you make them of fibres that won’t rub skin when wet etc?

  3. Leeann Hansen (@leeannqu)

    Jamie dismounts his horse by swinging his leg in front of him not behind. Is this because of his kilt or is there some other reason? Every time I see it, it looks awkward.
    I’m loving the all the costumes especially all the chunky knits the ladies are wearing.

  4. JHoward

    I realize I am a bit late to the party here. But I was wondering if you can tell me more about Jamie’s coat. It seems to be made of a dark tartan and I can’t find a similar coat anywhere. Also can you tell me more about the waistcoat in terms of material and possibly how to tie the stock/cravat? I’m trying to put together my own costume and again into you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you for designing these great costumes. Outlander is one of my favourite shows

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